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What to Wear to an Engagement Party

What to Wear to an Engagement Party

Here comes the bride! All dressed in—well, we don’t know what you’re dressed in yet…but we do know it’s gonna be American-made. Whether it’s your big days quickly approcahcing or someone you know, its can be hella stressful figuring out what to wear to an engagement party. But, don’t fret. That’s what we’re here for, baddies!

OMG! You’re ENGAGED???

Whether you’re saying these words or hearing them, it’s time to pop the champagne and get ready to party, babes. Engagement parties are just the beginning of all the wedding fun that is to come!

Before you (or your bestie) can make it down the aisle, you may have quite a few pre-wedding events to attend—and to dress for. You know you want to look killer celebrating, so deciding what to wear is an important decision!

It can be tricky settling on the right outfit—you want to match the vibe AND the dress code. An engagement party can range from snappy casual to black tie formal, depending on your location, the hosts, the weather, etc. So, how do you choose?

Lucky for youuuuu, we’ve dedicated today’s post to a round-up of outfits you can wear to an engagement party, whether as a guest or the bride herself!

Engagement Party Outfits

What to Wear to an Engagement Party

What to Wear to an Engagement Party

Engagement Party Outfit Ideas for Brides

White Midi Dress

If you want classic, there’s nothing more classic for an engagement party than a white dress. Why not kick off your time as THE bride with the color you’ll be rocking all season? 

If you want something still classic with just a bit more edge, try this white cutout dress.

White Jumpsuit

Whether you’re dressing for warm weather or cooler weather, a white jumpsuit keeps the bridal theme and can be a great option for dazzling your guests.

Floor-Length Dress

Of course, who says you HAVE to wear white to your own engagement party? Certainly not us! Save the white for your big day if you want. You’ll look just as killer in this orchid floor-length dress. Pair it with this butt bag for a funny conversation piece, or try this clutch for something more understated. 

Semi-Formal Dresses

As the bride, your goal is setting the vibe, not matching it. Which means you get to decide the dress code! If your engagement is semi-formal, here are some options for semi-formal engagement party outfits:

Engagement Party Outfit Ideas

Engagement Party Outfit Ideas for Guests

Floral Midi Dress

We love a floral midi for an engagement party. They’re classy, flirty, and fun. This floral midi dress would look killer paired with this Neiman Marcus leather shoulder bag.

Semi-Formal Dress

An engagement party dress should be fun and ready to party. That’s what we see when we look at this cocktail dress. It’s a great option for semi-formal wear!

Black Tie Gown

If your bestie’s engagement party is more of a formal affair, this one shoulder slit gown was not only made in America but looks effortlessly chic.


No engagement party guest should be bringing the mood down with their fit, but little black dresses were made for WAY more than just mourning. This LBD was just made for a bougie babe like you!

Want something with a little more coverage? Try this mock neck mini dress with short sleeves!

engagement party dresses
What are you wearing to your next engagement party?

Whether it’s your own party or your friend’s, you want to make sure you’re looking like the boss babe you are. 

Got more wedding events coming up? We’ve styled those, too! Check out what to wear to a courthouse wedding as a guest for more great ‘fits, or wedding dresses made in the USA for what to wear on your big day!

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