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Sweatpants Made in USA

15 Sweatpants Made in USA

It used to be that most babes wouldn’t be caught dead in sweats outside of the house. Frumpy, unflattering sweatpants were reserved for nights spent curled up on the sofa binge-watching Gossip Girl. Then, practically overnight, it was as if sweatpants in general got a total makeover. And let us just say, we are totally here for it.

Thanks to flattering silhouettes and stylish designs, sweats can be anything you want or need them to be. (Just ask Vogue.) If you want the best of the best, you don’t have to go far. The best sweats are the ones made right here in the USA. American-made sweatpants are locally and ethically made, so you already know buying them is a total win-win. You get some of the most comfy and stylish sweats you’ve ever owned AND you support American workers and businesses. LOVE IT!!

NOTHING compares to the high quality of American-made items. They’re made with the most luxe, durable materials to ensure they truly stand out from items made anywhere else. Sweatpants are a PERF example of American-made quality, so today, we’re rounding up the crème de la crème of sweatpants, exclusively made in the USA. 

Sweatpants Made in USA

15 Sweatpants Made in USA

Sweater Henley Sweatpants

It doesn’t get much better than a pair of Donni Sweatpants. Period. Known for selling out in literally no time, the sweater henley sweatpants are the definition of luxe. We can’t think of a single other American-made brand that features mother-of-pearl buttons on their sweatpants. Swoooooon. 

Lauren Moshi Tanzy Pant

If “woke up like this” was a cozy fit, these sweats would be the statement piece.

We adore the Tanzy Pant from Lauren Moshi. With the vintage, paint splatter design, these sweats have such an effortless, laid-back vibe. They’re made of crazy soft 100% cotton with fleece lining so they can keep even the coldest B in your friend group warm.

These are def some of our fav Sherpa-lined sweatpants made in the USA. 

Lanston Cuffed Joggers

Lanston’s Cuffed Joggers are best-sellers, which is totally not surprising. We know… you’re looking at these sweatpants thinking “What’s so special about these!?” but hear us out! These things are anything but basic. They’re CRAZY comfy. Like, the comfiest sweats you’ll ever own, kind of comfy. We can thank the terry cloth lining for that!

Les Tien Cotton-Blend Velour Track Pants

Velour tracksuits were a 2000s staple. And since matching loungewear sets are so hot right now, you know we had to throw in a pair of velour sweatpants. These Cotton-Blend Velour Track Pants from Les Tien are such a vibe. 

It’s up to you whether you want to wear them as part of a matching set for a throwback look. Regardless, you’re gonna love these Los Angeles-made track pants. Plus if they don’t fit for whatever reason, the retailer accepts free returns within 30 days!

Sol Angeles Waves Hacci Slim Drawstring Jogger Pants

Here’s another fab pair of sweatpants from Sol Angeles. The Waves Hacci Slim Drawstring Jogger Pants have a flattering, slim silhouette with tapered legs. But our fav feature is easily the subtle wave stripe detail below the left knee. These knit jogger pants are must-haves for an effortless, comfy style.

John Elliott LA Sweatpant

Dare we describe these sweatpants as chic!? Absolutely! Actually, these are the chicest cotton sweatpants made in the USA for baddies who dare wear all-white sweats. Sip your latte extra carefully to avoid staining these buttery-soft, heavy-weight terry pants. Dress up with heels or down sneaks (or all the way down with American-made slippers). 😉 You do you, babe.

Cozy Sweatpants Made in USA

Cotton Citizen Brooklyn Sweats

Cotton Citizen is an awesome fashion brand based in Los Angeles. Everything Cotton Citizen creates embodies the “understated luxury and casual confidence” of LA. We are HERE FOR IT.

Their Brooklyn Sweats are the definition of that exact vibe. Slip into a pair of these for truly effortless style. They’re made from heavyweight terry fabric which means you can wear these practically every day and they’ll only get better. Oh, and did we mention they’re available in 4 permanent colors and 21 seasonal styles? 

Cotton Citizen Brooklyn Trouser

You know we had to include another pair of sweats from Cotton Citizen. The Brooklyn Trouser is a relaxed, straight-leg sweatpant with raw bottom hems. They also have a subtle flare so these sweats are just as flattering as they are comfy. Plus, they’ll make your legs look crazy long! And, because they’re made of 100% cotton French terry fabric, they’re only going to get better with time.

LA Made Nina Crop Lounge Pant

LA Made is another American fashion brand we can totally get behind. Their Nina Crop Lounge Pant are so luxe, you’ll feel like one of the Beverly Hills Housewives every time you slip them on. Who says you can’t look and feel glamorous when being lazy?

The Nina Crop Lounge Pant is made of a thicker, thermal material that will keep you super cozy without making you look bulky. Plus there’s just enough flare to make your legs look fab. We totally adore the vintage look of these pants! Plus, right now you get free shipping on orders of $150+!

LA Made Classic Slim Jogger

Also from LA Made, the Classic Slim Jogger is for all our babes who prefer a slimmer, more structured fit. Don’t worry, these are still super flattering. They’re also crazy soft and comfy. Style these with a cami for an effortless look or pair it with the matching cardi for true laidback luxury. 

LA Made Skinny Plush Flare Lounge Pant

OK… one more pair of LA Made sweatpants. The Skinny Plush Flare Lounge Pant is crazy flattering for a pair of sweatpants. They’re the kind of pants you hope to be wearing when the hot delivery guy rings your doorbell. And considering you’ll never want to take these off, you just might be in luck… or get lucky 😉

Nate Core Crop Sweatpant

If you prefer lightweight sweats, you should definitely check out the Nate Core Crop Sweatpant from Michael Lauren. These LA-made sweats have a crop length fit and a super breathable, lightweight fabric. They’re PERF for a day spent binge-watching Netflix. They can also double as activewear if you want to squeeze in a yoga session without hitting the pause button. ( See our roundup of the best American-made activewear, HERE. )

Landy Sweatpant W/ Mesh

BABES!! We’re kind of obsessed with the Landy Sweatpant from Michael Lauren. Who would’ve thought a pair of sweats could look so edgy and chic?? We’re totally swooning over the mesh detail on these. Fair warning… you’re going to want to hide these from your bestie. Or maybe you should just get them a pair to keep them from stealing yours. Trust us… it’s worth it.

Soft Comfortable Sweatpants Made in USA

Florence Valo Sweatpant

There’s nothing wrong with sticking to the classics. The Florence Valo Sweatpant from Koral is a perfect example of elegant athleisure. Wear these around your apartment or around town and you’ll start to question why you ever wore anything else. 

Oh, and did we mention that Koral is a woman-founded and woman-led brand offering stylish pieces that are ethically made in the USA? YEP!!

Mate Organic Fleece Relaxed Pocket Sweatpant

Mate recently updated their bestselling sweatpant and we love that for them… and for us. The Organic Fleece Relaxed Pocket Sweatpant has a familiar relaxed fit, but now it has POCKETS!!! Plus, they’re made with 100% organic cotton in the most environmentally-conscious way. 

The only thing better than a comfy pair of sweatpants is knowing where they were made.

We literally can’t get enough of these American-made sweatpants. Which ones caught your eye? Which pair would look totally killer on you? Give us all the deets, babe! 

Then, for more of the vibiest sweatpants, sweatshirts, button-ups, and more made in the USA, check out our review of Donni Clothing.

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