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how to make your bathroom smell like a spa

How To Make Your Bathroom Smell Like A Spa 

You’d be kidding yourself if you thought that a mini-getaway wouldn’t solve a few of your problems. But when that isn’t an option, it’s nice to just treat ourselves to some pampering and TLC in our home. If your first thought is “ew – not in MY bathroom!!”, this article is for you babe. 

Sometimes even the most thorough cleaning can’t get rid of those lingering bathroom smells. Fortunately, there are plenty of effective and safe products that can help you achieve that fresh and invigorating spa scent at home. And we’re about to tell you all about them!!

It really just hits differently when you can have an aesthetically pleasing retreat. This involves keeping your bathroom clean, decorating, and using some oh-so-calming organic aromas. Now, go grab yourself a glass of wine or a snack, and let us fill you in on our secrets on how to make your bathroom smell like a spa using products made exclusively in the USA.

how to make your bathroom smell like a spa

How To Make Your Bathroom Smell Like A Spa

Before we jump right on in like a bad relationship, keep in mind that while we love so many different scents that are musky, dessert-y, fruity, or flowery, we are going for that clean, relaxing, and oh-so-soothing aroma of a spa. Can you picture it… A sexy masseuse giving you a rub down, dim lights, flickering candles… Wait no. Focus!! That isn’t the type of “spa smell” we are going for today. Let’s turn your bathroom into a clean & refreshing oasis for the goddess you are!

Deep clean your bathroom. 

We hate to be that person, but just hear us out. You want the smell of a spa, right? A spa has the clean, fresh smell we are going for… see where we are going? PLUS, these cleaning products are safe, non-toxic, and made with plant and mineral-based ingredients. When we stumbled upon the Branch Basics brand, it seemed way too good to be true. 

They are fragrance friendly, meaning there are absolutely no chemicals. We love their starter kit that comes with literally everything in the simplest way. An all-purpose concentrate for countertops, a streak-free solution for mirrors, a foaming wash bottle for soap, and a laundry detergent!! But, the obvious, and most amazing product, is the bathroom cleaner. It will clean your tiles, toilet, grout, sink, shower, and all the stanky stuff. The whole kit is kinda like motivation to get your bathroom to smell like a luxury spa environment!

Use bath bombs and shower streamers. 

Bath bombs and shower steamers are an absolute MUST. It is pure aromatherapy bliss, and we know you could really use some on a Sunday to create a spa-like atmosphere. The best part about it is that it’s perfect for you early-morning showerers if you choose aromas like peppermint with invigorating and energizing properties. AND for you end-of-the-day relaxing showerers, you can relax and unwind with calming aromas like lavender. 

You have got to check out these bombs and steamers by PurelifeBiotics! They have a USA-first sourcing policy, PLUS their products are as naturally scented and eco-friendly as they get. 

Grab some instant odor eliminators. 

For the times when you are wondering, “What is that smell?” And “did that come out of me?!” If you haven’t realized it by now, spraying that store-bought air freshener is like putting roses on a dead fish, hunny. We are done with masking the odors; we are here to destroy them! So, in the moments when that deluxe burrito was a bad idea that comes with some bad odors, you will be happy you put your Poo-Pourri emergency spray nearby to make your bathroom smell good.

Place reed diffusers for an “always on” aroma.

There are very few things more satisfying than a product that does its job all by itself. No shutting off randomly, no taking up a valuable outlet, and no constant refilling. Sign. Us. Up! We have to give it up to Alora Reed Essential Oil Diffusers, as they are one of the very first American-made reed diffuser businesses. All of their fragrances are vegan, not tested on animals, and paraben, phthalate, and DEP-free.

Snatch up some essential oils. 

Nothing beats the amazing scents that essential oils bring to your bathroom. You literally cannot go wrong with Pura D’or, their sweet 16 set gives you a little bit of everything. And the box it comes in? Seriously, you can pick a different scent for every day of the week, and it just fits the aesthetic!

You can use an essential oil blend with your reed diffusers or bath bombs, or you can totally get creative and soak some cotton balls in the oil and put them on an old candy dish. You should know that a good quality essential oil can last for over a week, so your bathroom will have that spa scent for days. Plus, you can even add a few drops of essential oil to the toilet paper roll and every time you use it, it’s like a burst of fragrance in the room.  

woman in bathroom spa

Let the herbs of the outdoors – in. 

Baddies, it’s time to invite nature into your bathroom for that ultimate spa experience! Just imagine walking into your bathroom and being greeted by the super cool and impressive scent of eucalyptus and lavender—talk about relaxation goals! Here’s the secret: Hang fresh, freshly cut plants and flowers or dried eucalyptus and lavender from your showerhead. Not only will it look absolutely Instagram-worthy, but you’re also giving your bathroom a natural refresh. Trust us, your bathroom is going to be the envy of all your friends. 

And get this, these lovely herbs aren’t just for show! They pack an awesome punch when it comes to keeping your bathroom fresh and clean. Eucalyptus and lavender are BOMB when it comes to their antibacterial properties. Plus, they are ah-mazing at soaking up extra moisture, so you can say goodbye to that gross, wet feeling. Best of all, they naturally purify the air, giving your bathroom a breath of fresh, clean air—literally! 

We are here for all of you instant gratification peeps. Grab a gorgeous bundle of dried eucalyptus from a local market or check out this California shop, they have pre-made bouquets that make hanging fresh herbs in your shower super easy!

Mix up a DIY potpourri spa cocktail.

(cinnamon sticks, dried lemon slices, dried flowers)

Sure, you can use lemon-scented products, but if you really want to go all out, just cut up some lemons and put them on a plate or in a mason jar. Then just put it in your bathroom, and voila! Instant freshness.

And if you’re too lazy to cut up lemons (which, let’s be real, we totally get), you can just buy freeze-dried ones online. They might not last as long, but they sure do smell good. Trust us, your nose will thank you.

Go for the au natural power of vinegar + baking soda.

If you want to keep your bathroom sparkling clean without using harsh chemicals, you need the (Price is Right curtains begin to open) power of vinegar and baking soda!!!! That’s right, these two simple ingredients can work wonders on even the toughest bathroom messes. 

Here’s how to do it: Sprinkle baking soda on your bathroom surfaces, then spray with vinegar. Let it sit for a little bit, then scrub away! The combination of baking soda and vinegar creates a chemical reaction that helps break down grime and dirt. And the best part? It’s safe, effective, and super affordable. 

Another bonus with baking soda is to mix a ½ cup with a few drops of your fav. essential oil and add to a small bowl. You can let it sit for a couple of hours while the baking soda soaks up the oils. We are all for the feng shui aesthetic, so if you have a badass decorative bowl that you got as a gift and have been trying to find a use for… you now have a use. Add the essential oil and baking soda mixture to the bottom and top with crystals, dried flowers, stones, … coffee beans? You do You! Just add some drops here and there when you need that spa scent back. 

Buy some scented candles…duh. 

Aren’t scented candles like the holy grail of pure relaxation? Now, don’t come for us when we tell you…. This BoySmells Scented Candle next to these Woo More Play After Wipes… Dangerous. For 1. They look good AF paired next to each other. And 2. This here candle has the scents of invigorating bliss. Sacred woods and smoked resin, jasmine, and oakmoss. 3. Your whole bathroom will be smelling fresh like a spa in the jungles of Bali. and 4. They are all-natural and made in USA.

Soo.. after your deep dreamy sesh in your homemade spa bath/shower. Or you know, anytime you need to freshen up, after the gym, long work day, and of course, after sex. They have a very light scent from the all natural vanilla and coconut water. BUT are filled with everything your VJ needs to keep her pH in check!

Top it off with some luxe decor. 

Is it an heirloom? A piece of art from the Louvre Palace? Nope, ANAÏS Candle brand is settled in New York and showcases the most intricate, detailed, and luxurious candles. There are absolutely no toxic chemicals, crappy wax, or blah cylinder-shaped jars. 

Now, we aren’t telling you that you should get a candle that you will never burn. But this luxury candle doesn’t need to be on fire to emit a prestigious scent. This candle is perfect for putting on display in your bathroom while giving you that spa scent at home.

luxury spa at home


Let’s face it, life can be tough. On the toughest days, there is no need to go out and face the world. It’s better when you can cocoon yourself in a fluffy bathrobe & American-made slippers and let the pampering begin. 

Trust us, when you create a spa in your bathroom, you can indulge in fresh and guilt-free self-care. Let us know which of these products you added to the cart! What scents are you excited to try? Then, go ahead and check out all of the American-made products we bundle up for you!

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