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Halloween Outfits made in the USA

Easy Nostalgic Halloween Costumes Made in USA

Halloween is coming up, which used to mean two things. Free candy (YAY!) and one of those Halloween store costumes (BOO!). You know the terrible, itchy ones labeled “made in china”? Thanks, but no thanks!

If you’re anything like us, you were a witch every year for Halloween and Hocus Pocus was basically your religion. But instead of the beautiful corset and cape worn by SJP, you wore cheap, scratchy lace and bell sleeves that stopped awkwardly at your wrists. But, we’re grown ups now and we can do much better than that this year! 

You want a look that is cool, creative, and sexy. And you want to shop responsibly, too. Luckily with a little creativity, you can pull together a stellar Halloween costume made of pieces you will actually want to wear. 

Gone are the days of cheap, disposable costumes. Now we do it ourselves, combining quality clothing, accessories, and makeup to make the perfect costume. And you’d be surprised to see just how easy it is. 

Depending on what you have in your wardrobe, you can be about 100 different people. DIY is a great last minute costume option, too. Especially for those of you who are super busy, and probably not thinking of All Hallows Eve the other 364 days of the year. 

So, with that being said, we want you to SLAY this Halloween season. But not in some standard, one-and-done fast fashion costume. Instead, we encourage you to grab some quality pieces and throw together your own costume – one that is easy, nostalgic, and totally recognizable. 

Need some inspo? You’ve come to the right place! Let’s dive into our top 5 Halloween costumes this year. All of which are super relevant, super cute, and super on-trend this spooky season. 

Nostalgic and Easy Halloween Costumes Made In The USA

It’s been a major trend for the last few years to go for nostalgic character costumes. Halloween is equally about indulging your inner child as it is about embracing your wild side. 

Nostalgic costumes are often instantly recognizable, which is what makes them so easy to put together! You just need the most identifiable features of these characters. Then, you can get creative and have a ton of fun with it! 

Now to the costumes and accessories:

Bad Sandy

Sandy from Greece Halloween Outfit

I’ve got chills, they’re multiplying! Who doesn’t remember the iconic outfit Sandy wears at the end of Grease. Or more recently, when mega babe Gigi Hadid shared her Bad Sandy Halloween costume on Instagram and made us all realize that this costume will NEVER go out of style. If Gigi thinks it’s a yes, it’s a YES YES YES! So we had to recreate it. This is the perfect costume if you’re on the hunt for a guy with big blue eyes and nice legs. Or, if you’re just planning to spend your Halloween night on the dance floor! 

The key to this look will be putting together an ensemble of skin tight clothing in alllllll black. Start with these cool faux leather leggings. Then, pair with an off the shoulder top, cropped jacket, and a bright red lip to match your pumps, of course. 

Britney Spears

Britany Spears Easy Nostalgic Halloween Costumes Made in USA

This is one that is both nostalgic and timely, and there’s never been a more perfect time to curate a Britney costume. Britney has had a big year, so why not pay homage to one of her best, most iconic looks? The Hit Me Baby One More Time music video outfit lives on FOREVER. And we’re here for it. We almost DIED when Hailey Beiber wore this look for Halloween in 2021. So good. And you can rock it too! Made in USA style of course.

A simple cardigan, white button down, schoolgirl skirt, and knee high socks. Honestly, we can’t even think of this video without breaking out into the dance. You know what we mean! Complete the look with braided pigtails and some school appropriate shoes. Britney wore loafers, but you could honestly get away with a pair of heeled lace up boots, pumps, or even comfy all black sneakers. Oh, and don’t forget the pink feather or pom pom pen and pom pom scrunchies to complete your look. 

Elle Woods

Elle Woods Halloween Costume

Elle Woods is an inspiration to us all. Getting a law degree and looking fabulous while she does it? We should all try to channel that energy in everything we do.

Get double inspiration when you realize the QUEEN OF CONTENT KIM KARDASHIAN was Elle Woods for Halloween in 2019, you know it’s a total vibe and look you can’t go wrong with. To rock a totally Elle Woods ensemble, you already know that everything has to be PINK! 

So, start with this pretty pink dress, this adorable pink handbag, and some pink heels or pumps! October nights get chilly, so you can also throw on a cute (pink preferably) blazer to top off your look. Oh, and you know we just had to include a stand in for Bruiser. If you have your own chihuahua, that works too.

Fourth Sanderson Sister

Hocus Pocus Easy Nostalgic Halloween Costumes Made in USA

The Sanderson Sisters are back, haven’t you heard? So, why be a generic Halloween witch when you can be a campy, glamorous one? The Sanderson sisters were dead a thousand years, so starting with some Renaissance inspired pieces is a must. Like a pair of cool witchy shoes for example. 

HOWEVER, your look can definitely be more modern and chic with some simple black heels. Honestly grab a pair already in your closet and you’re good to go. We think SJP would agree. You can go really crazy with the makeup on this one, too! A bold eye look will really pop against the black and make you look….bewitching. Or, you could just draw on a big mole – either way works! 

Carol Baskins

Carol Baskins Halloween Costume

2020 feels like forever ago doesn’t it? When we were all binge watching Tiger King – a very pleasant distraction with so many stand out characters. But, the most fashionable of them all is the one-and-only Mrs. Carol Baskins. 

Animal print on animal print and flower crowns as everyday wear? The woman is a visionary. Of course we want a foxier version of Carol, right?. Or maybe a cougar? Grab a long blonde wig and you’re ready to slay this spooky holiday. 

An easy, nostalgic, and DIY costume will always be better than the lame, generic selection of costumes that come out year after year. 

Okay guys, we hope our roundup of costumes has inspired you! And we can’t wait to see which looks you plan to rock this year. Looks? Yes – LOOKS! You have to try more than one, right???

Of course, you can always supplement any one of these looks with things you have laying around. Costumes include tons of accessories, makeup, props, and so on, so there’s always something a little extra to add. 

And that’s really the point of DIY anyway – to use everyday clothing items to create something really fun! Aaaaaand if all else fails, we’re sure you can whip up a cardboard robot costume. Just kidding! 

Until next time, drop your favorite Halloween ideas below! And check back each week for more American Made fashion inspiration!

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