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How to Display Jewelry at Home

While we hate being that person, it is time to untangle your necklaces, pair your earrings together, and finally have a jewelry gathering place that makes you WANT to wear something new every day. In this post, we will walk you through some of our favorite, creative jewelry storage ideas to help you set up a stunning display for your collection at home.

We are back at it with another roundup of life’s little luxuries you know damn well you deserve! A bling display not only helps you easily locate and access your favorite pieces but also adds a touch of elegance and style to your space. Whether you have a dedicated dressing room, a cozy corner in your bedroom, or a shared space with a roommate, a well-organized and aesthetically appealing jewelry display can elevate the look and feel of your surroundings while infusing your personal style and taste.

So first, read all about why you should shop American-made. Then, let’s break down some of the basics, and keep in mind: the hidden trick to displaying your jewelry at home is to strike a balance between functionality and aesthetics. Let’s dive right in, shall we?


How to Display Jewelry at Home

Keep your collection visible.

The first rule of displaying your jewelry? Keep that ish visible! Find an open space in your closet, dresser top, or entryway table and dedicate it to showing off your jewelry. Group pieces together by type. Like stacking all your rings on a small tray or hanging organizers with hooks for your statement necklaces. Not only does keeping your jewelry visible make it easy to pick out pieces each morning, but it transforms what would be dead space into an Insta-worthy vignette.

Reuse vintage finds as displays.

Give new life to vintage glassware, candlesticks, bowls, and trinket dishes by repurposing them as jewelry displays. Small bowls are perfect for holding rings, stud earrings, or charms, while high-necked glass vases are ideal for showcasing long necklaces. And, decorative candlesticks make chic vertical displays for bracelets. The unique shapes and patterns of vintage pieces complement handcrafted or gemstone jewelry especially well.

Hand necklaces and bracelets on hooks.

For a stylish minimalist look, mount sleek brass or copper hooks onto a wall or bureau to hang necklaces, long chains, and bracelets. The hooks keep items untangled while putting them on full display. For bracelets, space the hooks a few inches apart; for necklaces, hang hooks at varying heights for an artful arrangement. This works well for both delicate chains and chunky statement pieces of jewelry.  

Use acrylic containers.

Acrylic drawer inserts, trays, boxes, and countertop organizers are affordable, transparent jewelry displays that keep your pieces dust-free while showing them off. Smaller acrylic trays are great for organizing and displaying earrings, rings, and pins on a dresser or vanity. And, larger drawer organizers have multiple compartments for neatly arranging a whole collection. Finally, countertop acrylic boxes create an illuminated display case effect. Which will you choose??

Display non-valuables.

If we learned anything from Kim K’s mishap a few years back, having your prized possessions just lying around is a ballsy move. Save wall displays and open trays for fashion jewelry or pieces that have more sentimental than monetary value. Keep high-end or precious gemstone jewelry locked in a safe or secured jewelry box tucked away in a closet or cabinet. 

Use jewelry display stands.

Kinda why we are here today, right? You’re prob looking for a stylish pedestal display, and here’s why you need one. Minimalist metal stands with hooks are great for hanging jewelry, especially necklaces and bracelets. Round wood or marble stands elegantly showcase rings and earrings. And, tiered display stands in brass or copper allow you to arrange an entire jewelry collection at varying heights. Jewelry stands elevate your pieces to eye level so that you can admire their details and beauty.

Or, use jewelry display cases.

For a sleek, curated look, display select items in a glass jewelry case. Wood or metal jewelry cases with felt or velvet linings securely contain your jewelry while framing it attractively. Small glass domes or bell jars placed on a tray or vanity create an apothecary-esque vignette for your most prized baubles. Some jewelry cases have built-in LED lights to illuminate your collection.  

white jewelry display with pearls

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10+ Jewelry Display Ideas

Are you freakin’ ready!?!? Let’s talk about these to-die-for jewelry storage solutions!

3-Tier Industrial Style Pipe Rack 

This is such a creative and unique way to showcase jewelry. Made using 1/2″ pipe and pipe fittings, it is mounted on a beautiful cedar wood base. The soft flat iron color gives it a sleek and modern look while also ensuring durability. With three tiers, it can display a variety of jewelry, including watches, necklaces, and bracelets. Made in Florida, this display rack is a must-have for anyone looking to add a touch of industrial style to their jewelry collection.

Hamsa Hand Ring Dish

You might not know it yet, but having a ring dish next to your kitchen or bathroom sink will make losing your rings quite impossible. Thanks to our girl Manuela, she makes each and every one of these badass ring dishes by hand in her California home. A thin, frosty white porcelain with an uneven rim and intentional fissures that are highlighted with 22karat real gold overglaze – it is the PERFECT small jewelry holder and decor piece. 

Tree Organizer with Ring Dish

When it comes to the “tree” design, we can’t help but swoon over its look and functionality. The whole concept is a must-have for anyone who loves to accessorize. But, it’s not just about functionality. The sleek and polished design of this organizer adds a touch of sophistication to any room or table where it is placed. It’s a unique and stylish way to keep your jewelry organized and easily accessible. 

It comes in your choice of metal polishes like black, silver, and bronze. A massive collection of jewelry organizers made in Alexandria, LA, is available at the FinneseJoyeria store on Etsy. 

Darcy Jewelry Stand

If you need something for everything that hangs, this is it. For a stylish babe NOT to have heaps of jewelry… well, that just isn’t possible. These handmade jewelry stands are made from high-quality pine and coated in a pristine white finish. You can pick your preferred 1/4″ metal tubing in silver, gold, or rose gold polish. 

The even taller Tessa Stand adds an extra fourth tier for you die-hard jewelry addicts out there. But seriously, these stands give you a boutique feel in your own home. Fill the first tier with bracelets and hoop earrings, layer your shorter necklaces and bangle bracelets on the second tier, and keep your longest pieces on the top tier. 

Tiered Resin Glass Stand

This is one of those things that you find at a boutique in Paris and then try to hide your shock when you look at the price tag. BUT, this beaut’ won’t cost you a new car. The high-quality, industrial-grade resin used to create it ensures that it’s not only stunning but also affordable! 

When the light catches the shimmering surface of the tray, it’s hard not to be mesmerized by its bougie-ness. Made in Danville, California, the tray is built to last, with a scratch-resistant surface that can withstand daily use. You can pick from multiple options to customize your jewelry display stand, like three tiers, two tiers with a bowl, or 1 tier with a stand. Did we mention that these pieces are made to order? We love this! 

Sophia Window Jewelry Box 

Contemporary and classy. This gives a luxe look when placed on your dresser or vanity. The sustainable leather gives it such a smooth feel. The lid has a window, which is perfect for when you need a quick peep at your goodies while planning an outfit. Opening the lid gives it a treasure chest vibe, with a patented LusterLoc lining that will never tarnish. 

You get nine compartments of all shapes and sizes for each piece, keeping your jewelry organized AF. Plus, what really sells us on this box, you get a removable tray insert that adds nine more compartments for earrings, rings, and charms. Pick from three color options: Jade (like a Tiffany blue), forest green, and indigo. 

Wolf1984 also has stackable trays, or just customize your own set! 

Angelynn’s Wall Mount Organizer

We love a multipurpose option, and this is perfect for the necklace obsessed. You get 25 sturdy hooks that have enough room to let you stack multiple items. Plus, It is constructed with metal made of US carbon steel and a powder-coated finish. 

What sets this jewelry organizer apart from the rest… it’s got a freaking shelf! Place your fancy perfume bottles, succulents, and pictures of you and your beau on it. You can even hang this organizer on the wall next to a mirror by your front door, maybe save a hook or two for keys or a dog leash. There are many endless display ideas with this thing! (Run and get it now for almost $30 off!)

When in doubt, just DIY!

Here’s to all you craft queens! There are about 1,000 different projects you can put together to repurpose something into a gorgeous jewelry organizer. We are huge fans of the vintage picture frame & chicken wire upcycle. There are some shabby chic DIY jewelry stand ideas, like repurposing an old drawer into a standing jewelry organizer. And, you can even use burlap or corkboard to hang dangly earrings and necklaces. 

Why buy new when you can get real American-made twigs or tree branches from your yard to use? And hey, the packaging most of your earrings come in is okay to use as part of your organizing process too. All we’re saying is: don’t be afraid to get creative and if you do get a new jewelry organizer, shop only American-made.

white jewelry display with pearls
How much jewelry is too much jewelry?

Maybe don’t answer that question, but we would love to know your creative jewelry-organizing ideas! Many of us have our daily go-to jewelry that we just toss anywhere for the next day. Why not have a ceramic dish on your nightstand to place them in? There are so many “it goes perfectly with this outfit” pieces that we tend to forget about, and that comes to an end today – from the window (boxes) to the wall (organizers), you have ten+ ideas for organizing your drip!! Now – plz tell us in the comments what your go-to jewelry organizing strategy is…

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