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How to Wear Overalls

The Dos and Don’ts for Wearing Overalls

Today we’re giving you the scoop on all things overalls. How should they fit? How do you make them fashionable? And, where tf do you even get a GOOD pair? You’ve got all the questions, and we’ve got allll the answers. Here’s the hot deets on bib overalls…

Bib overalls might have been your favorite all-American childhood trend, but did you know you can actually rock overalls as an adult? And, no, not just in a cutsey way. Overalls can double as trendy streetwear just so long as you have the right fit and styling. Don’t believe us??? See for yourself!!!

The Dos and Don’ts for Wearing Overalls

The Dos and Donts for Wearing Overalls

How Should Overalls Fit?

For overalls, the fit is ev-er-y-thing. Period. These things were originally made to be functional, not fashionable. Because of that, there are some really terrible fits out there. You know which one’s we’re talking about… So, you’ve gotta sift through the work bibs and gardening get-up to find what’s actually got some shape and style. 

Good overalls shouldn’t be tight, but not too baggy either. Too baggy will make you look frumpy and ill-proportioned. Uhm, no. And too tight won’t give you any movement, and it might even bring attention to areas you don’t want to emphasize. Bigger no. 

As a good rule of thumb, don’t trust that size chart! (Do we ever?!?!?) Because if you have a long torso, your normal size might leave you with that dreaded camel-toe. And, if you have a short torso, the extra fabric might make your midsection look big, especially since overalls are one solid block of color. Anywhere that’s too much will look extra-too much. 

  • DO get overalls with adjustable straps. 
  • DO cuff the legs if they’re too long. 
  • DON’T fit them like a pair of jeans
  • DON’T let them be too baggy or too tight 
The Dos and Donts for Wearing Overalls

How to Make Overalls Fit Better

If you want to make your overalls fit better on your own, here are some simple styling tips anyone can follow:

Start by grabbing a pair of overalls with adjustable straps. With adjustable straps you can EASILY find that perf length for your torso. Nuh-uh, no camel-toe mishaps here.

If your overalls are big in the waist, add a belt. A better defined waist will help you balance out the look and show off your hottie hourglass figure. Yasssssss Queen!

However, sometimes you need more than just a belt. That’s where a tailer comes in handy. A tailor can adjust the waist size to give you that definition you’re looking for. They’ll also be able to hem the overalls to the right length. 

P.S: If your overalls don’t already have adjustable straps, consider getting those added too. Honestly, getting a seamstress isn’t as expensive as you think, and they can transform your whole wardrobe & make every outfit work with your body. And, we mean WORK. Like bring in Rihanna and Drake WORK.

How to Make Overalls Cute

Okay, now that we have the fit down, how do we even make these things look sidewalk runway ready? As opposed to kindergarten roundup ready, that is? Well, it’s all about polishing and balancing

To balance the wide legs and baggy bottom, go for tighter fitting clothes with contrasting sleeves and necklines. And, don’t forget to juxtapose the texture. Here’s an example: if you have a structured, rough texture like the classic blue denim, opt for a lighter, softer top like one of Donni’s button-ups underneath. 

Next, to refine, modernize with bold colors and differing fabrics. (Low key, a pair of black or white overalls creates SUCH a moment.) Then, add femininity to the usually-masculine overalls with a simple white tee, tank top, or cropped top. 

Finally, polish it off with quality accessories. Rocking your overalls with gold jewelry, quality sunglasses, a sleek handbag, and a trendy headband can tie together the outfit & elevate it to something very fashion-forward & feminine. 

  • DO go feminine with your tops. 
  • DO go luxe on accessories to keep the outfit grown up. 
  • DO contrast the neckline. (Don’t match square with square/v-neck with v-neck.)
  • DO contrast sleeve length with a long sleeve shirt or off-the-shoulder top. 
  • DON’T wear plaid with your overalls unless you’re on a tractor.
  • DON’T wear bulky shoes. (Try ankle boots, heels, or flats.)
  • DON’T be afraid to show some skin.
  • DON’T be afraid of prints and bold colors. 
  • DON’T add accessories near your hips.
The Dos and Donts for Short Overalls

How to Wear Overall Shorts

And, what about short overalls or “shortalls?” These can also be very trendy, but you run into the same issues as regular length overalls: they can look really juvenile without the right styling. UGH!!! So, make sure you have the right fit and style!

A lot of style and fit rules are the same for shortalls. However, because there is a lot of bare skin, don’t fear a looser fit. And, since it’s a summery vibe and we’re guessing you baddies want this to look sexy, wear a crop top or sports bra underneath. It’ll make the look mature and trendy, and oh-so hot to trot.

  • DO show some skin.
  • DO get them tailored.
  • DO be adventurous with shoes. 
  • DO accessorize to mature the outfit.
  • DON’T be afraid of a baggier fit.
  • DON’T shy away from a bulky pair of shoes.
  • DON’T further emphasize the hips. 
What do you wear with overalls?

We hope this post helped you understand how to style overall outfits that are fashionable and mature. Be bold with your choices, and make sure you have the best fit possible. And, since overalls got their start here in the US of f*cking A, keep the spirit of this trend alive by buying from American brands. It gives you style mixed with a little purpose, because buying American-made has never been more important. (Check out our faves below!!!) 

Anyway, use these tips to curate your next style moment, and come back for more fashion-advice and quality American made products every week on the Miss American Made blog. We’d love to chill with you! 

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