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Handbags Made in USA

21 Handbags Made in USA

Sophisticated, chic, stylish—a girl with the right handbag has it all. We know you want to be THAT GIRL, so we pulled together some of the best of the best USA-made handbags. It’s wild how much you can elevate your ‘fit AND your vibe with one little handbag… Don’t believe us? Try one out!

One thing a baddie can NEVER have too many of: quality, American-made handbags. They’re stylish.

They’re functional. They take your outfit from a 9 to a 10. What more could you ask for?

Well, handbags are GIVING more, even if you’re not asking. Because handbags are also an excellent way to express yourself. The way you pair and wear a handbag can say a lot about your personal style. 

So why American-made? You get the promise of durability and quality, you are supporting the local economy, and you’re decreasing your personal carbon footprint by keeping your shipping in the States. Every bad b*tch knows how important that is!

So today, we’re sharing a round-up of fashionable, high-quality, handbags from American designers and brands! 

Handbags Made in USA

21 Best Handbags Made in USA

Canvas Handbags Made in USA

Canvas Handbags Made in USA

Waxed Canvas & Leather Day Tote

This waxed canvas bag is handmade in Omaha, NE. It’s got a wide base that means it won’t tip over when you set it down. Love that. The straps are made with the finest full-grain leather and finally, its canvas base is naturally water-repellent, so this tote is great for a beach day!

Camouflage Wax Canvas Hand Tote & Crossbody

Here’s another waxed canvas bag and this one is customizable! You can get your initials monogrammed onto the corner of the bag in a color of your choice AND you’re also able to select which length you’d like your crossbody strap to be when adding to the cart. Uhm, yes, please! 

Made in Lynchburg, VA, this bag is timeless, cool, and fun.

The Satchel

This casual-chic waxed canvas satchel is the ideal everyday bag. The wax finish develops beautifully over time and is handled into a distressed, vintage-looking appearance. It can be rewaxed over time, meaning this bag is sustainable as well as cool!

This bag is made by Red House, in a studio in Weybridge, VT.

Cloth Handbags Made in USA

Treasure Tote

If you’re looking for a fun, open tote, then look no further. This lightweight tote comes in 6 colors/patterns. It has a smaller interior pocket for your cell and wallet, and is otherwise open for all your daily over-packing needs!

The Maruca Treasure Tote is hand-cut and hand-sewn in Denver, CO.

Lavender Rosea Crossbody Bag

Want something simple, with a small pop of fun? This Lavender Rosea bag will check your boxes. It’s lightweight, cloth, and has stylish bias tape detailing. 

This bag and many more from 144 Collection are handmade in New York.

Concealed Carry Handbags Made in USA

Black Embossed Croc Bucket Purse

Is your concealed carry ruining your outfits? That stops TODAY. There’s no reason you can’t carry it safely while still looking vibey AF.

Moonstruck Leather specializes in USA leather bags that double as concealed carry bags. This killer bucket purse is made from cowhide embossed in a crocodile pattern in Texas. You know we love all things black, and this is no exception!

Sally Lightweight Conceal Carry Crossbody Purse

If you’re looking for something a little more colorful, this burgundy concealed carry purse may be more your speed. Made in Fort Wayne, IN, this bag is built with multiple safety features, including a velcro leather holster, the ability to lock, and a unique moon-shaped entrance. What it lacks in vibe, it makes up for in functionality. PERIOD. 

Designer Handbags Made in USA

Brynn Capella Nikki Clutch Crossbody

Been in need of an edgy-yet-functional handbag? Us, too. That’s why we were so pumped to see this rockstar-inspired clutch/crossbody. It’s made with vintage leather and small-batch produced in the USA!

Cara Benevenia Icon Mini Espresso

Just LOOK at this drop-dead GORGEOUS purse—seriously, we can’t stop looking. Playing with shape and texture, this purse is a neutral piece, but it doesn’t FEEL like a neutral piece. It feels like a standout. The star of the show in every outfit, or a complementary piece for something bigger.

However you wanna use this purse, it’s gonna work. We’re OBSESSED.

Frank Clegg Lilly Shoulder Bag

If there’s one thing designer bags do right, it’s playing with shape. Lucky for us, there’s more than just one thing they do right—and this shoulder bag is definitely doing it right for us!

We love the shape and the color (though if you don’t, don’t sweat it—there are 9 to choose from). We think this bag sparks just enough intrigue to be a conversation starter while still being functional enough for every day.

Full Grain Leather Handbags Made in USA

All Leather Tote

This leather tote comes in 2 colors: black and brown. It’s made of full-grain Horween leather. It’s the best feature? In our opinion, it’s the 11” inch handles, designed to accommodate for outerwear. Those of us in colder states have a lot of winter wear we’ve got to style, so we’re thankful for a bag that works with us!

No. 17 Hunt Bag

This bag is made by Colonel Littleton, a high-quality American leather goods store. It’s made of full-grain American Buffalo and American Steerhide. It’s handcrafted in their workshop in Lynnville, TN. 

Vegan Handbags Made in USA

Mohop Medium Crossbody

If you’re looking more for vegan leather but still want a standout purse, these gem- and animal-inspired purses are just what you need. The Mohop medium crossbody comes in 7 colors and can be personalized for FREE!

Troubadour Weekender Tote

This vegan bag is A MUST for those who have to bring a little more with them in their day-to-day. It’s made from non-leather glazed fabric, so it’s vegan and washable. It’s also covered with a lifetime guarantee!

Tapestry Handbags Made in USA

Danny Pack

Danny K makes fine hand-cut and -crafted tapestry bags and accessories, all in the USA. We love the Danny Pack because it has a small profile, but packs a HUGE punch with three interior pockets. 

Ava Leopard Tapestry Handbag

Creator of the Ava Leopard Tapestry Handbag, Diana Amato, says “There is something quintessentially neutral about Leopard prints.” We stan a badass American businesswoman who just GETS us! Oh, and we also stan this bag! 

Soft Leather Handbags Made in USA

Large Italian Lightweight Leather Tote

This lightweight leather tote has a fun pop of color in the crystals on its closure. We love all black, but we love surprises even more (when they’re good, anyway)!

Nylon Handbags Made in USA

B Fab Capri Tote

These bags are machine washable, stain-resistant, and water-resistant. We mean, can it get any better for a woman on the go? It comes in three colors and has both a crossbody strap and a tote handle. 

Mattie Black Nylon Bag

This bag does two cool things: 1) holds your stuff and 2) creates accessible, remote jobs for military spouses who may otherwise struggle to find employment due to moving frequently. We love a bag with a purpose! Plus, it’s functional, water resistant, and totally sporty spice!

Stylish Handbags Made in USA

Quilted Handbags Made in USA

Stephanie Dawn Harbor Blue Bag

Let us tell you, vibey quilted bags made in the USA are HARD to find. If that’s a talent of yours, this is your call to action, babes. We want what you’re selling!

But thankfully, Stephanie Dawn has us covered in the meantime. Made in Van Wert, OH, these bags contain SIX pockets. That’s right, S I X. 

Recycled Handbags Made in USA

Slim Crossbody/Tote Organizer in Upcycled Awning

Wanna take your sustainable choice of buying USA-made and level it up a little? This bag is not only made in America, but it’s ALSO small-batch and handmade out of upcycled vintage awning cloth, which keeps textiles like that out of landfills. 

It’s versatile, it’s simple yet elegant, and it’s good for the planet. Win, win, win!

What bag are you sporting this season?

We know we’ve got our eyes on a few…Let us know what you’re thinking!

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