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American Made Belts

American Made Belts: Brands & Specific Belts We Love

What do pants, asteroids, and the Bible all have in common? Belts, baby, belts! Belts are most commonly known as the clothing accessory that keeps your fit right, tight, and outta sight! But let’s be real… there’s just something about the quality, craftsmanship, and unique designs that make us reach for a belt made right here in the good old USA. These babies are literally designed to last and look everlasting!

And lucky for us all, there are tons of killer US belt brands out there. Making it easier than ever to find a chic belt that packs a patriotic punch!

So buckle your seat BELTS (eh??),  you boho baddies! We’re about to take a deep dive into one of our favorite fashion-fab accessories: the belt! And not just any ol’ belt. No loves… no, today, we’re talking about the creme de la creme of waist clinchers, American-made belts. 

American Made Belts

American-Made Belts

Our Favorite Made in USA Belt Brands

Rag & Bone

If you’re on the hunt for a leather belt that screams style and artistry, look no further than Rag & Bone. 

This American-made brand, based out of New York City, is known for its high-quality leather goods that are sure to make a statement. You’ll find a wide range of styles, from classic brown belts to dress belts in a variety of colors. 

Rag & Bone belts are made from authentic leather, ensuring durability and a MAJOR lux feel. Whether you’re shopping online or browsing their selection in department stores, you’ll absolutely love the attention to detail and the timeless designs that Rag & Bone offers.

Streets Ahead

Looking for a belt that combines fashion-forward style with American-made quality? Well, look no further than Streets Ahead. 

This brand operates out of the United States and is all about creating elevated-style leather belts that are as unique as they are chic. Their collection includes tons of flawless leather options for any occasion. And with their dedication to using full-grain leather, you can expect strong and a lavish look. 

B-Low the Belt

Now, ask yourself this kweens, do YOU want to add a touch of edgy glam to your accessory game? Then the L.A.-based brand, B-Low the Belt, has got you covered for sure. 

This American-made company will have you #swooning over its trendy belt display!

Offering a range of options all crafted from genuine leather, they stand out with their attention to detail and commitment to using full-grain leather as well. So, if you’re in search of a belt that combines quality, style, and some freakin’ ‘tude, B-Low the Belt is definitely for you!


When it comes to finding a versatile and effortlessly trendy leather belt, Madewell is your go-to brand! They focus on creating high-quality accessories that you’ll truly cherish.

Their entire collection is pure, real leather. The attention to detail and craftsmanship that goes into each Madewell belt is evident, ensuring that you’ll have a timeless piece that’ll last for all time. 

No matter how you spin it, Madewell belts are THE perfect finishing touch to any outfit.

Stylish American Made Belts

Made in USA Belts We’re Obsessing Over

Kennedy Mini Belt

Feeling… presidential??? Well, this belt won’t save you from a grassy knoll, but it WILL save your outfit!

The Kennedy Mini Belt is such a showstopping complementary piece that’ll elevate any work outfit. Made with first-rate American-made materials, this belt is both fashion-fab and enduring. 

Its sleek and chic design and understated buckle make it an adaptable wardrobe addition. Intricately crafted, this belt is a true work of art. Pair it with a miller dickey jacket and high-waisted trousers for a polished and professional look.

Bae Woven Nylon Belt

The Bae Woven Nylon Belt by Rag & Bone is a trendy and worthwhile choice for the modern working American. This American-made belt has a striking blend of class and purpose and is crafted from the finest nylon for longevity. 

Its woven pattern and adjustable buckle add a touch of edginess to any outfit. Whether you’re rocking a half-sleeve crew midi dress, this baby is the C.E.O. of work-ready ensembles. This belt will be your #workbae if you haven’t already found one!

Overt Western Belt

Step into the office with confidence and class when you wear the Overt Western Belt by Madewell. 

This American-made belt combines classic Western flair with a contemporary twist, making it a timeless and enchanting option for work. Crafted from genuine leather, this belt exudes cowgirl,  boss-babe vibes in their highest form. 

The adjustable buckle adds a note of adaptability, allowing you to find the ideal fit every… single… time. Wear it with a flowy mini-dress and ankle boots for a boho-inspired look that’s sure to turn heads in the office.

Engraved Heart Belt

Tired of wearing your heart on your sleeve? Then maybe it’s time to wear it on your waist!

Add a touch of romantic elegance to your work wardrobe with the Engraved Heart Belt by Streets Ahead. Made in the USA, this belt is crafted with love and tenderness, and precision. 

The engraved heart details on the buckle bring a special and charming element to ANY outfit. Made from prime materials, it’s both long-lasting and contemporary. Pair it with a crisp white button-down blouse and high-rise wide-leg pants for a refined and feminine look that’s bound to snap necks!

Rebound Leather Belt

If you couldn’t make your EX-belt work, then the Rebound Leather Belt by Rag & Bone is waiting for you like a coiled spring! It truly is the epitome of culture-chic. 

Made in the USA with exceptional leather, this belt exudes extravagance and class. Its dapper design and minimalist buckle make it universal for any work ensemble. 

The quality craftsmanship ensures its resilience, making it a timeless investment piece. Wear it with a long sleeve sweater dress and heels for a polished and powerful look that COMMANDS attention in the boardroom.

Maeve Belt

Add a pop of color and personality to your work attire with the Maeve Belt by Streets Ahead. This American-made belt is a statement piece that showcases your individual fashion. Crafted with care and precision, this baby features intricate detailing and a vibrant color palette that’s perfect for brightening up your work outfits. 

Pair it with this black tailored button-up and slim-fit recycled leather pants for a balanced and fashionable ensemble that lets your belt steal the show.

Tumble Suede Belt

Elevate your work wardrobe with the Tumble Suede Belt by B-Low The Belt. Made with luxurious, American suede, this belt oozes sophistication and grace. Its textured design and eye-catching buckle just pull the whole piece together.

The high-quality materials ensure its longevity, making it a reliable companion for your work ensembles. Wear this baby with a boxy blazer and wide-leg pants for a fashion-forward look that commands attention in the office.

Backcountry Belt

And lastly, this Backcountry Belt by Madewell is a universal and practical accessory that’s perfect for your workday adventures. The USA is known for our durable materials, and these lil’ babies are riddled with ‘em. No, seriously, this belt is ready to fight any challenge you encounter in the office. 

Its adjustable buckle and powerful design make it suitable for both casual and dressier looks. So, pair it with these blue springy ankle pants and this black short-sleeve boxy crop polo shirt for a smart-casual ensemble that effortlessly blends style and convenience.

American Made Belt Brands
Revamp your style game with killer American-made belts!

Alright, darlin’s, there you have it – the lowdown on why American-made belts are a must-have addition to your wardrobe. These belts are fun, fab, chic – and they’re here to STAY. So, next time you’re shopping for a new belt, think twice before grabbing the first one you see. Opt for an American-made belt instead and let your style do the talking.

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