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Why buying American-made products is important

8 Reasons Why Buying American-Made Products Is Important

When shopping, do you check where the product is made before buying? If you do, then good for you girl! If you’re consciously buying American-made products, you deserve a pat on the back because you’re helping the economy. And even more importantly, your community. But baddies, if you’re not searching for that MADE IN USA label, let us be the first to tell you: YOU SHOULD BE. Period. 

Unfortunately, not many consumers have this mindset, which is why the importation rate and trade deficit for the United States keeps increasing. Especially in recent years. Basically, we’re making less and asking other nations to make it for us. Then having it shipped to us, using who knows how much energy and resources to do so. When instead, we could be making goods HERE, and sending our creations to the rest of the world. Needless to say, not good.

Okay ladies, before we lose you… we know talking trade deficits and import / export trends might not be the mooost fun subject. But brains equal beauty, and if you care about your friends, family, the planet, and heck if you care about people all of the world, IT MATTERS. So let’s not shy away from this topic. Let’s dive in deep.

HERE WE GO. This is where the state of things currently stands. The US is now the biggest importer worldwide, bringing in almost $3.4 trillion worth of foreign products in 2021, an almost $200 billion jump from the previous year. Compared to only $2.2 trillion in exports, this brings up the country’s total trade deficit to 27%. So basically, we’re starting to create less. And on top of that, we need other nations to make A LOT more FOR US than anyone else. Honestly this is giving co dependency vibes.

So now that you know all that, what the heck does that have to do with you and your spending habits? Glad you asked, it has a lot to do with your daily habits. Stay with us…

Why buying American-made products is important

What is trade deficit and why it matters:

A trade deficit happens when the total value of a country’s imports is greater than its exports. So you take more than you give. You buy more than you sell. And you need to get your shit together. Simple enough, right? This means that there is lower demand from the American manufacturing industry, which could affect the availability of manufacturing jobs, reduce employment opportunities for American citizens, and lower the income of minimum wage earners. WTF?!?!

As an American consumer, why should you care about the trade deficit? Well, the answer is really quite simple. Higher trade deficits could drive up inflation as well as the interest rates that are applied to your loans and credit card bills. So in a nutshell, you could end up paying more for the goods and services you need, and so would future generations. Uhm. Thanks, but like…no thanks!

Higher imports will also distort the trade balance and negatively impact the value of a country’s currency. This makes it more expensive for importers to bring in products from abroad, which would also force them to increase their selling prices. Again, no thanks! 

Why you should support American-made goods:

The good news is that you can help the country achieve a more balanced trade ratio by consciously supporting American-made goods. Aka purchasing American-made. Increased demand for USA labels boosts the American economy because it gives American companies a reason to increase their production. So, all you conscious consumers out there, listen up. If you’re still not convinced that this is the right thing to do, here are even more reasons why you should keep on purchasing American made products:

Reasons why buying american-made products is important

8 Reasons Why Buying American-Made Products Is Important

You’re creating more jobs for local workers.

When the demand for American made products goes up, manufacturing companies will also increase their production lines. Thus, they need more workers to man the machines and operations. Yes babes, it’s really that simple. And it’s not just manufacturing jobs. It’s everything and anything related to running a business. They need more accountants, consultants, marketers, Influencers, press, front desk staff, HR teams, lawyers, product developers, project manager, engineers. Buying American-made products means supporting local workers. You catch our drift?

You’re supporting the stabilization of the manufacturing industry. 

Remember those new workers we were just talking about? Yes, those guys and gals will then have more confidence to spend money since they now have guaranteed income which, in turn, helps the service and retail industry sell more. This is a continuous cycle that starts with buying domestic goods. You’re keeping that cycle of dolla dolla bills ya’ll here. RATHER than sending those dolla dolla bills overseas. So really, it starts with hottie consumers like you. The more stable the manufacturing industry is, the better it will be for the economy. 

You’re supporting the environment.

American manufacturing companies have access to more advanced technology needed to sustain eco-friendly, clean, and renewable processes in their operations, including their production lines. We love that. Plus, even though I think we can all agree we have a lot of work to do, the United States environmental regulations are NO JOKE. The EPA don’t mess around. Factories in the US are held to a higher standard than say, China.

By buying American-made products, you are doing your part in saving the environment for yourself and future generations. 

You’re reducing your personal carbon footprint. 

And if you needed another reason… I mean just think of all the energy used just for transportation. Driving items to a loading dock from a factory, then a shipping container needs to travel across the ocean, then more cars or planes to get items to retailers. THEN more transportation to get it directly to you. All these activities consume a significant amount of fuel…like a lot. Which is of course, a non-renewable source. AND just puts a ton of money in the pockets of oil and gas companies. Not to mention the carbon emissions released into the atmosphere. In contrast, buying domestic products would reduce the need for these activities because companies only need local transportation to get their merchandise to a store near you. 

You can be confident in the high-quality goods you buy.

American manufacturing companies adhere to strict quality standards in production. Uh-huh, that’s right. This is why USA labels have become synonymous with excellence not only in the domestic market but also around the world. With American-made goods, you get the assurance that you are getting your money’s worth for that item. Seriously. High-quality products only!! And what could be better than that? No more buyer’s remorse for us, babes. 

You’re choosing quality over quantity. 

On the other hand, products sourced abroad do not have this quality guarantee, and you may even end up wasting money on something that won’t last or would break easily. Uhm, not cool. Foreign products are also easily affected when the supply chain is disrupted for any reason, such as wars or trade conflicts between nations. If this happens, you may have a hard time finding imported items such as parts that you need to repair that foreign appliance or equipment you bought before. Soooo annoying. 

You’re enabling fair labor practices.

When you buy a product made abroad, you can never really be sure about the labor practices implemented in the factory where it came from. Some foreign manufacturers do not pay the appropriate compensation to their workers, while others even hire child laborers. Seriously horrible. In contrast, American companies must comply with fair labor standards and child labor laws mandated by the government under labor laws. This means that the workers are paid minimum wage and are granted compulsory breaks and rest days. 

You’re supporting high safety standards for workers.

Aside from fair labor practices, safety standards are also regulated in the US because American employers are required to ensure safe working conditions for their laborers. As they should be! This means that their workplace must be free from serious hazards identified by relevant government bodies. If you wanna know the deets, these are all under the care of the US Department of Labor and supported by labor laws, mainly the Occupational Safety and Health Administration Act, which protects the safety and health conditions of laborers.

You avoid potential political conflicts.

Many companies have factories in countries that don’t exactly have the best relationship with the US or democracies in general. When you buy American-made products, you don’t have to worry about items becoming inaccessible because of political conflict, now and in the future.

Why buying American-made products is important
If you’re not buying American-made, what are you even doing???

Honeeyy do yourself a favor and stop buying that cheap, imported sh*t. You deserve the best, and the best is found right here in the United States. Next time you’re considering purchasing something made abroad, think back to what you learned today and remember why buying American-made is the better choice. Now hit the blog for more made in USA content or head to our shop to browse all the best American-made fashion, beauty, & home decor!

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