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How To Style Flared Leggings

How To Style Flared Leggings

Flared leggings or yoga pants, no matter what you call them, they’re BIG right now. And no, they’re NOT only to be worn at the gym. These versatile pants (yes, PANTS) can be styled in several different ways. C’mon, we’ll show you!!

Remember when people would literally fight over whether leggings counted as pants?! We’ve always been on THE RIGHT SIDE of that argument… If they pass the squat test, they’re pants! 

Anywayyy… It was the constant debate that made us that much more grateful for flared leggings, a.k.a. yoga pants. Their status as pants was never brought into question, even though they’re THE SAME THING but with a flared leg below the knee. *sigh* 

Ever since workout clothes became on-trend everyday clothes, we’ve been strutting it in our flares every chance we get. They’re oooh so comfy and there are A TON of ways to style them. 

If you’ve found yourself stuck in a rut, pairing the same tops with the same flared leggings, we got you, babe!!! We’re sharing tips on how you can put together a KILLER ‘fit with flared leggings and look on point every time.

How To Style Flared Leggings

How To Style Flared Leggings

Mix It Up With Different Shoes

Sneakers are finally getting long-overdue recognition as versatile shoes. People are wearing sneakers with practically anything these days. But what if we told you that they’re not the only option you have when deciding which shoes to wear with flared leggings? Sure, they’re the most obvious choice and they certainly work with some outfits. But c’mon… live a little!!!

The next time you pick out a pair of shoes to wear with flared leggings, consider giving your sneakers a break. Instead, try sandals, boots, heels, or any other stylish shoe in your closet. When it comes to your shoe choice, there are NO rules!!

Pair With A Crop Top For A Balanced Silhouette

If you’ve got it, flaunt it!!! A form-fitting crop top with flared pants is a look that we hope never goes out of style. It creates a flattering, balanced silhouette that works on ALL body types. 

How To Style Flared Leggings List

Keep It Casual With A T-Shirt Or Graphic Tee

Not everyone finds it easy to “keep it casual” if you know what we mean. In this case, however, it’s effortless. In fact, a tee and a pair of flared leggings work SO WELL together that people often forget about this dynamic duo. We’re not those people. We’ll never forget. :))

Don’t Be Afraid To Dress Them Up

The right pair of flared leggings can double as chic trousers. Sooo what exactly does “right” mean? In this case, we’re mostly referring to the fabric. 100% cotton leggings feel great, but they don’t have that certain je ne sais quoi

To dress up flared leggings, opt for neoprene, faux leather, or a nylon/spandex blend. Or, even better: a pair of cropped flared leggings. Then put on a dressy top and heels and WERK. 

Experiment With Different Colors And Prints

We’re not shy about our total obsession with all-black outfits. But this is your chance to have a little fun with colors and prints. Try on flared leggings in eye-catching prints, bold colors, and even different textures to mix up your look. Then, style them with a solid top for a trendy yet unique ‘fit.

Flared Leggings Outfits

3 Flared Leggings Outfits

Casual Athleisure

You don’t even have to think about working out to pull off flared leggings. Sporty leggings are made of moisture-wicking fabric in case you feel like kicking ass and sweating it out at the gym. But these stretchy, form-fitting pants make for perfect casual athleisure too. 

Black flared leggings are a wardrobe staple, but there are A TON of other colors worth checking out, including white, navy, grey, light blue, purple, cream, beige, khaki, light green, apricot, peach, and brown.

Once you somehow decide which color flares to wear, it’s time to pick a top. Or maybe you like to pick your top first. You do you, babe!!! No matter the order in which you cover up your birthday suit, you have plenty of options to choose from. We’re not exaggerating when we say that the list of casual tops you can wear with flared leggings is as long as your last CVS receipt. Maybe even longer.

But what kind of bestie would we be if we didn’t share some of our favorites? Grab one of these tops or use our picks to inspire your OOTD:

For a sporty vibe, sneakers are the best shoe to wear with flared leggings. Here are a few of our fav sneakers:

Swapping the sneakers for loafers, sandals, or boots is a great way to elevate your activewear. This simple switch can transform your gym-ready outfit into trendy streetwear. You can be comfy AND chic when running errands. These shoes look killer with flared leggings:

Athleisure is all about keeping it casual. An authentic, effortless “woke up like this” look calls for understated accessories:

Dressed To Impress

How does the thought of wearing leggings to work sound!? Too good to be true??? NOT QUITE! 

You absolutely can pull off leggings in a professional setting… as long as you choose the right ones. For a killer work outfit, we love faux leather. Any of these would def do the trick:

As for what to wear WITH those fab faux leather flares, try any of these chic, office-friendly tops:

We didn’t forget about your feet!!! A pair of white strap sandals, loafers, nude pumps, booties, or even leopard-print slides would look DEE-VINE!!

Now you just need accessories to complete this vibey profesh look. Keep it simple with a layered necklace set or a gold cuff bracelet.

Girls Night Out

Set the tone for an EPIC girl’s night out with an outfit that’ll make it crystal clear who the trendsetter is in your group!!! (We have MORE trendy looks in our post on what to wear in Nashville!)

Start with this pair of faux leather cropped flared leggings. Then take your pick from these jaw-dropping tops:

To stand out and stand above the crowd, slip on these silver strappy heels or this pair of denim platforms.

We’re feeling silver accessories for this look:

What’s your favorite way to style flared leggings?

Flared leggings are far more versatile than they’re given credit for. From casual to professional and even feminine chic, there’s nothing that flared leggings can’t be. But we’re dying to know: which style do you prefer? 

For more ways to style killer American-made items, check out our blog.

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