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How to Style Brown Pants

Trend Alert: How to Style Brown Pants

Swap your boring blue jeans and elevate your style with a pair of BROWN PANTS. Because we bet you didn’t know just how freaking versatile they really are. We’re here to convince you that these American-made options deserve a place in your wardrobe. So, let’s talk how you can rock brown pants to match your vibe whenever, wherever!

How’s it goin’ hotties!? We’re going to take a wild guess and say that you are here because you either are obsessed with us or you’re in desperate need of inspiration. You know that we’re here for you!!

You might have your eye on a pair of brown pants that your favorite made-in-USA brand just released. You may be doing a little spring cleaning or closet cleanout and wondering whether to put a pair of brown pants in the donation bag or to keep them because you just know you are going to wear them someday. 

Well, babes, the times are changing and a pair of brown pants is an absolute wardrobe MUST. Not only are they a great alternative to blue jeans, but they’re also incredibly versatile, making it easy to create a wide range of chic outfits.

We’re here to help you elevate your fashion game and show you how to create stunning looks that will make you stand out from the crowd – with brown pants. From pairing them with trendy crop tops to rocking chunky knit sweaters, we’ve got you covered. With our expert tips and guidance, you’ll be able to know exactly how to wear brown pants in a way that perfectly complements your vibey style and personality.

It’s high time for you to embrace the versatility of brown pants. Let’s get into it. 

How to Style Brown Pants

Here’s Exactly How to Style Brown Pants

Earthtones never fail

You seriously cannot go wrong when you match a specific color palette. Wearing browns, soft greens, hazy oranges, elegant creams, and other neutral colors can pull a stylish look with pretty much no effort at all. We love that! 

Drip yourself in gold

Something about a rich brown clothing item with gold jewelry. It gives off luxury and sophistication, just like pearls with a blouse. Even a shiny gold metallic handbag or gold belt can maximize the power a brown pants outfit can have. 

Light browns with dark browns

Trying to match shades of brown will (hopefully) never be in style. If it doesn’t come as a set, it is more than likely not the same shade. And, although we hate to say it, when you pair dark brown tops with dark brown pants, wearing the same shade from head to toe … you might end up looking like, ya know, a turd.

Mind your fabrics

Brown pants come in an array of different materials – another reason why it can be difficult to style them. We are going to make it easy for ya… whatever looks good, fits good, and also makes you look good, is the look to go for. Buttttt maybe consider not pairing a silk blouse with yoga pants or lace with cargo pants. (Again, just a consideration, cause you do you boo boo.)


It’s hard for some of us to stick to the minimalist look, and while styling brown pants with a neutral top is the perfect look, it doesn’t give that pizzazz. If you know, you know. We are talking about going past the gold drip and simple jewels, we are going for hats, scarves, shawls, totes, and shoes. 

Now, let’s talk brown pants outfits. 

Brown Pants Outfit Ideas

12 Brown Pants Outfits

I Woke Up Like This Simplicity

A slightly loose-fitting brown corduroy pants with an oversized cream neck sweater is a minimalist style that can turn glam in an instant. Keep it minimal with white sneakers, or dress up the look with wedge boots. Corduroy is a thick fabric that meshes really well with cotton and knitted materials and cream-colored tops, accessories, shoes, and bags are the golden key to a simple brown pants outfit. FYI – corduroy items are usually not elastic or stretchy like denim jeans are, so keep that in mind when ordering. Now, throw your hair up in a messy bun and rock the “I woke up like this” look!

Boho Baddie

Brown pants can be an absolute win at the beginning of spring. You want to bring out the pastel prints and cute open-toe stilettos, but it’s cold AF in the morning and you aren’t about to risk wearing a summer dress just in case it’s overcast… Seriously, what a waste. 

We gotta love that the boho baddie look can fit into anyone’s personal style. We love the simple brown jeans paired with a pastel blue top, or bump it up a notch with a lime green top. Don’t be afraid to go for it with the bright colors!! When you can switch out your blue jeans for brown jeans, the world is your oyster babes. 

Street Style Inspired

Remember… mind your fabrics. This outfit is something you would never see coming. A denim button-up with brown wide-leg corduroy pants? My mother would never! Nah, baby, it is 2024 and this look is so hottt. We LOVE that the denim look can still be rocked in cotton fabric. Finally, the wide-leg pants are easily complemented with a chunky heeled boot.

Business Chic

This outfit leaves you with so many ways to customize it for your own style. Pull on tailored brown pants that hit right at the ankle to rock ballerina flats or platform sandals. When you add a silk camisole (any shade works for this look!), you pretty much have endless outfit ideas. It can be a bulky cardigan or an open shawl, and we won’t stop you from pulling the outfit together with a cropped vest. To put the cherry on top of this business casual look, add a skinny belt with gold hardware. 

Hot For Hot Yoga

Because why not? There are a few rules that apply to wearing brown yoga leggings, and we can say it louder for those in the back. Don’t match your skin tone, unless you wanna look nakey… Another rule is to stick with darker browns and leave the lighter browns for streetwear. Light browns tend to show your sweat marks, and you don’t want that. Turn your whole vibe around and pair brown leggings with a peachy sports bra.

Mother Nature’s Sassy Sister in Leather

Not only is wearing high-waisted leather leggings a boss move, but it is also an extremely comfortable one. Like, does anyone understand the actual versatility brown leather pants have? You can also go full-blown sass with any earth-tone body suit and brown wool hat.

Crop it Like it’s Hot 

If you have ever been a victim of a lack of pants pockets? You may be entitled to compensation! Yea, right? Well, in the meantime, we are kinda digging the high-rise cargo pants look. You don’t have to look like a wilderness park ranger when you pair it with a long sleeve crop top in black or navy blue and the cutest Chelsea boots you own. 

Polished and Professional

You are absolutely wild if you think you can pass up the perfect pair of professional dark brown skinny leggings. How can anyone tell that they really aren’t dress pants? Add a sleek crop top with crossover cut-out details to top off your look.

A Match Made in Heaven

A brown matching blazer and palazzo pant suit set is the ultimate game changer for your wardrobe. It screams editorial, director, and CEO aesthetic, and hunny… You dress for the job you want, not always the one you’ve got. Minimal shoulder padding and a fully tailored fit brown blazer are what a feminine suit is all about. Just remember us when you show up to the office looking better in a suit than your male colleagues. 

Less is (Sometimes) More

And by “less” we mean timeless and limitless. This outfit gives “less” looks all day! A white crop top should hopefully be in your closet because it is an absolute staple piece. For example, the odd brown coloring you may find yourself loving, but also finding it hard to match with a top. We will never stop you from getting yourself a pair of high-rise pleated wide-leg pants in the most heinous color, as long as it fits you perfectly and you feel fabulous wearing them! Exactly the reason to have the bodysuit, it goes with e-ver-y-thing!

Festive Fashion!

Can we just refer back to the whole “blue jeans aren’t all that” talk? It is so natural for us to grab our faithful blue jeans and a comfy tee and call it a day… With it creeping up halfway through this decade (ok let’s not mention that again anytime soon), it is fair to say that brown jeans can now fall in place next to those faithful blue jeans and a comfy graphic tee or white tee will put you in the front row!

Fitness? Fitness Pizza in My Mouth!                

You have to know someone (if it isn’t you) that loves athletic wear but isn’t “currently” going to the gym. Even if you are a fitness junkie, there have to be days where you just find yourself throwing on your fav workout leggings to put you in the mood to get shit done. #guiltyascharged Finish this athleisure look with a cream colored zip-up hoodie (more American-made hoodies HERE!) and white crop top

How to Style Brown Pants
Tell us how you style your brown pants!

We love hearing about all of the clothing brands that are right here in America! So, we do the literal unthinkable to find the latest styles and brands that we can love and support. Brands that you can feel good about supporting, too. Butttt, at the end of the day, we really strive to see what you’re workin’ with and what you’re rockin’! Drop your outfit inspo below! 


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