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Cydnie Jordan New York

Cydnie Jordan New York

New York is like its own little world. Okay… maybe it’s not so little. But, it’s a world of its own. The culture, the people, the fashion, the vibe!! It’s just… SOOO New York! So when we heard about a brand that was “made in New York for New York” you KNOW we had to find out more…

Browsing the collections on Cydnie Jordan New York is like peeking inside the closet of an A-list fashionista. Every single piece is picture-perfect and best of all, made in America.

Cydnie Jordan founded the design company Cydnie Jordan New York in 2018. Jordan’s a Texas-born designer who now lives in New York. With Hailey Bieber as her muse, Jordan designed a collection of clothing that anyone can pull off… we’re borderline OBSESSED.

Cydnie Jordan New York clothing is centered around go-to, staple pieces. They make each article of clothing in New York City. And when we say that this is HIGH-QUALITY clothing, we mean it. There are ZERO cheap materials or overlooked details like you might find with fast fashion. These pieces are the real deal… effortless, stylish, elevated, and ahead of trends.

We dove head-first into the brand’s collection of chic and comfortable clothing, just so that we could tell you ALLL about our FAV pieces.

Cydnie Jordan New York clothing

Cydnie Jordan New York

Cydnie Jordan New York Tops

Our fav kinds of tops are the ones you can style with practically anything. Cydnie Jordan seems to have similar thoughts. The Black Satin Baby Tee is as chic as they come!! It instantly elevates ANY look, no matter what you style it with. The White Mesh Bustier No. 1 has that same superpower. It’s AMAZING!! 

These cropped cardigans are such a vibe too. Wear the Black Cropped Cardigan and Grey Cropped Cardigan on their own as a cozy, comfy top, or throw over another top as an extra layer.

Cydnie Jordan New York Pants

One of the many things we LOVE about fashion is how personal it is. What you wear says a lot about you… think about it! If you’re more laid back and cool, these black Corduroy Trousers and brown Corduroy Trousers are MUSTS. 

Blending in is boring!! If you want to make a statement and stand out as a fashion-forward baddie, you HAVE to snag these Grey Patent Trousers and Vegan Leather Trousers.

Orrrr if you put comfort above ALL ELSE, these black unfinished sweatpants are A MUST. (More of our fave American-made sweats HERE.)

Cydnie Jordan New York Dresses

BAAABE! Talk about making a statement. Cydnie Jordan knew exactly what she was doing with these STUNNING pieces. You’ll do more than turn heads in a dress like this!!

The Black vegan leather mini dress and the black wrap dress take LBD to a Whole. New. Level.

Cydnie Jordan high quality clothing

Cydnie Jordan New York Skirts

We adore black mini skirts. They’re BOLD yet simple, and you can wear them with anything!! A black mini skirt or a black slip skirt are must-haves. Style them easily with anything for an instantly elevated look, just like our favorite tops. That said… one of our MOST FAVE ways to style a black mini is with a BADDIE BLAZER!!

Cydnie Jordan New York Blazers

Did someone say blazer!? We got you! Check out this black cropped blazer. Pair it with a black mini and suddenly you look like a sexy professional… who said you can’t do both!? Orrr for a warmer layer, why not slip into this wool blend blazer? You don’t have to be a New Yorker to appreciate a high-quality wool blazer when the temps drop.

Cydnie Jordan New York comfortable clothing

Cydnie Jordan New York clothing is uber chic, crazy comfortable, and made to last, even if you wear it day after day.

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