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Are LL Bean Clothes Made in USA

Are L.L Bean Clothes Made in the USA?

When you think of L.L Bean, we bet a few words come to mind: high-quality, durable, and duck boots. (Tell us we’re wrong.) But today, baddies, we’re looking past the duck boots and seeing what else L.L Bean has to offer. But not just anything else…today, we’re rounding up the best of the best L.L Bean products made exclusively in the USA.

L.L Bean is a well-known apparel company that has been around for over 100 years. It all started when Leon Leonwood Bean, the company’s namesake, invented the Maine Hunting Shoe in 1911. If you’re familiar with “the bean boot” or “duck boots” then you know what we’re talking about. He created these revolutionary boots in hopes of never again having to deal with cold, wet feet after a hunting trip. 

TBH, they’re not the most chic, fashion-forward boots, but that’s kind of the point. If you’re trekking through mud, snow, or water, you want a pair of shoes that WORK, not werk, right!? 

For this post, we’re shining a light on L.L Bean, and revealing whether or not their clothes are made in the USA.

Are L.L Bean Clothes Made in the USA?

Are L.L Bean Clothes Made in the USA?

L.L Bean used to make all of its products in the USA, but they now manufacture some of its products outside of the country. However, they still offer several hundred made-in-America products. Notably, the L.L Bean boots are still made in Maine. 

Best L.L Bean Items That Are Made In USA

Women’s Bean Boots

Of all L.L Bean products, the Bean Boots are among the most popular, and for good reason. This isn’t your average boot. These bad boys are what outdoor gear is all about. They’re durable yet comfortable, even in the harshest conditions. You can feel confident that they’ll keep your feet warm and dry. Whether you’re hiking up a mountainside with your beau or chasing an adorable retriever on a hunting trip with your outdoorsy bestie, you can count on these boots

With several variations of Bean Boots to choose from, you can easily find a style you like. For the standard Bean Boots, you can choose between a 6” or 8” style, depending on how tall you want the ankle to be. Or there’s the Women’s L.L.Bean Boots, Gumshoes, and the Women’s Bean Boots, Rubber Moc, both of which have lower ankles. You can even get insulated Bean Boots to protect your feet in frigid temps. 

There is a Bean Boot for everyone.

Women’s Maine Hunting Shoes

The Bean Boot is the most popular shoe from L.L Bean, but the Maine Hunting Shoe was the one that got this whole thing started. Sure, its DEF improved a bunch since it was first introduced over 100 years ago. But one thing remains the same: this is a shoe you can count on when you’re roughing it. 

L.L Bean’s Maine Hunting Shoes have been made in the state of Maine since day one. They have a flexible sole, similar to a moccasin but much more durable. The rest of the boot is made of waterproof leather. They’re technically designed to be worn hunting, but we’ve never been one to follow the rules when it comes to fashion. Wear these bad boys however you want

Boat And Tote Bag

Of all the bags we’ve featured on Miss American Made, this one is easily the preppiest bag we’ve highlighted. But while it might not fit our usual edgy vibe, we had to mention it. Why?! Because the Boat and Tote Bag is practically the quintessential L.L Bean bag. 

Whether you go with the open-top or zip-top tote, you can bet your bum you’re investing in a bad that will last a lifetime AND LONGER. This heavyweight canvas tote is the kind of bag that is passed down from one generation to the next, with tales of beach trips and family vacations to go with it. Don’t believe us? Just wait…

Boat and Tote Zip Pouch

In keeping with the theme, we included the Boat and Tote Zip Pouch as another example of L.L Bean’s timeless, high-quality products. You can create a matching set with the above-mentioned tote bag, or you can buy and use a canvas zip pouch on its own. There are eight different colors and designs to choose from, including solid beige and classic blue. 

Fun fact: the zipper pull on each Boat and Tote Zip Pouch is made with Bean Boot laces. 

Women’s Henschel Aussie Breezer Hat

OK now here’s something that anyone can pull off, and not just because your grandma is coming in town and it’s a family heirloom. The Henschel Aussie Breezer Hat is versatile enough to wear with practically anything, anywhere. Heading to the vineyard in a dress? Don’t forget your Breezer Hat! Or maybe you’re going shopping with your besties? Slip into a pair of cut-off shorts, a tank, and then finish the look with this hat. 

It’s also UPF 50+ rated to offer optimal sun protection if you’re hoping to protect your angelic skin. ;))


Socks are generally pretty boring. We know. No one likes to talk about socks. Or ask for socks. Or even have to put a lot of thought into the socks they wear. But here we are, talking about socks. The reason being, if you’re considering Bean Boots or Maine Hunting Boots, you NEED a good pair of socks to go with them. 

The whole point of investing in a solid pair of boots is to protect your feet. It would be pointless, then, to wear low-quality socks that can’t hold up to a little wear and tear. L.L Bean makes several high-quality socks right here in the United States, including their cozy wool socks and their top-rated Darn Tough Light Hiker Micro Crew Socks.

Durable L.L Bean clothing

Is L.L Bean Worth The Price?

Yes, L.L Bean products are worth the price, especially their products made right here in the United States. Many people even consider L.L Bean to be an underrated outdoor brand. 

L.L Bean can hold its own against higher-end outdoor brands, thanks to its reputation for producing clothing, footwear, and equipment that will last. Ask anyone who owns a pair of Bean Boots or Hunting Shoes from L.L Bean: this isn’t your average clothing brand. When you spend money with L.L Bean, you’re making a worthy investment.

Where To Buy L.L Bean Clothes

Comfy L.L Bean clothing
L.L Bean offers hundreds of high-quality, made-in-USA items, including the famous Bean Boots.

L.L Bean may not have a reputation for manufacturing the edgiest, trendiest, and most chic clothing, but as an outdoor brand making high-quality clothing, shoes, and equipment, L.L Bean is LEGIT. 

To read more about a company offering high-quality American-made clothing, check out our post on Madewell clothes. Or, check out the blog for outfit ideas, style inspiration, and brand spotlights featuring clothes made in the United States (DUHH!)

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