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How To Style A Crop Top Hoodie

How To Style A Crop Top Hoodie

We don’t like to pick favorites. BUT… when there’s a trend as comfy as this one, anything goes. Crop top hoodies, or cropped sweatshirts, are having a moment and we are here for it. They’re the PERFECT mix of comfort and style. They work on literally ANY body shape and size.

Cropped hoodies are also insanely versatile. Versatility is a crucial part of being a fashion-forward baddie. You can wear a cropped hoodie as a layering piece or as a top. Plus, you can style a cropped hoodie with practically anything

If, like us, you took one look at a cropped hoodie and thought YAS QUEEN, only to then realize you’re not sure exactly what to wear with it, we got you. We’re sharing a round-up of ways you can style a crop top hoodie to look HAWT.

How To Style A Crop Top Hoodie

How To Style A Crop Top Hoodie

With Workout Basics

Considering a hoodie is usually grouped in with other workout clothes and athleisure, this is probably the easiest way to style a cropped hoodie. Put on your fav workout basics like leggings, shorts, a sports bra, or a tank, and then throw on a cropped hoodie. 

With High-Waisted Bottoms

High-waisted bottoms are so hot right now. If you’re ALL ABOUT the high-waisted trend, try pairing them with a cropped hoodie. You can totally pull off this look, even if you don’t want to show your stomach. In fact, extra-high-waisted bottoms allow you to flaunt a trendy cropped hoodie, without a single inch of your midsection showing. 

For the babes who don’t mind bare some skin, try pairing high-rise bottoms with a super cropped hoodie.

Over A Plain Top

Just like with a full-length hoodie, when you wear a cropped hoodie you don’t have to put a lot of thought into the top you wear underneath. Your best bet is to stick with a plain top, that way if the hem peeks out, it won’t take away from the whole ‘fit.

With Jeans Or Denim Shorts

Keep it casual by wearing jeans or denim shorts with a cropped hoodie. Remember, cropped hoodies are crazy versatile. Do you know that pair of high-waisted jeans folded up in your closet? It’s their time to shine. Or, if you wanna show off your legs in denim shorts but can’t go without the comfort of a hoodie… you know what to do. 

As A Matching Set

Remember the days when matching sets were reserved for pajamas or suits? Yeah… NOT ANYMORE. Matching sets are mega popular right now, especially sets that include a cropped hoodie. The best part about matching sets? They’re comfy enough to sleep in yet chic enough to wear out. 

Add Casual Footwear

A cropped hoodie isn’t exactly evening-wear, right? Sooo, to match the vibe, stick with casual footwear. Sneakers are the obvious choice, but sandals and slides work too. Or.. you know what? If you can pull off heels with a casual ‘fit then DO IT. 

Under A Jacket

Style “rules” BEGONE… yes, you can, wear a layering piece over a layering piece. From long overcoats to denim or leather jackets, a cropped hoodie and jacket is a great duo. 

Don’t Forget Accessories

In those moments when you’ve gotten dressed but you’re like “UGH something is missing…”, ACCESSORIZE. From sunglasses and earrings to bracelets and necklaces, accessories don’t just elevate an outfit, they complete it

Versatile crop hoodies

15 Crop Top Hoodie Outfit ideas

Distressed Denim

A pair of high-rise distressed jeans instantly puts you on the map. Styling it with a white cropped hoodie ensures everyone sees you as the fashion-forward baddie that you are.

Yoga Ready (Or Not)

If you actually wear your yoga pants to yoga, YOU GO GIRL!! If you wear them anywhere but yoga, YOU GO GIRL!! Regardless, if you feel like wearing yoga pants, adding a cropped hoodie should be your next move. Although, if you do intend to bust some moves, you might want to add a sports bra.

Edgy Cropped Hoodie And Leather Jacket Look

To put an edgy twist on this trend, wear high-waisted leggings with a cropped hoodie, then add a cropped leather jacket. A pair of lace-up boots pulls this whole look together.

Cropped Hoodie Matching Set

A matching set is as effortless as it gets, babe. This matching set from Aviator Nation includes the Bolt Stripe Cropped Hoodie and the Bolt Stripe Sweatpants. They’re comfy, cool, and surprisingly chic for a set that’s cozy enough to sleep in. 

Baddie In Black

We’re slightly obsessed with this all-black outfit (what’s new, right!?) featuring this hella fab black cropped graphic hoodie. A black cami and black joggers are perf for days when you’re feeling extra bold and edgy. 

Cropped Hoodie Street Style

Here’s a fab ‘fit for when the temps drop but your cropped hoodie is still your favorite thing in your closet. Put on a sleek pair of faux leather pants and a black cropped hoodie, then add a gray jacket for warmth. There you have it: simple, chic streetwear. 

Faux Leather Pants ‘Fit

This is another chic way to wear faux leather pants with a cropped hoodie. Instead of a black cropped hoodie, we paired these leather pants with a trendy Earth-toned hoodie. Koral makes wow-worthy athleisure pieces, and we’re huge fans of their Zelda Valo Hoodie. The aptly-named portobello color def elevates this look.

Mesh Ultra-Cropped Hoodie Look

An ultra-cropped hoodie is the edgiest way to pull off this trend. We’re ALL ABOUT IT. This bold mesh ultra-cropped hoodie is perf to wear over a black fitted dress. Elegant hoop earrings pull this whole look together. LOVEEE.

Comfy & Chic In Wide Leg Pants

Wide-leg pants are def having a moment, so you know we had to put these two trendy pieces together. You can easily pull off this look with this comfy cropped hoodie and these wide-leg pants that feel like your new fav pair of sweats.

Edgy Pencil Skirt Outfit

Here’s another testament to the versatility of cropped hoodies. You can take a sleek midi pencil skirt and totally switch up the vibe with a black cropped hoodie. It’s an edgy look that you can wear practically anywhere. 

Hailey Bieber Inspired Cropped Hoodie Outfit

Just about every member of Generation Y can agree that Hailey Bieber is a style icon. The minute she was spotted wearing a cropped hoodie with cargo pants, we knew it was a ‘fit we just had to recreate, with American-made clothes, of course. ;))

For a fashionable walk around the block, a la Hailey Bieber, slip on this cropped graphic hoodie and these white cargo pants. Add a black leather bag, cat-eye sunglasses, and a pair of sneakers. PERFECTION.

Red, Black, And White Athletic Wear

There’s just something about a red, black, and white outfit that we adore. Slip on these black bike shorts, a sports bra, and this cropped hoodie, then slide on your fav pair of sneakers. This is a fabulous way to rock all three colors whether you plan to work out or just chill in your athletic wear. 

Leather Shorts Look

A black and white look featuring a cropped hoodie with black leather shorts is another one of our fav cropped hoodie outfits. Add this white cropped top underneath if you’re worried about a potential wardrobe malfunction.

Chic Grey Sweatpants Outfit

Yes, gray sweatpants can be chic. Slip on a pair of gray sweatpants, then add a white sports bra and this black cropped hoodie, and suddenly you’re the most comfortable fashionista on the block. You can even kick it up a notch by adding one of your fav leather jackets. 


A cropped hoodie with cropped denim shorts? It’s like a match made in heaven! Wear this dynamic duo with sneakers, slides, boots, or even heels… whatever you’re feeling, love!!

Trendy crop hoodies
Styling cropped hoodies is a total breeze with the right pieces.

You’ll totally kill it in any one of these cropped hoodie outfits. That said, we’d love to know which one you’re feeling the most. Tell us!!

Oh, and if cropped hoodies aren’t your thing, no worries babe! Check out this post for the best American-made hoodies that you can use to create an eye-catching outfit without barring extra skin.

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