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American-Made Christmas Ornaments

10 American-Made Christmas Ornaments

If you’re not purchasing American-Made Christmas ornaments this year, then what are you even doing? Displaying ornaments from India? China? Japan? WE THINK NOT! Only the best of the best should be displayed on YOUR Christmas tree and lucky for you, we have all the deets below!

It’s starting to look a LITTLE like Christmas… but we’d prefer that it be beginning to look A LOT like Christmas! 

We all know the age-old debate on whether you should put up Christmas decorations before or after Thanksgiving. As for us, we’re getting our decor out in early November every time, every year. Baddies…when it gets dark out before 6 pm, we need a little joy in our lives and we get just that from our fave Christmas decor. 

This Christmas season, we’re looking at adding more American-made ornaments to our collections. So today, we’d thought we’d share what we found! 

Here’s a round-up of the most festive Made in USA Christmas ornaments:

American-Made Christmas Ornaments

10 American-Made Christmas Ornaments

Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland

Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland has a lot to offer for Christmas decor, but we want these oyster velvet boxed ornaments the most. Well, tied with all the American-made tinsel Bronner’s has to offer, anyway!

The Christmas Loft

Personally, we’re lovin’ this eagle and this partridge. Nothing says American Christmas spirit more than those two birds! 

However, if you’re not uber-patriotic like us, you might also love this luxe fashion-house-inspired ornament (SWOON!) or these food-inspired ornaments: flaming hot cheetos & pineapple pizza slice! Needless to say, we’re OBSESSED! 

Bevin Bells Believe Sleigh Bells

These jingle bells are sure to jingle some joy right into your life! Plus, they’re so classic…we remember seeing these EVERYWHERE growing up. Stamped with “believe,” they’re a great reminder of the spirit of the Christmas season. 

Handmade Heart Shaped Copper Ornament

This one is a sweet gift for a lover or a friend, or even an office gift exchange. Everyone, and we mean everyone, will appreciate its handcrafted beauty! 

Danforth Christmas Tree Ornament

Looking for something a little more traditional? This Christmas tree ornament fits right in with a classic ornamental style and makes a great gift for the boomers in your life! 

Timelessly Classic Ornaments

Bigfoot Sasquatch Ornaments

Now for something MUCH less traditional—an ornament for the REALLY big believers in your life; for the ones who might be having a hard time letting Halloween go. Bring a little bigfoot into Christmas, it’s not gonna hurt anyone!

Daisy Flower Christmas Ornament

This daisy flower ornament is fun and retro and honestly, we love the vibe AND the price tag. If you’re going for a cutesy Christmas, this is the one for you. 

Customized Wood Acrylic Ornaments

Want something with your name on it? Don’t we all? These customized wood acrylic ornaments can be personalized with your name, or anyone else’s name for that matter. Get one for the whole fam! 

The Christmas Pickle

The Christmas Pickle offers a lot of different ornaments. We’re digging this “I’m Fine, Everything Is Fine” wooden ornament…because SAME. The Holidays can be stressful, so it’s good to remember we can laugh about it a little!

We also love their adorbs selection of military-inspired ornaments (like this Coast Guard one), as well as their specialized ornament for the teachers in your life!

Tara Luna Glass Ornaments

Tara Luna offers glass-blown ornaments made in America. We love these pretty etched glass ornaments especially, for a chic and vintage look. We also LOVE this periwinkle heart ornament

Festive American-Made Christmas Ornaments

 What will you be decking the halls with this year?

Are you going classy and timeless, or retro and fun? Decorations to the max, or minimalist decor? Either way, we hope you’ll buy American-made.

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