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American Giant

American Giant Clothing

When we think about QUALITY fashion basics that will literally last a lifetime and match every single thing in your closet – we think American Giant. Read on to see why we STAN this aptly named American-made brand…

It’s no secret… we LOOOVE American-made clothes. The latest American-made clothing brand to grab our attention is American Giant.

We first heard about American Giant through one of our FAV bloggers, Jess Keys. We were immediately drawn to the idea of superior, top-quality, basics. Although admittedly, it kinda feels wrong to call these basics. American Giant puts so much into their clothes that calling them “basic” feels like undervaluing or underappreciating them. 

Maybe we would do better to say that American Giant makes wardrobe staples that are anything but basic. Regardless… we’ll let you decide for yourself after reading our honest review of American Giant clothing.

american giant clothing

American Giant Clothing

The American Giant clothing brand was built on three main principles: make clothes that stand out, create jobs for people who need them, and revitalize local communities. As far as we can tell, they’re doing a darn good job at all three!

Their Classic Full Zip Hoodie has been called “The Greatest Hoodie Ever Made.” Now THAT’S high praise! It’s no wonder that their hoodies have been customer favorites for over ten years! Our personal FAV is the Lightweight Full Zip Hoodie… check it out below. American Giant is also home to some of the best American-made flannels for fall.

As for the other two principles… let’s just say that American Giant the kind of American company we LOVE to LOVE. They’ve created hundreds of jobs in towns and cities across the United States. And, they’ve re-opened factories and brought back jobs from offshores, all to re-invest in AMERICAN towns.

Doesn’t that sounds like music to your ears!?!

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American Giant Review

Premium Slub Crew Tee

We PROMISE you’ve never worn a T-shirt like this one. The Premium Slub Crew Tee is absolutely lives up to its name. This is a PREMIUM tee, reserved only for PREMIUM baddies like yourself. Jk. Anyone can own one of these… but you are a premium babe ;). 

This is the kind of shirt that will actually maintain its shape. It won’t stretch out or look disheveled, even when you wear it under a jacket. We have the unique 100% cotton fabric to thank for that!

The Premium Slub Crew Tee is available in sizes XS to XL. It comes in three classic colors as well as five limited edition colors. 

Classic Cotton V-Neck Tee

You know those tees that you’ve had for years? The ones that feel like you’ve had them for years? Ughh… they’re just SO COMFY, right?! Here’s the deal. The Classic Cotton V-Neck Tee from American Giant feels like that right out of the box!!! 

These 100% USA-grown cotton tees are gonna be your new go-to tees. They’re available in sizes XS to XL, and in three classic colors and five limited edition colors. 

Classic Sweatpant

Everyone needs a pair of classic sweatpants. But you don’t want a pair that will just wear out and fall apart after a few washes. The American Giant Classic Sweatpant will hold up through every snuggle sesh, pizza party, lazy day, and errand. 

The Classic Sweatpants are super soft but also structured thanks to the cozy cotton fleece. Unlike heavyweight fleece, these won’t weigh you down. Once you put these on, you’re never going to want to take them off.

The Classic Sweatpant is available in sizes XS to XL and in three colors. (And, if you love sweatpants as much as we do, you’re also going to want to check out the sweatpants we featured in our Donni Clothing Review!!)

Lightweight Cotton Straight Sweatpant

The Lightweight Cotton Straight Sweatpant combines the comfort of American Giant’s Classic Sweatpants with a modern silhouette. The PREMIUM (there’s that accurate word again) French terry fabric is comfortable without being too warm. And we LOVE the wide, straight leg.

These pants are surprisingly slimming for a pair of sweatpants. They pair perfectly with a tee and sneakers for the most comfortable, laid-back fit, maybe EVER.

The Lightweight Cotton Straight Sweatpant is available in sizes XS to XL and in black, as well as four limited edition colors. 

Lightweight Full Zip Jacket

We adore this lightweight full zip hoodie. TBH, it’s hard to pick our FAV American Giant Hoodie, but this one’s def up there. 

It’s SO COMFY without being too heavy, so it’s perf for those times when you need just a little something as an extra layer. 

The Lightweight Full Zip Jacket is available in sizes XS to XL. It comes in three classic colors and eight limited edition colors. 

Muscle Tee Dress

If you love dresses but you’re not willing to compromise on cheap, see-through, accidentally-flash-the-crowd sundresses, this one’s for you. From the color to the cut to the quality – we are LIVING for the muscle tee dress and you will be too. 

The Muscle Tee Dress comes in sizes XS to XL, and is currently available in this perf earthy green. Pair with the Roughneck Chore Jacket for a laidback look.

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Is American Giant Worth It?

Is it really worth it to pay a premium for basic clothing? Well, it depends on how much durability and quality matter to you. Each piece of clothing made by American Giant holds up to their claims of superior quality and durability. Basically, you get what you pay for. No fast fashion here babes! 

Paying a premium upfront for basics makes so much sense in the long run. Rather than clothes you can wear a few times before you have to toss them out, American Giant clothing REALLY LASTS. Plus, let’s be honest babe, these pieces aren’t all that basic anyway. They aren’t your run-of-the-mill tees, sweats, and jackets. They’re far comfier, WAY more durable, and overall BETTER than any other basics you’ll come across. 

Is American Giant worth it? ABSOLUTELY.

American Giant Clothing review

Where To Buy American Giant Clothing

American Giant clothing can be purchased directly from their website or at one of their retail locations, located in the following cities:

  • Dedham, MA
  • San Jose, CA
  • Berkeley, CA
  • San Francisco, CA (x2)
  • New York, NY
  • Smithfield, NC
American Giant produces premium, American-made staples that are worthy of a spot in every fashionista’s wardrobe. 

From sweatpants and tees to jackets and dresses, American Giant makes premium basics that are worth every penny. Plus, this is an American brand you can feel good about supporting.

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