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American Made Workwear

8 American Made Workwear Brands Every Woman Needs

Ladies…let’s talk about something we ALL know way too well. The daily struggle of picking out an outfit for work, especially when you need something that ticks all the boxes. Comfort? Check. Functionality? Absolutely. Fashion-forward? Oh, you better frickin’ believe it!

But here’s the kicker: what if we told you that there’s a way to not only look wonderfully put together but also make a meaningful impact? That’s right, by choosing American-made workwear, you’re not just supporting our local economy. You’re also giving a little boost to your fellow Americans and looking damn good while you’re at it!

And guess what? There’s no shortage of literally badass, must-have incredible brands in the United States offering high-quality workwear, no matter what your office or workplace demands. 

So, gather ‘round babes, because today, we’re serving up a tantalizing round-up of the best American-made work apparel brands that deliver on style, quality, and durability. Get ready to conquer the boardroom with class and confidence, the Miss American Made way!

American Made Workwear Brands

8 American Made Workwear Brands for Women

American Giant

Hold on to your hats, ladies, because American Giant is not your average workwear brand – they’re the epitome of American-made fashion that’s built to last. Leave it to these on-point designers (based out of San Francisco) to seamlessly merge timeless classics with modern trends. They’re creating casual office-worthy apparel that’s as versatile as it is timeless. 

Get ready to make a lasting impression from 9 to 5 and beyond. Because American Giant’s best-selling tops, like this chunky cotton crewneck sweater or this easy linen long-sleeve shirt bring THE vibes always. Also, their jackets and pants, like the roughneck chore jacket and their khaki trek pants, are renowned for their impeccable craftsmanship and superior durability. Check out our American Giant Review to learn more and find out where you can snag an item or two!

Lezat Clothing

When it comes to elevating your workwear game, Lezat Clothing has got your back (and front, and sides – ladies, you get the picture). Honestly, it’s giving Sofia Richie vibes and we are here for it. Made right here in the US, their high-quality, hyper-attention-to-detail pieces are chic and très magnifique!

If you’re a dress-loving diva, you’ll love turning heads in their bombshell dresses:

Lezat offers high-quality clothing fit for a more casual workplace vibe as well (like this fun Gracie Denim Coverall Jumpsuit). Check out our Lezat Clothing Review post to find out more!

Lucy in the Sky

Chasing that effortlessly chic and contemporary vibe in the workplace? Well, look no further than Lucy in the Sky, the American-made workwear brand that’s 100% about making a statement. Get ready to command attention with their bold colors, playful patterns, and super-stylish silhouettes. 

Oh, and did we mention that their best-selling items are all about eye-catching prints and unique design details? Because nothing says, “I’m a boss,” like a fashion-forward office ensemble that’s got the whole work squad squawking! 

Try this Iliana Suede Skort with one of these tops:

Need more? Us, too. That’s why we made this Lucy in the Sky Review. :))

Cydnie Jordan

Looking for a brand that hits all the modern workwear trends? Introducing Cydnie Jordan, a New York-made workwear brand that offers versatile office fashion you can take from day to night. 

Pop on this vegan leather mini dress with this oversized blazer, or try this matching cropped blazer and mini skirt. You won’t be disappointed!

Find even more with our Cydnie Jordan Review!

Comfy American Made Workwear Brands

American Trench

When we said we were OB-F*CKING-SESSED with American Trench in our American Trench Review, we meant it. The women’s section is full of high-quality, durable clothing including stellar basics for your work wardrobe. 

Gotta see it to believe it? Check out this fashion made in the USA:

Les Tien

What you knew about Les Tien from our review: celebs are lovin’ the vibey athleisure Les Tien has to offer.

What you know now: You’re gonna be loving Les Tien’s work clothes, specifically their PANTS.

Seriously, if there’s one thing that makes our choices tougher in the morning, it’s the waistband of our pants. We know we’ve lost points on our comfort check before in the name of a killer ‘fit…but with Les Tien, you don’t have to! Designed with an elastic waistband, these pants are C O M F Y.

LNA Clothing

So you want to look totally professional, but you don’t want to compromise your edgy vibe? We’re with you, sister. Keeping the vibe is the key to personal style. Lucky for us edgy style queens, LNA clothing offers clothing (like these white cargo trousers) with the perfect balance of edgy + dressy.

Here’s our LNA Clothing Review for more.

Functional American Made Workwear Brands

What are you wearing to work next?

We know our wardrobes just got a happy refresh. It’s a fact that we thoroughly enjoy finding and highlighting retail brands made in America. #GoFigure And today is no different! Now ask yourself this: Aren’t you ready to conquer the workday in style, comfort, and that extra touch of American pride? The answer… hell yeah, you are!

Did you know you can find American-made clothing on Amazon, too? Plus, there are tons more vibey ‘fits on our blog!

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