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Flannels Made in USA

American-Made Flannel Shirts For Fall

BADDIES – with the temperatures dropping, you’re going to need something to keep you warm! Enter a classic Fall wardrobe staple, THE FLANNEL! Your Fall wardrobe truly isn’t complete without one. And since you’ll be wearing it so often, you’ll want one that is cute and cozy but also high quality and made to last.

From the minute the leaves start turning all the best shades of red and yellow and crisp autumn winds blow in, we embrace fall like a bestie we haven’t seen since this time last year. It’s a great time to be outdoors, maybe sitting around a cozy campfire and enjoying some delicious s’mores. Or rooting for the home team at a football game. Or just taking the time to stroll around the neighborhood, admiring the fall foliage and grabbing a pumpkin-spice latte on the way. Uhm, yes, please!

BUT BADDIES – with the temperatures dropping, you’re going to need something to keep you warm! Enter a classic fall wardrobe staple, THE FLANNEL! Your fall wardrobe truly isn’t complete without one. And since you’ll be wearing it so often, you’ll want one that is cute and cozy but also high quality and made to last. That’s where we come in.

Here’s our list of some of the best made-in-America flannel shirts. You might not recognize some of these brands right off the bat, but let us be the first to tell you: they are ONES TO KNOW. We recommend keeping them in mind next time you’re on the hunt for QUALITY clothing. 

American Made Flannel Shirts For Fall

But first, what are flannel shirts made of?

A high-quality flannel will be made of 100% cotton, or with a blend of cotton and wool. Cotton is one of the warmest materials around. And in fact, that’s what kickstarted the flannel’s long history in America. The fabric was originally used to line the winter uniforms of Civil War soldiers. It also became a favorite of railroad workers a short time later and hasn’t disappeared since. 

Anyway, enough with the history lesson. Cotton is also super duper durable and incredibly versatile, making it the perfect fall staple that you can wear again and again. You can wash flannel shirts 100 times and not only will they stay in one piece, they’ll actually get softer and nicer to wear. Everyone loves that vintage faded flannel look, it’s just so cool and so classic. 

Considering the history of the flannel, it’s no wonder they never go out of style. We all remember Paul Bunyan right? I’m sure his iconic flannel was made on American soil. But nowadays it’s pretty common to see flannels made in places like China and Japan. 

And unfortunately, this often means the quality is much lower. The classic cotton or wool gets blended with synthetic fibers, making them less warm and most certainly less durable. A high-quality American-made flannel, made out of mostly cotton and wool is definitely the way to go. If you want your flannel to stand the test of time, that is. So, read on for our roundup of the best American-made flannels this season:

aviator nation flannels made in usa


We liiiive for Aviator Nation. If you don’t know this brand, their story is INCREDIBLE. The founder, Paige Mycoskie is a total badass. If you’re interested in hearing her story, this podcast episode interviewing her is a REAL GEM. Anyway, Aviator Nation makes ALL of their clothing here in the USA, including their flannels. There are tons of colors to choose from too, which we love. Our favs are definitely the Rugby Plaid & Surfy Plaid, but they’re all amazing.

Women’s Classic Flannel Shirt – Vermont Flannel Company

Vermont Flannel Company is a family-owned business that has been committed to the Handcrafted USA Movement since 1991. We love it. Products, like their flannel shirts for men AND women, can be purchased at one of their Vermont store locations or on their website. 

The 100% organic Women’s Classic Flannel Shirt is double-brushed to ensure it is the most comfortable, cozy, and luxurious flannel you’ve EVER worn. This shirt is roomy in the torso (yes, please!) and features a single front chest pocket. And the best part? The tightly woven flannel promises minimal shrinkage, no matter how many times you accidentally throw it in the dryer. There are 11 plaids to choose from.

Boyfriend Overshirt – Made in USA – Woolrich

With a company history that dates back to 1830, it’s no wonder that Woolrich calls themselves “The Original Outdoor Clothing Company.” For nearly 200 years, Woolrich has crafted high-quality garments, including their beloved American-made flannels. We love an American company this rich with history. 

The Made in USA Boyfriend Overshirt boasts a universally flattering fit that is slightly longer than the average flannel. No shirttails riding up here. Thanks, but NO THANKS. It’s made from a medium-weight Italian wool blend that helps to keep you cozy and comfortable. The Boyfriend Overshirt also features a single chest patch pocket, a button front, and button cuffs with a vent placket. It really is all in the details. 

The Boyfriend Overshirt costs $160, which may seem like a lot until you consider that it’s made mostly of a medium-weight, Italian wool blend. Fancy schmancy. Its construction makes this overshirt thicker, heavier, and warmer. Throw it on over your favorite t-shirt like a shacket for an effortless, cozy, laid-back look. Choose from three different designs: Gold Black Buffalo, Grey Purple Check, and Purple Black Buffalo. 

P.S: Woolrich offers free shipping on orders of $50, so you automatically qualify with the purchase of a single flannel. 

Wool Blend Western Plaid Overshirt – Made in the USA – Woolrich

Here’s another one of our faves by Woolrich. It’s not often we get to highlight a company that’s been in business for nearly 200 years, so you know we had to include more than one flannel from their collection. 

The Wool Blend Western Plaid Overshirt is like a roomier version of the Boyfriend Overshirt. It’s made from the same medium-weight Italian wool blend that guarantees it will keep you warm and comfortable. With vintage Western details, this flannel has enough character to be a statement piece in your cool-weather wardrobe. You can own one for $250 – you just have to decide between the green and the camel color options. 

Women’s Premium Flannel Work Shirt – All American Clothing Co

All American Clothing Co. was founded by Lawson Nickol in 2002. Nickol founded the company with his son, BJ, after recognizing the need for a retail company that sold American-made products. We love it! There is literally no better feeling than supporting a family-owned business. 

All American Clothing Co. is headquartered in Arcanum, Ohio, and has been providing Americans with jobs for 20 years now. WOW! They continue to produce thousands of blue jeans and various other apparel items every year, all from right here in the USA. 

The Women’s Premium Flannel Work Shirt from All American Clothing Co. is just as cozy as it is affordable. These flannels are $65.95 and run true to size. With several size options available, you can decide whether you want your flannel to be more fitted or oversized. You can’t go wrong with either one (or both)!

Just keep in mind that because these flannels are 100% cotton, they will likely shrink slightly once you wash them. All American Clothing Co. recommends washing the flannel inside-out in cold water and then drying it on low to minimize shrinking. 

American Made Flannel Shirts For Fall

Lumberjack Flannel Work Shirt – All USA Clothing

For nearly 50 years, All USA Clothing has partnered with American-based clothing manufacturers to offer quality, affordable apparel. Quality and affordability? Check and check!

Who better to rock a men’s lumberjack shirt than a woman? That’s right! The Lumberjack Flannel Work Shirt from All USA Clothing is one of the softest flannel shirts you’ll find. Although it’s technically a men’s shirt, it manages to be roomy and comfortable without being baggy. It also features a super unique yoke pattern and two single-button front pockets. More pockets = more function, and we love a good functional shirt. 

You can get your own 100% Lumberjack Flannel Work Shirt in one of six different colors for as little as $84.99. That’s practically a steal for a shirt with enough weight to keep you warm on the coolest fall nights.

Women’s Flannel Shirt – Johnson Woolen Mills

Johnson Woolen Mills was founded in 1842, back when fabric was made from the wool of local sheep and made into woolen shirts, jackets, and pants. To this day, Johnson Woolen Mills continues to produce high-quality apparel while remaining environmentally conscious, all right here in the USA. 

The Women’s Jac Shirt from Johnson Woolen Mills is made of 100% cotton. It’s one of the softest, warmest, and most comfortable flannels you’ll ever wear. Each flannel is tailored for shape and features rear darts, a button front, a single chest pocket, a long tail, and button cuffs. We love flannels with long tails because they are the best for keeping you fully covered in the fall. And even more, they make styling outfits with leggings so easy. 

The Women’s Jac Shirt is $239.95 and is available in sizes ranging from XS to XL. There are 9 color options to choose from, including the classic Red and Black Buffalo Check. 

Flannel Lined Cape – Johnson Woolen Mills

The Flannel Lined Cape from Johnson Woolen Mills is constructed from double-brushed 100% cotton. It features a hood with a drawstring, an adjustable waistband, and two double-entry front lower pockets. All of which make this flannel even more functional for everyday wear. The flannel-lined cape is unisex with men’s sizing. And it’s 100% cotton, so again, it may shrink slightly in the wash. 

The Flannel Lined Cape offers the best of both worlds – a hoodie silhouette that you can practically disappear inside, a cape to keep warm but breezy simultaneously, and a flannel lining for those cooler, casual days when you want another layer of warmth. The Flannel Lined Cape is available in 2 different color options, for $279.95.

Women’s Cedar Every Wear Flannel Shirt – Pladra

Pladra is an American apparel company with a “mission to create the highest quality, field-ready flannel” with a style that is different from other flannels on the market. The company produces apparel that is durable enough to hold up in the great outdoors but stylish enough to wear in the big city. 

The Women’s Cedar Every Wear Flannel Shirt is Pladra’s best-selling shirt in their USA-Made line. The Portuguese flannel fabric is made from premium 2-ply cotton yarn so that it’s both soft and durable. The Cedar Shirt is unbrushed on the front to maintain its durability and brushed on the back to make it comfortable to wear. Features of each flannel include triple stitching at the shoulders and back yoke and reinforced dual chest pockets, sleeves, and cuffs. Top-notch durability for the win!

The top-rated Women’s Cedar Every Wear Flannel Shirt is $119. This 100% cotton plaid flannel is usually available in sizes ranging from X-Small to XX-Large, but the X-Large and XX-Large are currently sold out. Soooo, you’re going to want to act fast to get your own Cedar Every Wear Flannel Shirt before the rest of them sell out. 

American Made Flannel Shirts For Fall

Women’s Hemlock Rugged Overshirt – Pladra

The Women’s Hemlock Rugged Overshirt is the heaviest and most versatile flannel from Pladra. It is made from heavyweight chamois fabric that offers both comfort and durability. It has a slightly tapered fit and a longer silhouette, with a standard fit through the chest and sleeves. This flannel is much heavier than your typical flannel shirt, especially one entirely made of cotton, which means you could totally rock this top as a shirt jacket as well. And in case no one has told you yet, shackets are IN this year, and you don’t miss out on this trend. 

Features of each Women’s Hemlock Rugged Overshirt include triple needle stitching at the shoulders and back yoke, reinforced chest pockets, cuffs, and sleeves, and doghouse reinforcement at the side seams. So basically, it’s destructible. 

We love this one because it doesn’t just look high-quality, it feels high-quality as well. For $129, you can own one of these impossibly cozy plaid flannels. We’ll leave it up to you to decide how you’re ever going to wear anything else again.

Women’s Gunnison Go To Flannel Shirt – Pladra

The Women’s Gunnison Go To Flannel Shirt from Pladra is another heavyweight flannel that is thick enough to keep you warm on the coldest days but comfortable enough to wear around the house. 

The 100% cotton Gunnison Go-To Flannel Shirt has a slightly tapered fit and longer silhouette at the body with a standard fit through the chest and sleeves. You can add this shirt to your cool-weather wardrobe for only $129. 

Extra Heavyweight Buffalo Plaid Flannel Shirt – Rothco

Rothco was founded in 1953 in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Then, it was known as Morris Rothenberg & Sons and dealt with used clothing and World War II army surplus. Eventually, the company became the largest supplier of military clothing to the commercial industry. Rothco has since introduced several clothing lines and products but maintains its military heritage. 

The Extra Heavyweight Buffalo Plaid Flannel Shirt from Rothco is a 100% cotton flannel shirt that was designed to be worn by the roughest, toughest users. So it’s tough – okay what else? Each shirt features two button flap pockets, a six-button closure down the center of the chest, and a button closure on each cuff. This ultra-comfortable and super-durable flannel shirt can be worn on its own or as a jacket. Pair with a shirtdress and knee-high boots for a killer fall-inspired look. 

For an extra heavyweight flannel shirt, a $49.99 price tag feels like a steal. But that’s all it takes to get your hands on your own flannel from Rothco. That, and deciding which of the 8 colors you want! 

Alder Long Sleeve Flannel Shirt – Devium

Devium is a company that prides itself on American craftsmanship. Each product is made entirely in the USA, from start to finish. Their clothing collections feature simple yet functional designs, giving them a classic, timeless appeal. 

The Alder Long Sleeve Flannel Shirt from Devium is a 100% American-made organic cotton flannel with a subtle herringbone pattern. This customer favorite is ultra soft and gives all the hipster vibes, rather than a totally lumberjack look. Each shirt features double chest pockets with flap button closures and custom Devium cat-eye buttons. 

This flannel costs $118. And it features a subtle herringbone pattern in six color options.

Colvin Collection Flannels – Adirondack Field

Adirondack Field is an American-made, environmentally-conscious brand that produces timeless, comfortable apparel. The company was founded in 2020 by husband and wife team Dan and Kaila. They continue to provide livable wages to fellow Americans while operating under strict environmental standards. Adirondack Field is a company you can feel great about supporting (they have fantastic customer service to prove it) and we love that!

The Colvin Collection Flannels are cut and sewn in the United States with luxurious and cozy Japanese flannel – fancy. The Colvin Collection pays homage to the timeless Adirondack style and American manufacturing. Each shirt in the Colvin Collection is brushed twice for extra softness and features a front pocket and button collar. 

For $142, you can purchase one of these flannels and support this American family company. There are 10 different color options to choose from, all of which could amplify your next fall outfit. 

Gilded Lakes Flannels – Adirondack Field

The Gilded Lakes Flannels from Adirondack Field is a collection of high-quality, 100% cotton flannels made from luxury Japanese flannel. Each shirt is designed to be worn tucked or untucked and has been brushed twice for supreme softness. The Gilded Lakes Flannels feature a front pocket and button collar.

These baddie flannels are $178 to $208, depending on the color and size you choose. And we get it, some of these are definitely on the more expensive side, but hey, you get what you pay for right?

American Made Flannels

Flannel Shirt Outfit Ideas

Let’s talk flannel shirt outfit ideas that are chef’s kiss perfection!

When it comes to style, the classics will never let you down. Pair your flannel with jeans and some ankle boots for a classic, casual yet rugged look. Want to take it up a notch? Throw on a bomber jacket and some aviator sunglasses for an effortlessly cool vibe. Or mix things up by styling a flannel with a pair of vintage-inspired flare-leg corduroy pants.

For the most comfortable and durable flannels made from the highest quality materials, shop American-made. 

Flannel shirts are a fall staple and nothing compares to top-quality flannel shirts that are made in America. Let us know which one is your favorite below! And just one more thing…we totally get it. Some of these are definitely on the more expensive side but just remember: when you sacrifice price, you sacrifice quality. So really, an investment in a quality piece is an investment in your long-term wardrobe. And baddies have the BEST wardrobes.

Before you go, head over to the blog to discover more American-made must-haves!

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