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Anaïs Candle: The Chicest Handmade Candles

Anaïs Candle: The Chicest Handmade Candles That Double As Aesthetic Decor

In the middle of our research for high-quality American-made products, we came across Anaïs Candle. Anaïs Candle designs, creates, and sells one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted products right here in the USA.

Why settle for standard when you can have sensational? Don’t get us wrong… standard pillar candles certainly have their place and time, but when you want to add so much more than just a warm glow to your living space, they fall flat.

These days, it’s all about designer candles — candles that appeal more to your sense of sight than your sense of smell. Sure, they CAN be lit (what even is self care without at least one lit candle?), but let’s be honest, many of them are far too gorgeous to melt away.

Sculptural candles are meant to complement your space. They can add a cute touch to your console table or add to the luxe aesthetic of your bedroom. That is, of course, only if you find the right ones, and baddies, we found ’em.

Amid our constant search for high-quality American-made products, we came across Anaïs Candle. Anaïs Candle designs, creates, and sells one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted products right here in the USA. And in all seriousness, we are living for these candles right now. Totally in love. So, we want to dedicate this post to sharing our thoughts and review of Anaïs Candle, because when it comes to candles, we’ve literally never seen anything quite this unique.

Anaïs Candle: The Chicest Handmade Candles

Anaïs Candle: The Chicest Handmade Candles That Double As Aesthetic Decor

Anaïs Candle is best known for its elegant sculpture candles, but they also offer modern, delicate home decor items and jewelry. 

The one and only Anaïs Candle was founded in 2020 and is based in New York. The brand was born out of the desire to combine European sculptures and art with home decor. Local artists and candle makers from New York spent months researching and refining the handcrafted candle-making process to create the Anaïs Candle. And all we have to say about that is job well done.

The one-of-a-kind Anaïs Candle is made from all-natural, non-toxic ingredients. Not that poisonous crap found in cheap, imported candles that literally reduce the air quality in your home. Thanks, but NO THANKS! Unlike some types of candle wax, Anaïs’ candles don’t give off toxic byproducts or heavy soot when they’re burned. Even though creating clean candles requires a more complex process, higher production time, and a greater cost, we’re here to tell you IT’S WORTH IT.

Anaïs Candle Founder

When it comes to the people behind the brand, not much is known to the public. It seems, however, that this anonymity is intentional. 

According to an article published on Art News, one of the owners, whose name is Kat, “declined to give her full name because she doesn’t want to take the focus away from the products.” 

In our opinion, that’s a respectable move from a driven business owner who is passionate about the products they’re making and selling. 

Anaïs Candle: Greek Man Head Candle

Their Most Popular Candle Collections & Our Favorite Items

Greek Sculptures

Anaïs Man Candle

Literally how is candle both regal and totally edgy at the same time? Honestly, this one is a must-have. It’s non-negotiable. The Anaïs Man Candle is handcrafted and made from a blend of cosmetic grade, all-natural beeswax and all-natural soy wax that is eco-friendly, sustainable, and free from phthalates and paraffins. So many wins. You can snatch up this beaut in Sculpture White, Stone Gray, Ultra Black, French Rose Pink, or Calcite Blue colors for $59.

The Venus Candle

The Venus Candle is everything. Period. When you see a candle this freaking regal, it’s hard to imagine ever lighting it. It resembles a sculpture of an enrobed, half-naked woman on a pedestal. And the non-smoke cotton wick stands where her head would otherwise be. Just imagine this hottie on your coffee table, dresser, and/or marble countertop. Just yes! You can choose from Sculpture White, Lipstick, Calcite Blue, French Rose Pink, and Ultra Black to match your home aesthetic. But honestly, the black is *chefs kiss*. Pick up this baddie for $48 to $53 (depending on the color) or bundle the Anaïs Man Candle and Venus Candle for $30 to $47 off the total price of the two candles. Considering these two candle sculptures were practically made to go together, that’s one option that’s hard to pass up. 

Holiday Home

Decorating for the holidays is a totally fun experience…until its not. The stress of finding the perfect decor to amplify your home aesthetic can be challenging at times. But not this year baddies. Not. This. Year. Curate the coolest holiday home ensemble with these adorbs candles from Anaïs. The Knitted Mittens and Chocolate Bear & Cookies Latte Candle are just a few of our faves this Holiday season. All of which can be snatched up for $40 and $73 respectively – a steal. Check in with Anaïs regularly, especially around the holidays, for new candle and product releases.

Dessert candles by Anais Candle

Parisian Dessert Candles

Have you ever seen a candle that looked so delectable, it took everything in you to not sink your teeth into it and try a bite? If you haven’t had that experience yet, just wait until you see the Parisian Dessert Candle collection from Anaïs Candle. Seriously, they look that good. 

Parisian Cream & Cookie Tart – XXL

A layered tart with soft pillows of cream, topped crunchy cookies sounds like an exquisite dessert recipe from the eighteenth century. The smell alone is enough to make your mouth water, but you won’t want to bite into this version of the classic European treat. Looks can be deceiving because this sweet Parisian scented delight is made entirely of wax – beeswaxand soy wax – that isn’t meant to be eaten. Can’t say we didn’t warn you. This candle will make the perfect addition to your already sweet decor, if that’s your vibe, and it also makes a wonderful gift for the dessert lover. You can purchase one for $73 and then take your time deciding whether to light it. 

Cherry and Cream Delight Candle

Another delish member of the Parisian Dessert Candle collection is the Cherry and Cream Delight Candle. This candle was inspired by “rich Parisian pastry, delicious desserts, and afternoon tea rituals” and we are totally here for it. This mouth-watering yet inedible creation looks like a jar of airy whipped cream with bright, juicy cherries nestled throughout – all made of wax. She’s a total beaut. The Cherry and Cream Delight Candle ($68) is made from all-natural, eco-friendly, and sustainable beeswax and soy wax.

Romantic Candles

Romantic Candles

Flower Romance Candle

Excuse us while we get sappy for minute. But if you’re looking for a unique, elegant, and memorable way to say “I love you” seriously consider giving your loved one a gift that includes a Flower Romance Candle. These hand-crafted candles have the perfect blend of romantic floral scents including Cherry blossom, Rose, and Lily of the Valley. It will literally smell like love is the air. Anyway, the Flower Romance Candle is the perfect size for your vanity, coffee table, or entryway. Buy one for yourself, a loved one, or both, for only $40 each. 

Anaïs Candle: puppies

Animal Candles

Okay these are just too cute, like we can’t even deal. Puppies, bears, baby bunnies, aka a collection of the chicest and cutest little critters. We are loving all of these but the puppies definitely take the cake. They make adorable gifts for animal loving girl friends, or the perfect little detail for styling your home, desk, office, you name it. Sets range in pricing anywhere from $68 – $96, and single items range from $38 – $58. Soooo worth it!

How To Order From Anaïs Candle

Online Ordering

Anaïs Candle products are available to purchase online. So, you can order directly from the Anaïs Candle website.

Shipping and Handling

Every candle ordered from Anaïs Candle arrives “gift ready” – meaning they’re individually packed with ribbons and a candle care card. How cute and convenient? 

Anaïs Candle asks that customers allow 1-5 days of processing time for each order. They promise that while their team is working hard to ensure each order is shipped as quickly as possible, they sometimes run into unforeseen shipping delays. 

These delays, both domestically and internationally, are typically due to high shipping volume, which is most common on official holidays and during the holiday season. So, put your orders in early because the holidays will be here before we know it!

Return and Cancellation Policy

While we highly doubt that you’ll be anything but supremely satisfied with your Anaïs Candle, it’s always a good idea to be aware of a company’s return policy before placing an order. 

Because each candle from Anaïs Candle is made to order, you cannot cancel your order after it has been placed. However, they do process returns on home decor and jewelry items, but the buyer has to pay for shipping. 

Cake design candles
As the holidays inch closer, consider who you can surprise with a gift from Anaïs Candle. 

Surprise your loved ones with a unique, handmade candle and support a small American business in the process. For more on all things American made, head over to our blog.

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