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What To Wear To A Pool Party

What To Wear To A Pool Party

BORING swimsuits are OUT. In this post, we’re showing you how to look effortlessly COOL and pool party-ready with outfits exclusively made in the USA. Toss away those looks from yesteryear and get ready to make jaws drop in these on-trend styles!

We love pool parties! They are such an absolute vibe, aren’t they?! If you’ve been working out all season (or even if you haven’t!), this is the perfect chance for you to show off your figure and, of course, that SNATCHED style of yours. Quarantine has been over for SOME time now. So, no more holing up at home.

It’s time to strut your stuff, girl!

It’s true that making an effort to look extra good at events like a pool party will attract so many possibilities for you. From new friendships and job opportunities to a potential romance, literally anything can happen. 

You want to make an impression, so don’t just settle for a basic swimsuit and flip-flops! Normcore is soooo PASSE. We honestly need fits that will 100% vibe with the times! Enter COLORS, prints, and eye-catching pairings. But even better, own the spotlight in a unique outfit that’s Made in the USA. Not only will you captivate the crowd, but you’ll also be championing local craftsmanship. And, TBH babes, nothing is cooler than that! 

What To Wear To A Pool Party

What To Wear To A Pool Party

When it comes to pool parties, the ideal clothing and items should have a cool, fun, and casual vibe. Think effortlessly cool, but still cohesively coordinated. Your ensemble should look put-together and well-thought-out. We don’t want woke-up-like-this, or bare-minimum looks. We’re talkin’ curated and runway-worthy fits.

But, why does it matter if you’re going to enjoy yourself, swim, get some sun, and get a little turnt? Your outfit showcases your personal taste and fashion sense, that’s why! It also tells people that you love yourself enough to care about your looks. Which is attractive AF, BTW.

If you’re feeling lost on what to wear to a pool party to wow other partiers, fret not. Your fairy godmothers are here to save the day. Keep scrolling for some fashion inspo that’ll have you turning heads.

But first, here are some must-have items for your perfect pool party outfit:

  • Denim shorts
  • High waisted shorts
  • Coverups
  • Crop tops
  • Bodysuits
  • Mini dresses
  • Maxi skirts
  • Mini skirts
  • One-piece swimsuits
  • Monokinis
  • Two-piece bikinis
  • Open-toed shoes
  • Platform shoes
  • Wedge sandals
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunhats
  • Straw hats
  • Baseball caps
Confident pool party outfits

Best Clothing Styles For Pool Parties

Styles and fabrics are major keys when getting ready for a pool party. You’ll want to go for lightweight and breathable fabrics like cotton, linen, or chiffon. These luscious fabrics feel fresh and keep you comfortable even on scorching hot days. Also, consider outfits that are easy to move in. Think flowy, easy-breezy and totally sexy fabrics.

By making thoughtful choices, you’ll def be more comfortable. Because restrictive clothing can make you feel closed off, and put a damper on your whole mood. And frankly, the last thing you want is to look like you’d rather be home. Right?

Remember – fabric matters! But, not all fabrics do. Try to keep the thick fabrics for those more posh occasions. Pool parties call for thin, flowy, flirty cuts that feel sultry and show skin.

It’s also important to consider the general vibe of the party, of course. Don’t go in wearing cut-off shorts and basic flip-flops when the occasion calls for a little more sophistication. Likewise, you don’t need to be too polished when the vibe is fun and casual. Who wants to stick out like a sore thumb anyways?! Especially if we didn’t read the room!

For a more sleek and chic look, opt for neutral-colored pieces. Neutrals are always on-trend and they are hella easy to wear, no matter the occasion. It’s good to note that light neutrals give understated elegance, while dark neutrals are ultra-chic and mysterious. 

Now to the best f*cking part: the OUTFITS!

Flirty pool party outfits

Pool Party Outfit Ideas: Made in the USA

We’ve rounded up a list of fashionable pool party outfits to give you some inspo. Browse through the curated looks below. They’re just for you, babe!

It’s a Pinstripe Paradise

Pinstripes at a pool party? We don’t see why not!! 

Elevate your pool party outfit with these Everyday Ritual Deanne Striped Cotton Wide-Leg Slit Pants! The flowy fabric and wrap-around style give effortlessly chill vibes… like an off-duty model turning heads at the party. Pair them with a trendy crop top or a sexy bikini top like this Nico Bikini Top for a balanced look. 

Finish this look with some sleek sandals or flip flops, a pair of heels, or these Schutz Arien Wedge shoes for added height over those short kings.

Dopamine Dressing

If you’re going to be a pillar of fashion and beauty, you cannot be afraid to wear colors! The dopamine dressing trend is hotter than the sun on a summer’s day on Venus! Studies show that vibrant colors and fun patterns can instantly boost your mood. We recommend that you try wearing neon pieces on a down day and it’s impossible not to smile.  

Choose bright colors that make you feel alive and energized, like sunny yellows, electric blues, or fiery reds. Playful patterns or funky prints can reflect your unique personality. That is of course, only if you ARE brave enough to let out your wild side. And babes… you’re going to turn HEADS in this bright pink Harper Midi Dress! Also, let’s not forget about that equally cheerful bikini you’ll be wearing underneath, like this Good American Perfect Fit Bikini Top. Double the fun, double the sass!

The Power Play

This is for all you edgy babes that want something hotter – how about a little leather play? This Faux Leather Low Back Tank Thong Bodysuit by Susan Monaco won’t just add edge to your outfit, it’s gonna make it fierce AF! Pair it with a high-waisted skirt like this Donni Linen Wrap for a fashion-forward look. Finish the look by accessorizing with layers of thick, gold jewelry. That gold will look stunning in contrast to your black bodysuit. 

Throw in some oversized sunglasses and a sun hat to protect you from the sun’s rays. We honestly stan for this Johvan Straw Sun Hat by American Hat Makers. You can take it a step even further with some cool leather bags and high heels to match your top. (Shop American-made purses & bags HERE!) Here’s a tiny, little warning: this spicy look might give them serious heartburn. So, get the Tums and be ready to raise eyebrows and turn heads, baby. 

Speaking of Donni….The LA-based brand won our hearts with its oh-so versatile pieces. They are all made from local fabrics, BTW. Frankly, if you want to know why we’re straight-up obsessed with this brand, you better check out our Donni Clothing Review! We’ve got all the juicy details on why their clothes are everything you need and more. Don’t miss out on the tea, hun.

Pretty In Pink

Was that last one too spicy? Are you looking to be a little milder? When you’re clearly not feeling like showing off your skin, honey… baby, a flowy maxi dress is gonna be your new BFF. Nothing brings that summer season sizzle more than an airy, chiffon frock. You’ll be breaking necks while looking like godDESS, all without revealing too much. 

For a flirty, feminine look on a hot day, go for something like this MISA Los Angeles Arianne Dress. Because we know you want to look hot without giving it all away. And, what’s not to love? It’s a pretty pink dress with some stylish cutouts that will have you feeling like a mysterious, but otherwise total babe! We’d recommend pairing this dress with some strappy sandals like the Amanu Nude Sole, a floppy hat, some sunglasses, and ALL of the attitude! With all of that, you are more than ready to party. This baby can easily go from a poolside party to brunch. This is obviously just in case you want to meet up with the girlies or land a hot date!

My Sassy Girl

Patterns and prints are having a MOMENT and we are here for it! We can’t get enough of animal printed patterns layered over neutrals. They look fierce, sassy, and confident. Perfect for any moment that calls for looking snatched ala Bella Hadid

This Masongrey Skyler Robe in Zebra should add a touch of exotic allure to your pool party ensemble. The robe’s lightweight fabric allows for easy movement and serves as a stylish cover-up over your swimwear. We adore this Seea Brasilia Bikini Top by Outerknown. Accessorize with hoop earrings and metallic sandals to add a little bit of glam. You could maybe even wear some dark sunglasses too! Because you KNOW paparazzi will surely be all over you… *wink wink*

There are several more ways to showcase your style at a pool party. Don’t be afraid to explore and have fun!

Fashion is literally all about having fun while playing dress-up! 

Try playing with different looks, mix, and match, and experiment with aaaaallllll the current trends. And, don’t forget, confidence is key to rocking any outfit! Show up with a dash of fashion bravado and loads of self-love, and be THAT girl.

HEY! Before you go, you should check out the blog featuring our best of the best and more hand-picked American-made clothing just for you!


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