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snow tubing outfit ideas

What To Wear snow tubing

Lately, our days have been feeling a little blah… all this dreary winter weather is bringing us down, which is SO not the vibe. We’ve gotta boost our energy levels with some excitement, which is why we’re all in for one thing today: snow tubing. And, we gotta look good while doing it!

Ready to have some winter fun? We are! That’s why we’re pumped about one of the most fun and Insta-worthy activities you can do during the winter: snow tubing! It’s a great activity for all ages to battle those winter blues.

But, let’s be honest your outfit can kind of ruin the whole thing. And we’re not talking in a social faux pas kind of way, we’re talking wet and cold clothes. Yuck! You need the best quality clothes and outwear that perfectly balance style and functionality. If you have a tall order like that, you know the only way to buy is American made. That way, you know gear supports your high standards and ethical labor/manufacturing process.  

Of course, there’s no specific clothing required for snow tubing. But you’ll definitely want to consider a few things: the weather, how long you’ll be out there, your tolerance for cold, and obviously how good you look. And, if you’re not used to dressing for cold and snowy weather, it can be a bit confusing. That’s why we’re sharing a round-up of outfits you can wear to stay comfy, cozy, and chic while snow tubing!

snow tubing outfit ideas

Snow Tubing Outfit Ideas

BRRR! Snow tubing can be f*cking cold! But it can also be pretty chill just depends on the weather that day. You definitely need to check the forecast and dress for whatever is coming. That way, you can stay comfortable for as long as possible (meaning more time on the slopes!) 

Here’s the gear you need when snow tubing:

You’ll want these for every outfit, to keep the wet snow out and the warmth in! Can we make snow boots and thick gloves chic? Hell, yeah we can. 

What To Wear Snow Tubing

Snow Suit

Looking for all the cool retro vibes as you’re snow tubing down the slopes? This Katze suit is totally up your alley. It’s sexy, practical, and SO much fun with the puffer jacket, stretch fabric, down insulation, faux fur collar, and super-flattering waist detailing. The Katze snow suit also comes in 11 colors and is super water resistant. Plus, it’s made in the USA! What could be better for a snow day?

Matching Set

A matching set is always a great look, no matter the pairing. You look balanced, styled, and chic AF every time. For snow tubing, try this set consisting of Snow Cat pants and Highland Shell will have you looking like a snow tubing professional and Instagram-ready winter goddess. Between the 20K waterproofing, layer-friendly shell jacket and trendy monochrome paring you’ll be feeling pretty good, too. 

The snow cat pattern is our favorite, featuring a gray-on-white cheetah print. However, if that’s not your vibe, this set comes in 4 other colors as well! In fact, you could probably grab the shell jacket in a few colors, because it’s just a waterproof layer. The warmth can be adjusted depending on your base layers! So, it’s chic and versatile? Yep. 

snow tubing outfit ideas

Anorak & Snow Pants

Another option for babes ready to brave the cold is an anorak. Anoraks are waterproof, hip-length, quarter-zip jackets typically with a hood. Depending on the anorak, you may or may not need extra layers to keep warm. Some are shell jackets, which means they’re waterproof but don’t provide warmth. However, you can find anoraks out there that are “combos” and keep you dry and nice and toasty.

This Expedition Shell Anorak is a great option for waterproofing your fit, made from a smooth polyester that wicks away moisture and offers plenty of wind protection. Pair with a warm hoodie, or try this Expedition Fleece Anorak with it to keep you comfortable while gliding down the slopes. Then, match with some warm leggings and shell pants for the full look that’s super functional, but also pretty fab. .

Heated Jacket & Snow Pants

This one’s for our really cold baddies who cannot STAND the cold outside. We get it, girl. Some bodies do not stay warm as well as others do! That’s why we love this Heated Jacket from The Warming Store (psst . . . everything here is made in the USA). Pair with some snow pants (and maybe these heated leggings) and you’re ready to hit the slopes! And, since it’s black, styling this figure-hugging heated jacket with other premium winter gear is a breeze. 

Jacket & Snow Pants

For a more understated, casual snow tubing look, pair a high-quality but simple jacket with a good pair of snow pants. Don’t have any snow pants? Several layers of leggings and a pair of sweatpants can also do the trick! You may get a little wet after a while, but if it’s a warmer winter day fewer layers might feel kind of nice as you’re trudging back up the hill to enjoy your next ride down. 

Custom-Made Snow Suit

If you’re looking for your snow gear to be as elevated, tailored, beautiful, and bougie as possible for your snow tubing expedition, then you need your own custom suit. Lucky for youuuuu, Northwest Tech sells custom-made snowsuits with 8 color options and 3 available patterns. Each snow suit is handmade in Seattle, WA, so you know it’s gonna be premium quality and fit you PERFECTLY. You’ll never want to come inside when rocking your custom winter ‘fit. 

what to wear snow tubing

Next time you snow tube, do it in functional and fashionable snow gear.

Need high-quality snow clothes that keep you warm and dry through the good and bad of winter? You need American-made gear that can take wind, rain, snow, and the demands of any frosty adventure you go on. 

Anytime you need made in the USA clothing and products, Miss American Made has your back! Head over to the blog for more great fashion find check out some of our winter faves:

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