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How To Style Grey Sweatpants

Lazy Day Style: How To Style Grey Sweatpants

Grey sweatpants are IN, baby. Don’t believe us? Just ask Hailey Bieber, Katie Holmes, and Kim K, who we’ve seen elevate the sweatpants game time and time again with everything from matching sets crop tops to blazers. (Yes – blazers!) Read on for all the styling tips & outfit inspo you need to rock ANY grey sweatpants look.

Move aside yoga pants, sweatpants are having a moment and we are HERE. FOR. IT. 

Grey sweatpants are like a stylish couch potato’s “woke up like this.” They’re a staple of chic athleisure outfits. It’s no wonder that they’re crazy popular, given how comfy, cozy, AND versatile sweats are. Grey is a classic sweatpant color that has remained a popular wardrobe piece for decades. 

Even if you’re not one to follow trends, the grey sweatpants movement is one everyone can get behind. We’re sharing tips, tricks, and several outfit ideas to help you style grey sweatpants. 

How To Style Grey Sweatpants

Lazy DaY? Here’s How To Style Grey Sweatpants

Invest in quality sweatpants… It’s worth it.

It’s pretty easy to find a pair of grey sweatpants. Despite their plain design, sweatpants shouldn’t be a mindless purchase. We recommend putting some thought into the sweats you buy. 

When shopping for sweatpants, pay attention to three things: quality, material, and price.

It’s usually pretty easy to determine the quality of clothing. Is the stitching holding together? Does it include valuable features like pockets and strong elastic? It’s so much harder to look FLAWLESS in cheap, poor-quality clothing. To boost your chances of finding high-quality pieces, stick to American-made sweatpants

Material is everything with sweatpants. Look for premium fabrics like cotton fleece and cashmere. And find a pair with some stretch… no one wants stiff sweats. 

Finally, although a higher price doesn’t always mean higher quality, how much the sweatpants cost is often a good indication of how well-made they are. It’s worth it to pay more for a pair of pants that will hold up, no matter how often you wear them.

Be conscious of the silhouette. 

Believe it or not, you CAN show off your sleek bod in grey sweats… with the right pieces

You can decide just how fitted or baggy you want your sweatpants to be. If you want sweats that hug your curves, go for joggers. Or you can style classic sweats with a form-fitting top.

That said, there’s NOTHING wrong with a baggy silhouette. Billie Eilish rocked loose, oversized clothing for years. She owned it and we love her for it. If that’s your thing, more power to you babe!!

Keep jewelry to a minimum. 

Grey sweatpants are the epitome of keeping it casual. Piling on a ton of jewelry doesn’t fit the vibe. Keep your accessories to a minimum… less is more, love! Our fav jewelry to wear with grey sweats are hoop earrings and chain necklaces. 

Stylish Grey Sweatpants

What To Wear With Grey Sweatpants

Matching Tops

One of the easiest ways to style grey sweatpants is to pair them with a matching top. TBH, we never thought we’d see the day when sweatsuits were back in style. But here we are and we’re LIVING FOR IT. 

However, don’t mind us as we stick to calling this look “a set.” The word “sweatsuit” triggers flashbacks to nylon jackets and pants that you could hear from a mile away… swish, swish, swish… *shudders*

Tank Tops

We adore a “woke up like this” look that we can wear around town. A classic tank with grey sweats and sneakers gives off IDGAF vibes. Even boss babes need to keep it casual now and then. 


Styled with grey sweatpants, fitted tees, long-sleeve tees, and oversized tees can be worn with grey sweatpants for a super casual, crazy comfortable, and effortless look. 

A fitted, cropped white tee and grey sweatpants are a classic yet trendy look that we can’t get enough of.


If grey sweatpants are the queen of laid back style, sneakers are the queen’s BFF. They just go together. Heather grey sweats and white sneakers… we’re OBSESSED. Plus, bulky white athletic sneakers are having a long-lasting moment in fashion, so you know we’re gonna take FULL advantage. 


Cardigans are PERF for those cooler days when you need a warmer top with your go-to sweats. Wear a short cardigan as a top, or layer a long cardigan over a tee for a warm and cozy look. A solid crew neck sweater would work too. 

Cardigans are almost as versatile as grey sweatpants so imagine the possibilities when you put them together!!

Jackets Or Coats

It can’t always be sunny and 75. Sometimes it’s freakin’ freezing and you need more than just sweatpants to keep you warm. Enter the coat… Whether it’s an edgy black leather jacket, a classic denim jacket, or a long wool coat, grey sweats are versatile enough to be worn with whatever coat you decide to slip on.

Versatile Sweatpants Outfits

Grey Sweatpants Outfits

Casual, Chic Sweatpants Outfit

The ultimate effortlessly chic look: grey sweatpants, white crop tank top, and sneakers. This outfit is simple, clean, classic, and flawless… everything that an effortless look should be. 

Just in case you felt like this looking was missing something, we added these everyday hoop earrings

Laid Back Layered Look

This ‘fit is similar to the one above, except for an added cozy layer. A long cardigan or flannel will add some warmth, whether you’re snuggling with your pup at home or taking it on a much-needed walk around the block. 

For the rest of this look, we added a cropped white tee (perfect for layering!!), grey sweats (DUH!!), and sneakers.

Monochrome Streetwear Outfit

Hailey Bieber and Gigi Hadid are often considered modern-day fashion icons and masters of modern street style. They’re frequently spotted running about town in grey sweats with a matching top, white sneakers, and a long coat. 

Naturally, we had to recreate the look so that we, too, could look effortlessly chic while running errands. Ofc, this look is best for cold weather. ;)) We styled these chic sweatpants and the matching pullover hoodie with white sneakers and a long wool coat. To really nail the effortless celeb-inspired look, throw your hair up in a messy bun and add some shades

Runway Ready In Sweats

Never let anyone tell you that you can’t look like a boss in grey sweats. They OBVI haven’t seen you wear them with a black tee, black blazer, and black sandals. Office meeting on top, zoom meeting on bottom, amiright!?!?

Comfy & Cool ‘Fit

It doesn’t get any more laid back than an oversized tee and grey sweatpants. We’ve never been more excited to get dressed. Plus, these sandals were practically made to be slipped on at the last minute. It’s the perf OOTD, no matter whether you leave the house or not.

There are so many effortlessly chic ways to style grey sweatpants that we hope this fashion trend is here to stay. 

What are some of your fav ways to wear grey sweatpants? We want to hear about your signature laidback look! 

HEY! Before you go, check out the blog for more outfit ideas featuring our best of the best, hand-picked just for you American-made clothing. 


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