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8 Trendy Athleisure Wear Made in USA

There are a ton of clothing brands based in the United States that make high quality workout clothes that double as everyday wear. Our FAV American athleisure brands use organic, recycled, or locally sourced materials. It’s no wonder that we legit couldn’t wait to tell you about American made athleisure wear items you’re definitely gonna want to add to your collection!

Ever since the arrival of *the C-word*, athleisure has been having a moment. We’re talking about the 5-letter word that we now wish we could forget forever. You know the one. More than likely, for a good part of 2020, you found yourself spending a lot more time at home. 

But a love of fashion doesn’t just slide onto the backburner or even disappear just because you have no place to go. Instead, just like that ugly C-word forced us to do with our daily lives, we simply adapted. And just like that, fashionistas everywhere were donning athleisure wear as if it were a sin to look anything but chic AND comfy in every photo, reel, or live session. 

Athleisure has somehow managed to stay current, even four years later. And we definitely don’t hate it. They’re crazy comfortable, multifunctional, and there are so many options to choose from. See our faves below!!!!

trendy athleisure wear made in usa

8 Trendy Athleisure Wear Made in USA

Flare Pants & Yoga Pants

Everyone needs a good pair of solid black yoga pants. The Heather Rib All Day Flare Pants from Beyond Yoga are a perfect example of what athleisure wear is all about; fashion, function, and comfortable performance fabrics. 

With a high rise waistband, retro-style flared ankles, and pockets, what’s not to love? Beyond Yoga’s Flare Pants are the pants to wear, no matter the occasion. 

Oh, and did we mention they make your ass look great too? They totally do.


Everyone needs at least one, but more like four, pairs of leggings. We swear by the At Your Leisure Legging from Beyond Yoga, although the Spacedye High Waisted Pocket Midi Legging is a real close second.

Beyond Yoga is one of the best in the biz when it comes to buttery soft athleisure. There’s so much to love about this LA-based brand. They legit celebrate all body types with inclusive designs and sizes, and each item of clothing is ridiculously comfortable.


Classic black shorts are another essential piece of athleisure wear. But not just any old pair of black shorts. We’re talking about shorts like these, from Beyond Yoga.

The Spacedye High Waisted Biker Shorts from Beyond Yoga perfectly hug your every curve, without making you feel constricted. They’re made of moisture-wicking, performance fabric that holds its shape for longer, so you can look snatched all day long. 

You should also check out the Movement Shorts from Yoga Democracy. They provide plenty of coverage but have a slightly shorter inseam (3 inches).

Yoga Democracy is a well-known brand that uses eco-friendly processes to make high-quality active and athleisure wear. Their updated Movement Shorts feature a high, cross-over V-shaped waistband that will stay in place throughout your workout. These shorts are guaranteed to hold up to even the most rigorous exercises, while staying crazy comfy for a long time. 

Jumpers & Jumpsuits

Ready for some life-changing advice? Buy a black jumpsuit or jumper.

The Bōdhi Jumper truly is a game-changer. You’ll never want to wear anything else, ever again. Except, of course, the other items on this list. 

There is so much to love about the Bōdhi Jumper. It’s the most versatile item of clothing you’ll ever own. Style it with whatever, however, whenever. Its signature half-compressive, half-flowy fit is designed to be ideal for literally any situation. Plus, it’s 100% made in California from plants! 

The Beyond Yoga Spacedye Uplevel Midi Jumpsuit is another one of our favs. It’s more fitted than the Bodhi Jumper so you can wear it as a base layer or rock it on its own.

lightweight athleisure wear made in usa


Admittedly, when we first saw the Ultimate Tank from Monrow, we thought “what’s the big deal?” but then we tried one on. 

BABE. You have NEVER worn a tank like this before. In. Your. Life. It’s tightly fitted yet so lightweight that you forget you’re wearing it. It’s super stretchy, but it doesn’t lose its shape as you wear it. And it’s perfect for layering.

We had a similar experience when we came across the Featherweight Rebalance Tank from Beyond Yoga. It’s so lightweight, you’re going to forget you ever put it on. Sure, it’s great for gym sessions when you need a relaxed-fit tank to soak up all your hard-earned sweat. But let’s be honest. It’s just as perfectly suited to a day sprawled on the couch swiping through TikTok.

We get it now. We never should’ve doubted them. These tanks certainly live up to their names.


One word: leather. Yes, we’re still talking about athleisure wear, and no, it’s not real leather. It is, however, an edgy and badass crop top that will single-handedly change the way you think about athleisure.

This faux leather crop top from Commando is chic and ridiculously comfortable for a top that looks like leather. Plus, it offers a surprising amount of support. You know… for when you’re chasing your dreams. ;)))


A classic crew neck or cozy hoodie are must-haves for all men and women.

Monrow’s Supersoft Crew Neck Sweatshirt is crazy comfortable on its own and perfect for layering. It comes in FIFTEEN different colors, which is basically the universe’s way of saying we should get one for every day of the week.

More of a hoodie gal? We got you. The cotton-jersey hoodie from Les Tien is so comfy, you’ll wish you could live in it, yet still chic enough to wear out and about. YAS!

For more crazy cozy picks, check out our roundup of the best of the best American-made hoodies.

Sports Bras

When did we allow stiff and uncomfortable bras to be the norm? Why not wear a bra that you actually don’t want to take off at the end of the day? Seriously… who wants to spend money on clothes that they can’t wait to get out of?

Rant over. Our point? Buy a sports bra like the Lift Your Spirits Bra from Beyond Yoga. It feels the way a bra should. It’s buttery soft, comfy, supportive, and just the right amount of sexy.

Or go for a sports bra that’s chic enough to wear as a top. The Mackenzie Colorblock Sports Bra is easily one of the comfiest sports bras you’ll ever own. The colorful banded bust lifts and supports for even the toughest workouts, while the stretchy rib fabric makes it comfy enough for lounging on the couch.

This sports bra features the iconic fashion-forward style of Beach Riot’s athleisure product line. Go ahead, baddie. Rock this sports bra and show off that hot body, even if it’s for your eyes only.

versatile athleisure wear made in usa

Athleisure wear is the perfect blend of comfort, function, and style.

For high-quality athleisure wear made by brands you can proudly support, always shop American-made

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