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Aviator Nation Review: Clothes That’ll Have You on Cloud 9

So you’ve got a great wardrobe of American-made clothing, but you need a few pieces that go that extra step—high-quality pieces that go above and beyond to deliver the vibes you’re looking for? We found it just in time, baddies! Here’s our review of Aviator Nation and their VIBEY AF must-haves!

You know by now that we’re OBSESSED with American-made clothing brands. We’re always looking for that MADE IN USA label for more reasons than one. It’s important to us that we support job creation in America, enable fair labor practices, and support the environment by buying local. 

And you know what’s also like, mega important to us? Looking damn good in our American-made clothes! We want to fit a vibe, and look like a masterpiece while doing it. So when we heard about Aviator Nation, we were flying sky high!

We love their unique style, their functionality, and most of all, their American-made core values. So today, we’re dedicating this post to an honest review of all things Aviator Nation! 

Aviator Nation Review: Clothes That’ll Have You on Cloud 9

First impressions: unique, vibey AF, 70’s inspired clothing that is TO DIE FOR. They’ve got great outerwear, loungewear, activewear, base layers, accessories, and more. Shopping Aviator Nation makes you feel high on life. Seriously. 

Their items give off summer concert vibes. They feel fun, free, and effortlessly cool. 

Many of the pieces come in a collection, so you can get a full matching set or a single statement piece. Either way, you’re going to look fly. 😉

What Is Aviator Nation?

Aviator Nation is 1970’s inspired California lifestyle brand. It was originally created by Paige Mycoskie, born right out of her garage. She bought a sewing machine while working at a surf shop in California, and the rest is history!

Paige hoped to make clothes with the same look and feel of vintage pieces she enjoyed collecting, and girl, did she DO it! Every garment is handmade in Cali and distressed to imperfect perfection, creating a unique item of clothing every time. Paige states that keeping her brand made in America is a core value of the brand. THANKS, QUEEN!

Aviator Nation Puffer Jacket

Offered in size xs, size small, size medium, and size large, this puffer jacket combines retro 70’s rainbow stripes with our one and only true love, the color black. Edgy, vibey, fun rolled into one—what more do you really need from a good puffer? This jacket is currently sold out, but she’ll be back! 

Aviator Nation Sweatpants

You KNOW we love American-made sweatpants. But something we <3 about their five stripe collection in particular? It’s freakin’ HUGE, babe. There are sooooo many options, you’ll definitely find something that fits your color palette. 

Aviator Nation Hoodie

We just had to show you the matching 5 stripe hoodie. We’re all about styling a good pair of grey sweatpants, and this matching set is *chef’s kiss*!

Aviator Nation Sweatshirt

It’s cool, it’s casual, it’s relaxed, it’s sure to make a statement even without trying—we’re dying over this bolt stitch sweatshirt. We are especially digging the gold zipper detail. It elevates the sweatshirt from cozy comfy to a f*ckin’ rockstar vibe.

Aviator Nation Shorts

These skater shorts remind us of a day at the beach. Man, do we wish we were there rn!

Aviator Nation Jeans

What we love best about Aviator Nation comes in the detailing. This bolt stripe up the side of the pant leg takes these jeans from basic to classic!

Aviator Nation T-Shirt

Of course, if you’re all about repping American-made brands, there’s the logo shirt. Wear it proud, babes! You’re doing so much good by choosing to shop here. :)))

Is Aviator Nation Worth It?

To keep it short and sweet: YES, baddies! Aviator Nation is high-quality, long-lasting, and cool AF. We’re loving the pieces we’ve got and can’t wait to get more!

Where To Buy Aviator Nation

With high-quality, vibey, effortlessly cool clothes, Aviator Nation is THE brand for us.

But is it the brand for you??? Don’t sweat it if it’s just not your style. We know TONS of brands that make shopping American-made EASY, like Donni clothing and LNA Clothing! You’re sure to find something you love here—just check out our blog for more!

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