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Lezat Clothing

Lezat Clothing

LEZAT is the latest brand to catch our eye and we love it so much that we literally can’t stop talking about it!! Their clothes are the definition of easy-to-wear luxury, without compromising on quality nor the environment. Read on for our honest review of Lezat!!

Fashion you can feel good about? Check! A brand you can proudly support? Check!! Clothes that are not only incredibly chic, but also sustainably made? CHECK, CHECK!!

No joke… Ever since we saw J.Lo repping the Lezat tie-dye jumpsuit, we’ve kind-of been obsessed with the brand. There are so few companies with designs that accurately reflect the effortless, luxe-leisure designs we’re all craving. Since we can’t help but tell everyone about Lezat, we’re dedicating this post to talk about the brand and their best pieces. 

Lezat clothing review

Lezat Clothing

Lezat, which means “enjoy” in Farsi, is a clothing company based in Los Angeles. They sell dresses, jumpsuits, loungewear, and activewear. Their designs are mega-stylish, effortlessly chic, and super sustainable. Even better… their clothes are diverse and affordable, which means they have something for practically everyone. 

Oh, and did we mention how much we adore the story of how this company came about? It goes a little something like this: Jaleh Factor, Lezat’s founder, spent six years making private-label clothing for well-known brands. But in 2020, she put her business, Sewby, to work on a different kind of project. 

Factor and her Sewby team wanted to help with the COVID-19 pandemic, so they began making face masks to help meet the need for personal protective equipment.

But as her factory sewed masks for the community, Factor recognized a new way she could utilize the impressive talents of her team, whom she actually considers more like family. Lezat was launched in 2021 as an LA-based brand offering locally- and ethically-made activewear and athleisure.

Not long after the company’s launch, Lezat was really put on the map when celebs like J.Lo, Gigi Hadid, and Alessandra Ambrosio were spotted wearing the brand’s designs. Since then, Lezat has maintained its status as a brand offering clothes you can feel and look good in, and feel good about wearing.

“Lezat is a look-good, feel-good, do-good brand,” Factor has stated. “We strive to offer easy go-to feminine fashion that is made sustainably and ethically while being competitively priced and designed to make you feel your best. We focus on people, and we care about great style and a smaller footprint left behind.”

Lezat clothing review

Best Lezat Clothing Items

Restore Jumpsuits

Lezat’s Restore Jumpsuits are heaven-sent. No joke… you’re going to wonder how you ever lived without one of these. The Restore Jumpsuits somehow manage to be both crazy comfy AND uber chic. It’s no wonder that even J.Lo couldn’t wait to strut her stuff in one of these. Can we talk about how FAB she looked in the Neon Tie Dye? Ugh… perfection. 

If the whole *super bright neon* isn’t your thing, no biggie. There are nine other styles vying for your attention, including the ever-reliable, solid black.

The Restore Jumpsuit is available in sizes XS to XL (size chart HERE). Order your normal size for a more fitted look, or for an extra comfy, oversized look, order one size up. FWIW, J.Lo’s jumpsuit is a size M.

Lindsey Halter Jumpsuit

Wait just a sec… could it be? A jumpsuit that is truly as versatile as it claims!? 

The Lindsey Halter Jumpsuit is every bit the fabulous, chic jumpsuit we need it to be AND the effortless, comfy jumpsuit we want it to be. This is exactly what we mean when we say we want more versatile pieces that can be dressed up or down. Whether you wear it with heels for a night out with your beau, or with a pair of cozy slippers for a lazy night in, the Lindsey Halter Jumpsuit is IT. 

When you’re ready to add this little bit of perfection to your closet, you can choose between navy, cinnamon, or black. Or, just get all three and thank us later. Just pick your size – XS to XL – then add to cart. They’re $25 off right now, so what excuse do you have?? 

Joey Maxi Dress

Ohhh the Joey Maxi… how we ADORE the Joey Maxi…

Really, though, what’s not to love? Lezat totally nailed “effortlessly chic” with this stunner. The lightweight fabric wraps and drapes across your body as if it was made just for you. And the fluttering, flowing sleeves are so cute, flattering, and fun

What we especially love about the Joey Maxi Dress is that it allows you to show however much skin you want. Plus, you can get it in 20 different styles!! Still, no matter how you wear it, this dress is DEF about to become your fav OOTD.

Krista Twist Dress

The Krista Twist Dress is every bit as sexy and edgy as we want a classy to casual midi dress to be. It has a twisted knot detail in the front with a sultry v-neck and cut-out waist. Because skin is IN, but only when it’s done RIGHT. And babes, this dress is soooo right it feels wrong

Each Krista Twist Dress has a subtle ribbed texture that helps it comfortably hug your curves. The hardest part about slipping into one of these baddies is deciding on the design. There are nine different options to choose from, including sexy solids like black or white, and fun, flirty prints. You’re destined to catch someone’s eye no matter which one you choose. 

Lezat clothing review

Our Honest Lezat Review

To say we are major fans of Lezat feels like an understatement. We’re legit borderline obsessed with the brand. And for good reason

There are a few things that set them apart from other clothing brands. For one, Lezat repurposes all of their fabric cutting scraps into dog beds for local animal shelters, dog rescues, and homeless dog owners in Los Angeles.

Secondly, all of Lezat’s clothing is handmade in their WRAP-certified factory in downtown LA. Each member of the Lezat team is paid a fair, livable wage. Plus, all their clothes are made using natural fabrics, low-waste manufacturing techniques, and sustainable elements.

Their most popular items are their exceptionally chic jumpsuits and dresses, but they also offer crazy comfy lounge sets and activewear. 

You can purchase Lezat clothing on their website or Instagram, or through the following retailers:

For clothes you can feel good in and feel good about buying, look no further than Lezat.

Even A-list celebs love Lezat, and we totally get why. This is one brand that somehow does it all – do-good to feel-good. Plus, their clothes are fabulous. No matter which piece you try, you have to tell us about it below – we want allllll the deets. 😉 Shop more American-made clothing and accessories, HERE

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