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How To Style A T-Shirt Dress

How To Style A T-Shirt Dress

T-shirt dresses are not only a staple in literally everyone’s wardrobe, but they’re also currently VERY on-trend. Casual, cute, edgy, vibey—a t-shirt dress can do it all. You’re wondering how? Because they are at the intersection of where effortless & chic meet. 

Ever have a morning where finding a matching top and bottoms feel like climbing a mountain? We have BEEN there, girl. That’s why we’ve been L I V I N G in our T-shirt dresses lately.

These dresses are max-level comfy. With the right styling, they can embody your personal style, no matter what it is. TBH–they’re a great outfit for almost every situation!

Sooooo you guessed it. Today’s post is a guide on how to style a T-shirt dress for a comfortable, yet stylish and polished look. Let’s get into it! 

How To Style A T-Shirt Dress

How To Style A T-Shirt Dress

Pay Attention To Silhouette

Are you looking for something form-fitting, or something loose and relaxed? It all depends on your personal preference! We say if you’ve got it, flaunt it! …Buuuuuut there is something to be said for leaving it to the imagination, too. Ugh, so many choices! Guess you’ll just have to try it both ways. :))

Pair With The Right Outerwear

This is where a lot of the versatility of T-shirt dresses comes into play. Having the right jacket, blazer, or flannel makes allllll the difference when it comes to looking polished and expressing your personal style. 

Remember what we said about silhouette? Outerwear is a great opportunity to balance your silhouette. Try a boxy T-shirt dress with a flannel tie to accentuate your waist, or a fitted T-shirt dress with a relaxed blazer. The options are endless!!!

How To Style A T-Shirt Dress List

Mix Up The Prints and Colors

T-shirt dresses come with so many possibilities for colors and prints. Try a striped T-shirt dress with solid outerwear, or a solid color T-shirt dress with a printed jacket or trench coat. Mix and match till you get THE LOOK you’re looking for!

Experiment With Different Shoes

The best thing about T-shirt dresses? Your shoe options are INFINITE. Seriously, we can’t think of a shoe that we couldn’t style with the right T-shirt dress. Sandals? Check. Sneakers? Check. Boots? Check, check, check! 

So how do you decide? That depends on your vibe. Trying to dress it up? Heels might be the way to go. Keeping it casual? Sneakers would look sporty spice with your T-shirt dress! 

Little hack for you: Sandals and boots can work casually or for fancier occasions. It all depends on how you style!

5 T-Shirt Dress Outfit Ideas

Warm Weather Date Night Fit

So, you’ve got a hot dinner date—you need an even hotter outfit. But if you’re like us, maybe you’re not always feeling fancy clothes. For a secretly comfy and obviously killer fit, throw on this bright-colored sleeveless t-shirt dress. Pair it with a crossbody bag, a shoulder bag, or a clutch. Then, pull on some strappy sandals or heeled sandals and WERK it, babe!

Casual T-Shirt Dress Outfit

Some days, you just gotta keep it simple. We love how easy it is to make a full outfit out of T-shirt dresses, no matter what time of year. 

Ready for fun in the sun? Try this short-sleeved T-shirt dress with these high-top sneakers! Feeling chilly? This long-sleeved hooded dress will keep you warm! Keep the sneakers, they work every season. (Seriously!)

Cropped Jacket & Shirt Dress Look

This outfit is sure to WOW on date night or going out with friends. Keep it chic with this asymmetrical T-shirt dress and a cropped jacket. Then pair them with your fave heeled booties:

Denim Jacket & Shirt Dress Combo

Our versatile T-shirt dresses have a versatile bestie—denim jackets. You cannot go wrong when you pair the two together. Try this sleeveless T-shirt dress and rock it with one of these denim jackets:

How will you wear your T-shirt dress?!

We know we’ve convinced you that T-shirt dresses are the shit (as if you didn’t already know)! But what we’re dying to know is how you’ll wear your T-shirt dress next. Let us know what you’re thinking!

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