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What To Wear Over A Dress

What To Wear Over A Dress

There are SO many things you can wear over a dress, HOW IN THE WORLD do you style them!? Babe… we got you!!!! Here are some AHH-MAZING outfit ideas and pieces you can wear over a dress to look vibey no matter the occasion!!

We’re practically bursting at the seams with ideas over here at Miss American Made!!! Our latest lightbulb moment came to us as we considered different ways to style a dress. One of the MANY things that make dresses HOT is their versatility. From the minute you start thinking about all of the things you can wear over a dress (like one of the sexy dresses from Lucy in the Sky!!), you open up the door to LIMITLESS outfit options. 

If you’re looking for a way to breathe new life into an old dress (or an excuse to buy a new one), LOOK NO FURTHER. We’re sharing a round-up of PERF items for wearing over dresses.

What To Wear Over A Dress

What To Wear Over A Dress 

Long Coats

A long coat looks chic over just about any dress. A long coat, like a trench coat or pea coat, is a great way to stay warm, no matter which style of dress you’re wearing. Even an oversized jacket would look killer. TBH, there’s really no wrong way to wear a long coat over a dress, so this is prob the easiest thing to wear over a coat. 

That said, long coats provide so much extra warmth that they’re probably best suited for cold weather. We know you could DEF pull off a long coat over any of your summer dresses, but let’s stick with the cooler months for this look. 

Here are some of our favorite long coats to wear over a dress:


Do you know what a baddie does when she wants to look sophisticated AND trendy? She puts on a blazer. But not just any blazer. We’re talking about a blazer that makes a statement and elevates your outfit… a blazer like the killer ones made by Emerson Fry.

Since blazers come in A TON of shapes, sizes, and colors, you can wear one over practically any dress–from a slip dress or a maxi dress to a cocktail dress or an LBD. A bright blazer is a GREAT choice for a pop of color over a dress. 

Here are a few killer examples of how to style a blazer over a dress. Try one (or all) of these outfit ideas and experience the power of this combo for yourself:


A blazer is a great option for making a dress look more sophisticated, but when you want to keep things casual, try a different kind of jacket. A denim or leather jacket can be styled with different dress styles to mix up your look and help you stay warm.

Here are some fashion-forward ways to wear a jacket over a dress:

Faux Fur

Fur doesn’t have to be reserved for uber-rich housewives. In fact, we think anyone can rock faux fur–with the right outfit, of course. If you REALLY want to feel luxurious, try wearing faux fur over a slip-over slip dress or satin dress. Or throw it on over a formal dress or gown for a truly regal vibe. 

Here are a couple of our fav, CHIC AF faux-fur pieces and ideas for how to style them:


Vests are IN babe!! The most fashionable baddies have been spotted in vests, including Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner, so you know we had to get in on this trend!! For our take on this IT GIRL look, we’re showing you different ways you can wear a vest over a dress:


Who’d have thought that breathing new life into a dress was as easy as throwing on a shirt over it!?!? This is a hack we can totally get behind. (Don’t get us started on some of those other crazy “hacks” floating around the internet!! *eye roll*)

This look probably won’t work on a formal dress, but for pretty much any other kind of dress: YES PLEASE!! Here are some of our favorite ways to style a shirt over a dress:

Versatile slip dress with blazer outfit


As if we needed one, we’re giving you another reason to love hoodies. You can use your favorite piece of cozy loungewear to reimagine a comfy dress outfit. Most hoodies fit loose or even oversized, so they tend to look best over more fitted dresses. Stick with casual dresses to match the vibe. Orrr you can have the best of both worlds with a hoodie dress!! ;))

These are some trendy ways to wear a hoodie over a dress:

Crop Tops

Two-piece dresses with crop tops are def on trend, but what about a crop top OVER a dress!? YASS BABE!! This look is IN and it’s so easy to pull off. If you need a little inspo, we got you covered. 

Check out these killer ways to wear a crop top over a dress:


Wondering what to wear over a formal dress? Consider a cape. No, not a superhero cape. We’re talking about a long, loose piece of material you wear over your shoulders and down your back. A cape is an elegant way to stay warm in cooler temps. Oh, and to look like royalty at any black tie or formal event. 

Check out these two jaw-dropping capes that can make you feel like a goddess:


From the minute you feel a wrap a shrug or a shawl draped over your shoulders, you feel like a million bucks. When you need just a little more coverage on a cool night or a little something to add an elegant touch, reach for one of the Made in USA pieces below. Fair warning: you’re going to be hounded with compliments… ;))

These are a few of our favorite shrugs, wraps, and shawls:


A cozy scarf in neutral colors is a wardrobe staple. One in a bold print is enviable. Needless to say, a scarf (or three) is a must-have. You can wrap one around your neck or throw it over your shoulders to ward off frigid temps, all while looking more chic than ever.

Here are two sexy scarves to add to your wardrobe:


What’s not to love about a cozy, comfy sweater? Sweaters are versatile layering pieces that can instantly transform any dress into a chic, cold-weather ‘fit. The key to pulling off this look is choosing pieces that complement each other and match your overall vibe. 

There are several different ways to wear a sweater over a dress, including our favorite way to style a slip dress:

Trench coat over a dress

What’s YOUR thing to wear over a dress to elevate your outfit!?

Give us the deets, love… We want to hear from you!! 

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