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Workout clothes made in the USA

Workout Clothes Made in USA

If you wouldn’t be caught dead in your workout wear, you’re wearing the wrong thing. BABES, get ready for a roundup of THE VIBIEST athletic wear brands that you can take from the gym to the streets and everywhere in between!!!

Unless you’re headed somewhere special, you’re probably stepping out in some sort of athletic wear. Why? Because it accentuates all the right parts and because it’s comfy AF. Name a better combo…we’ll wait. 

Anyway, Americans LOVE activewear. Like, love love. We love it so much that it’s actually one of the most common items made right here in the USA. So it’s no wonder we do it best. ;))

There are A LOT of brands that design, create, and sell activewear, entirely within the United States. And, since activewear is trendy for so much more than just a good sweat sesh, we want you to check out some of the coolest, comfiest (maybe even life-changing?) workout wear made by some of our fav fashion-forward companies. 

Read on for all the deets. 

Workout clothes made in the USA

Workout Clothes Made in USA

Strut This

Strut This is an activewear company that’s been around since 2011. The female-led company offers high-quality workout and gym clothes that are both trendy and timeless. Every piece of clothing from Strut This is designed and made in Los Angeles. When it comes to quality, stylish activewear, Strut This is LEGIT.

Strut This offers a large collection of workout bottoms like leggings, sweatpants, joggers, and shorts, as well as tops like tanks, tees, sweatshirts, and sports bras. Their clothing is available in sizes XS-XL.


Swaay is a small, female-founded business that is all about creating Earth-friendly clothing. Their entire line is ethically manufactured in California using “planet-friendly printing” and other sustainable practices.

Swaay produces a collection of workout clothes in a bunch of fun prints. They also have a few pieces in solid black, like their Lace Up Leggings. Their tops, leggings, and flare pants are soft enough lounge in and supportive enough for intense workouts. Their clothing is available in sizes XS-L.

Beyond Yoga

Beyond Yoga is a company that knows how to make a woman feel comfortable and confident. Their two founders were compelled to help make women feel good in their bodies, and for the last 15+ years they’ve successfully done just that by creating high-quality activewear for women.

Beyond Yoga offers A TON of styles in sizes XXS-4X which means any woman can feel like a total hottie. In addition to typical workout clothes like sports bras, leggings, shorts, and tank tops, they also sell dresses, jumpsuits, and sleepwear. They have something for literally everyone – men AND women (pregnant women too)! 

Here’s the thing, babes: No matter what you order from Beyond Yoga, you’re going to LOVE IT. 

Beyond Yoga’s entire clothing line is designed and made in the United States. Every piece is cut, sewn, and put together in Los Angeles. They’re also a super eco-friendly company, from the materials their clothes are made of to the bags the items are shipped in. 

Workout clothes made in the USA

Live The Process

Can you name another activewear brand with several clothing collections that have been reviewed by Vogue Runway? DOUBT IT!! Although, it would probably be more accurate to call Live the Process a fitness and wellness label. Why? Because they’re focused on so much more than just selling activewear. 

Live the Process was founded in 2013 by Robyn Berkley and Jared Vere. Their American-made clothing is designed with comfort and versatility in mind. Or, as stated on their website, for “continual transformation—on an emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual level.” 

Workout clothes from Live the Process are made from comfortable, durable, and moisture-wicking materials. You can get super chic activewear pieces, like their Crossback Bra, in several different colors and sizes, so there’s no excuse to NOT have this brand in your closet.

Year Of Ours

Year of Ours is an activewear brand that was created out of a desire for workout clothes that make you both look and feel your best. Say BUH-BYE to forcing your body into standard-size activewear. The athleticwear from Year of Ours flatters and empowers you, no matter your body type, so you can feel FLAWLESS.

Year of Ours produces 80% of their clothing in El Monte, California. Their diverse clothing collection includes all the activewear essentials like leggings, shorts, sports bras, and sweatshirts. They even offer a selection of maternity pieces. With so many color options and sizes ranging from XS-2X, there’s definitely something for you. 

Beach Riot

“RIOT on the BEACH, party in the STREET.” Um, yes please! Beach Riot is a brand beloved by both “beach babes and gym-goers” as well as activewear aficionados who don’t actually go anywhere near the beach or the gym.

Beach Riot was launched in 2012 when founder Nicole Hanriot-Tinkess recognized a need for timeless beach to street clothing. In 2017, Beach Riot introduced Sport Riot, which is a collection of activewear featuring the same bold colors and lively prints. We’re total suckers for the Black Piper Leggings!

These days, Beach Riot has just about anything and everything you could need to look on point, no matter where you plan to go. Their clothing is designed and produced in California and each piece is available in sizes XS-XL. 


To design the best yoga pants, it helps to really know yoga. Kimberly Swarth, the founder and CEO of Onzie, KNOWS yoga. She’s a devoted yogi and has a Masters in Movement Therapy. Although Onzie is on a sacred pause right now, you can still (THANKFULLY!!!) find some of their products from retailers like Revolve, Nordstrom, and more. 

Onzie is size inclusive, with sizes ranging from XXS-XXL, and they recommend you size up if you’re unsure. What we love the most, though, is their collection of the vibiest prints. We’re talking baddie camo, snakeskin, leopard, cheetah OH MY, the coolest geometrics, and all the solid colors you could want. Uhm, yes. We’ll take one of each PLZ!!!

Women's workout clothes made in the USA

What are your favorite women’s workout clothes made in the USA?

If you love athletic wear as much as we do, we want to hear from you! Where do you shop for activewear made in the USA? Which of your workout clothes can you absolutely NOT live without? Spill, babes! We want all the deets!

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