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Wool Blankets Made in USA

10 Wool Blankets Made in USA

Hey, babes! We don’t know about you, but lately, we’ve been feeling the need to shut our doors against the chill and cozy up with a nice, warm wool blanket. 

It’s getting close to winter, and you want to make sure you’ve got everything you NEED for a warm one (at least while you’re inside!) Wool blankets are ESSENTIAL for keeping you toasty when the weather is cooooooold!

And if you live somewhere that simply doesn’t get that cold—good news babe, this one is STILL for you! There are a lot of different types of wool, and each type works best in different conditions. Rest assured, you can find a wool blanket that was made just for you!

But you must know by now that not all wool blankets are made the same. That’s right, we’re looking for high quality, American-made wool. Why? Well, you get the best quality, and the coziest comfort, AND you support the local economy when you buy American-made. It’s a win-win-win!

So today, we’re sharing our roundup of THE BEST American-made wool blankets.

Wool Blankets Made in USA

10 Best Wool Blankets Made in USA

Breathable Wool Blankets Made in USA

The Healing Blanket

This blanket depicts messages of harmony, renewal, and balance. The design is made from virgin wool—wool that hasn’t been used before—in a mill in Pendleton, Oregon. 

The best part about this wool blanket is that the design brings awareness to the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Peoples Movement. Not only that, but a portion of the proceeds will go to the National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center. They weren’t kidding when they named this the Healing Blanket!

Virgin wool is known for being breathable and light–it’ll keep you warm without making you get all sweaty and gross. TGOD, are we right?

Important to note: This blanket is dry clean ONLY. 

Ashby Wool Throw Blanket

If you LOOOOOVE all things personalized, get ready! This one’s for you!

The Ashby Wool Throw Blanket is a lightweight, breathable virgin wool blanket crafted in Faribault, Minnesota. It comes in an array of different colors AND you can personalize it with up to three lines of embroidery!

That’s not all, though. This wool is hypoallergenic—meaning it’s safe for sensitive skin—and it’s resistant to fire, water, and odors. AKA this blanket is made to LAST!

Even better, this blanket is machine washable as long as you hang it to dry.

Ibex USA-Made Wool Blanket

This blanket is ready for lounging, and so are we!

With wool sourced and woven in Massachusetts, this blanket is naturally soft and warm. It comes in a striped pattern. So you can be sure that it’s a great option to throw over the back of your couch!

You’ll be dry cleaning this one when it needs cleaning, as it should not be machine-washed. 

Heavy Wool Blankets Made in USA

Rothco US-Made Wool Blanket

Need a US-made alternative to the Arcturus military wool blanket? This washable wool blanket is A MUST for all our outdoor-loving queens. When your winter wear made in USA just isn’t cutting the cold, this blanket will do the trick! 

However, that’s not all this blanket has to offer. It boasts a large size (62” x 80”) which allows you to share it with your bestie or your boo!

This blanket is machine washable, but for best results, try hand washing it in cold water. Then, line dry and it’s ready for your next adventure!

Yakima Camp Blanket

This one comes with a higher price tag, but it definitely does not disappoint. The Yakima camp blanket is modeled after the blankets of early shepherds used in the Pacific Northwest. If they can keep the shepherds warm, they definitely have you covered!

This blanket is dry clean only and made in Pendleton, Oregon.

Lightweight American made wool blankets

Merino Wool Blankets Made in USA

Shepherd’s Dream Merino Wool Blanket

Merino wool is a blend of wool that comes from the Merino breed of sheep. What’s great about Merino wool is that it’s thinner and softer than most other wools. The fibers help regulate body temp, wick sweat away, and cancel out any odors. We couldn’t love it more!

This Merino wool blanket is super soft, super cozy, and a super great choice for getting comfy on the couch with a book. Because it’s thermo-regulating, it works great in all seasons.

This blanket can be freshened through spot cleaning and being hung out in the sunshine. When it needs to be washed: wash it in cold water with a soap designed for wool, and always use the delicate cycle.

Cabin Wool Blanket

We looooove this cabin wool blanket—for the cabin, home, the boat, or wherever, this blanket is mega versatile!

It’s ALSO made with 100% Merino blend virgin wool, so it is oh-so-soft. The best part about this blanket is that it gives back! For every blanket sold, Faribault Mill donates a blanket to nonprofits serving homeless youth in cities across America.

This blanket can be machine-washed and line-dried.

Alpaca Wool Blankets Made in USA

American Knit Throw-in Coffee

Alpaca wool is known for being warmer and less prickly than sheep’s wool. 

This blanket is made from Michigan-raised alpaca fiber and USA-grown cotton and professionally knit in a USA mill. It’s soft like cashmere, hypoallergenic, and breathable.

This blanket can be machine-washed on a delicate cycle in cool water. Then it should be rolled to squeeze out excess water and laid flat to dry.

KLAMATH Blanket Throw

Plaid lovers, if you’ve been in tears over trying to avoid NASTY dyes and still get your plaid designs, have we got the throw for you! This blanket has a warm fawn and brown plaid pattern, made from the natural colors of alpaca fleece.

This blanket is made by Pendleton Woolen Mills with 100% USA-bred alpaca fiber.

It should be dry cleaned or machine washed on delicate and air dried.

Valentina Pacarino Throw

This blanket is a combination of alpaca and merino wool, giving it a soft texture. It contains no synthetic fibers and comes in a buffalo check design; love and love. 

You’ll want to hand wash this throw it in cool water, and then lay it flat to dry.

Oh-So Soft wool blankets made in USA
Which blanket are you cuddling up with this winter?

We know you’re dying to try one out!

Need all the things American-made? We’re not surprised you’re looking for more. Lucky for you, we’ve made it easy. Here’s some American-made clothing you can find on Amazon. See you on the blog & shop

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