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american made slippers

9 American Made Slippers

Today, we’re talking about all things slippers. Why? Because EVERYONE deserves to wake up in the morning and slip into something cozy and warm. But baddies, there’s a catch. Before you run out and buy the next pair of cutesie slippers you see, hear us out. Not just any slipper will do when it comes to having the coziest hot girl hibernation this winter…

On the hunt for the next way to totally pamper yourself? SAY LESS. 

Today, we’re talking about all things slippers. Why? Because EVERYONE deserves to wake up in the morning and slip into something cozy and warm. Bare feet on cold, hardwood in the morning? Thanks, but NO THANKS! Tile? Even worse!

Your slippers should not only be the comfiest pair of shoes you own, made with high-quality materials and a soft, flexible sole. But they should give you allll the coziest vibes too. Because how else will you achieve maximum relaxation??? We’re talking light some candles, draw a hot girl bath, and dive into a new book kind-of vibes. 

But baddies, there’s a catch. Before you run out and buy the next pair of cutesie slippers you see, hear us out. When it comes to quality slippers, you simply can not beat the quality of American made slippers. Not just any slipper will do when it comes to having the coziest hot girl hibernation this winter. Just trust us on this one.

But TBH babes, when we first started looking for slippers made in the USA, we weren’t super excited about the ones we found. Sure, they were SUPER cozy and we knew they’d feel like heaven on your feet. They just weren’t the cutest or vibiest slippers, ya know?

HOWEVER, because we strive to find you the best locally-made products, we searched high and low until we find a few hidden gems. You’ll know them when you see them!! And once you do, you’ll REALLY appreciate the company that knew slippers made in the USA were WORH IT!!!!

If you’re super serious about achieving maximum comfort w/ your slipper game this year – this one’s for you. Quality is our top priority today. Just try any of these slippers out for yourself & you’ll understand why. 

Also, if you prefer a more lightweight option to keep your feet warm, we recommend looking at socks too. We threw a few extra cozy & vibey socks at the bottom of this post for you to check out as well.  

The Best American Made Slippers

9 American Made Slippers

Shearling Slipper Slides by Donni

Now THESE are CUTE. The Donni slippers are genuine sheepskin, made to order specifically for YOU, and come with an upcycled Donni fabric slipper case! Yessss. Donni as a brand is such a vibe, so we were so excited to learn that they make slippers as well. 

There are SEVEN different color options, plus you can customize them to include two different colors if you want. So the options are literally endless. Who doesn’t love a good customized moment? Honestly, if we had to pick one pair, THESE would be the slippers we’d live in.

Donni Best American Made Slippers

Californians Shearling Slippers

THANK YOU CALIFORNIANS FOOTWEAR! Remember the *hidden gems* we mentioned earlier? These are them. Here’s the deets: Californians is an LA-based footwear company that makes classic shoes with a modern twist. They saw an opportunity to put their own twist on the classic house shoe, and created a collection of shearling slippers that are to die for!!

There are several fantastic options to choose from, including the ‘Felicity,’ a Shearling Thong Slipper with a leather footbed, the ‘Bianca,’ a shearling slipper on a shearling and leather footbed, and the ‘Carly,’ a leather and shearling closed-toe slipper in a cool metallic steel color. Which one are you snagging!?

Dogwood Ox-Moc with Sheepskin Interior – Pierrepont Hicks

These American made sheepskin slippers from Pierrepont Hicks are made of hand-sewn suede lined with oh-so silky soft sheepskin. Honestly, they kind-of remind us of boat shoes. Very soft, plush boat shoes. But seriously, even if we’re not totally in love with how these look, we can’t deny that the sheepskin interior feels RIDICULOUSLY good on our feet.

Each pair of slippers is individually made to order for each customer so when you order a pair, they will literally fit like they were made for you.

Colorado Moccasin Sheepskin Slippers – Sundance Sheepskin & Leather

Here’s a super cozy pair of American made moccasin slippers that fit more like booties. They are hand made by a family in Colorado and you know we LOVE supporting an American family business.

These ankle-high slippers are made of all natural US shearling sheepskin. That’s like the finest quality material for a slipper. And it’s ridiculously warm too. They can be worn up to cover your ankle or rolled down… whatever vibe you’re feeling that day. They have a leather sole too, so they offer a good amount of support for a pair of sheepskin slippers. 

Slip your feet into a pair of these and you’ll forget what it ever felt like to have cold feet. 

Women’s Mateo Slipper – COMUNITYMade

Let’s step away from the fuzzy slippers for a hot minute so we can chat about these chic slippers from COMUNITYMade. The Mateo Slipper looks like a trendy slide sandal, but it’s designed to be worn as a house shoe. It’s made from buttery soft Italian leather, cushy EVA foam, and supportive rubber. They’re perfect for chill days at home. You can choose from a cute blush color and solid black.

Based in downtown LA, COMUNITYmade is the kind of company we love to love. For one, their premium handcrafted shoes are made locally. But even more impressive than that is their mission; for every pair of shoes they sell, they donate up to 20% to the charity of your choice. How amazing is that!?

Softsole Sheepskin Slippers – All American Clothing

OK babes, here us out. Do these leather moccasins TOTALLY look like something your grandpa would wear? Maybe. Probably. Yes. But we told you, there aren’t a lot of options out there, and this is a surprisingly great pair of American made leather slippers. Basically, what we’re saying is: don’t knock ‘em till you try ‘em. Plus, they’re soft soled, which means they are only meant to be worn indoors. They’re about comfort more than style, and babes, these are COMFY. 

Alpaca Fur Slippers – Lotis Alpacas

What!? No sheep!? Ha, not for this one at least. These slippers are actually made from Alpaca Fur! And you should totally look into getting a pair of these because maybe, just maybe, Alpaca fur slippers are going to be the biggest fashion trend of 2024. 

Admittedly, though, these are kinda cute. Like you could totally rock a pair of these during a night in with the girls. The entire slipper is 100% alpaca, except for the suede sole that offers a bit more durability. They’re available in unisex sizing which you should totally take as a sign that you need to get your man a pair too. 

Soft Sole Classic Genuine Sheepskin Slipper – Wooly Rascals

What do Kim K and these high quality sheepskin slippers have in common? Their bottom is the star of the show. BA-DUM-TSS!!

But really. Style-wise, these soft sole sheepskin slippers aren’t that much different from the others we’ve mentioned. But their construction is. These classic slippers from Wooly Rascals have a thick cowhide leather bottom sole, memory foam for extra support, and a sheepskin insole. If you prefer to spoil your feet with a bit more support, these baddie slippers offer it.

Handmade Cotton And Fleece Slippers – Paula S Designs

Now with THESE slippers, you trade the fur for cotton and fleece, but you get a ton of fun design options. They are made to order, so you can pick from dozens of different colors and patterns. And they have an anti-slip bottom. At such an affordable price, you could totally rock these slippers. 

cozy slippers made in USA

Cozy Slipper Alternatives Made In USA

As you can see, the options are pretty limited when it comes to slippers made in America. Bummer, right? (If you’ve ever dreamed of owning your own slipper line, there is obvi a market right here at home. *Wink wink*) 

But seriously, because we just don’t see that many slippers made in America, sometimes it’s better to just find a super cute pair of socks when your toesies need some toasting. Here are a few totally vibey American made slipper alternatives:

Tell us how you feel about these American-made slippers. We’d love to hear from you!

We included as many American-made slippers as we could find, but with such limited options, we totally understand if you don’t absolutely adore them. Still, we want to hear from you!

Do you know of an American made brand that makes the coolest, vibiest, trendiest slippers you’ve ever seen? Drop their info below & we’ll add them to our list!!!

And don’t forget to check out the blog for more high-quality products made exclusively in the USA. Because baddies, if you’re not buying American made, you’re not buying the best.

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