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yeti bag made in usa

Is Yeti Made in USA?

You know by now why buying American-made products is important, and that goes beyond just clothes. We want everything we own to be American-made, because it seriously matters that much to us. That’s why today, we’re diving into the cup trend and letting you know if one of the big cup brands is American-made.

Nothing, we mean N O T H I N G can come between a baddie and her emotional support cup. If you haven’t been living under a rock lately, you’ve almost definitely noticed the trend of stainless steel tumblers taking over diamond’s spot as a girl’s best friend. Everyone’s got a cup they’re obsessed with and some of the most popular cups are made by Yeti.

Yeti cups are cupholder compatible, dishwasher safe, and come with double-walled vacuum insulation, meaning your hot drinks stay steamy and your cold drinks stay icy. They come in a bunch of different colors, so you can match your drink to your outfit or your overall vibe.

Yeti also offers an array of other products, like coffee mugs, soft coolers, hard coolers, and bags. They’re based out of Austin, Texas but does that mean they’re American-made? Keep reading to find out!

is yeti made in usa

Is Yeti Made in USA?

Though certain Yeti products have been made in the USA, not all are made in America today. Yeti Coolers was founded in 2006 by Roy and Ryan Seiders and based out of Austin, Texas. Their goal was to create the cooler you’d want to use every day if it existed. They developed this passion for premium coolers through their love of the outdoors. All the coolers weren’t up to the task of handling their adventures, both big and small often breaking mid-journey, totally spoiling the trip for the brothers.

They set out to make a cooler that was built to last for a lifetime of adventures one that wouldn’t need replacing. Basically, the cooler needed to be near-indestructible, and they definitely accomplished that goal! Today, the brand offers a wide range of products built to help you go the extra mile on your journeys.

Where Are Yeti Products Made?

Yeti products are made in a number of places. Some are manufactured in the USA, but most are manufactured elsewhere. Unfortunately, the fan-favorite Yeti Rambler cup is NOT currently made in the USA.

So where are they made? Yeti uses manufacturing facilities in Iowa, Wisconsin, the Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, Poland, Mexico, Malaysia, and China. You can find a list of their suppliers here. When you buy their products, you may be getting a product from any of these facilities.

Yeti does make their list of suppliers transparent, but they don’t always disclose where each individual product is made. It’s important to do research before buying, but lucky for you, we rounded up the American-made Yeti products below!

yeti products collection

Yeti Products Made in USA

Corporate Tundra Coolers

Yeti makes these Tundra Coolers customizable for corporate businesses looking to add their logo to a premium cooler. This is the ideal cooler to bring to your next outdoor concert/festival, beach day, or other outdoor adventure as it will keep your drinks and snacks as cool as you!

LoadOut GoBoxes

The LoadOut line of GoBoxes are manufactured by Dutchland Plastics in the United States. They are designed to be dustproof, waterproof, and virtually indestructible. With the LoadOut GoBoxes, your belongings will be totally safe while you’re away from your campsite exploring. (You can even get bear locks to keep things extra protected.) They come in a few sizes and in five colors: camp green, orange, white, charcoal, and tan. If you like to stay organized on your trips, you can upgrade your GoBox-game with dividers and caddies to keep everything tidy.

yeti products
Yeti offers tons of high-quality camping gear, drinkware, coolers, and bags to make your next adventure a breeze.

But they’ve got a ways to go when it comes to making products in the USA. We want cool cups made in USA! If Yeti doesn’t have our backs, then we’ll have to look elsewhere for our emotional support cups. 

Speaking of American-made drinkware, one of these gift-worthy American-made mugs might be enough to tide us over until Yeti gets on the American-made manufacturing trend! 
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