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ARMRA Colostrum Review

ARMRA Colostrum Review

If you’re like us before we tried ARMRA Colostrum, you might be wondering what TF colostrum is. Colostrum is the first bit of breastmilk released after giving birth, and babe, it is GOOD for you. It’s rich in fats, immunoglobulins, and nutrients that are ESSENTIAL for a baby’s growth.

But it’s not just good for little babies! It’s good for you, too!

That’s where ARMRA Colostrum comes in. ARMRA Colostrum was designed to answer the chronic illness and nutrition issues that founder Dr. Sarah Rahal noticed again and again in her practice.

Dying to know more? Let’s get into it!

ARMRA Colostrum Review

ARMRA Colostrum Review

We all want to be healthy, but given all the NASTY sh*t that can be found literally E V E R Y W H E R E—that’s kind of hard to do. We were on the lookout for something American-made that made us feel better. Something that pumped up our immune barrier, benefited our gut health and took a swing at any and all health problems. 

ARMRA checks all those boxes, so we decided to give it a try. And girl, were we happy with what we found!

What Is ARMRA Colostrum?

ARMRA Colostrum is a brand of bovine colostrum made in the USA. It claims to have over 1,000 health benefits including hair growth, immune system support, and help for digestive issues. Research studies and clinical trials confirm the potential for healing via colostrum supplements.

So, why is ARMRA different? With pure sourcing from grass-fed cows on family-owned dairy farms, ARMRA ensures they only utilize overflow colostrum once calves are fed. That’s organic AND sustainable sourcing, babes!

What Is ARMRA Colostrum Made Of?

ARMRA Colostrum is made of one superfood ingredient: bovine colostrum which is overproduced by dairy cows. All mammals make colostrum, but ARMRA is specifically sourced from cows. 

Colostrum is often considered a waste product in the dairy industry because the cows produce so much, but ARMRA recognizes the benefits and upcycles it into a product with over 400 living bioactive nutrients.

Bioactive nutrients are molecules that support healthy functioning. Some of the bioactives found in colostrum are protective antibodies, prebiotic compounds, strengthening peptides, amino acids, trace minerals, immunoglobulins, tissue growth factors, antioxidants, and other natural immune factors.

How Is ARMRA Colostrum Made?

ARMRA Colostrum is made via low-temperature extraction. This allows the highest number of functional nutrients to make it into the supplement. 

It also removes casein and fat from the colostrum, which is often the allergens for people sensitive to dairy!

ARMRA Colostrum Benefits

ARMRA Colostrum Benefits

  • 22% increase in longevity in immune cells
  • 17% increase in longevity in gut cells
  • 32% stronger and more rapid anti-bacterial immune defense activity than other colostrums
  • 7 times faster regeneration of the gut barrier, even when inflamed
  • 80% of people improved their lean muscle mass, strength, and endurance
  • 60% of people noticed better focus and energy
  • 86% of people noticed less bloating
  • 79% of people reported thicker hair

ARMRA Colostrum Side Effects

Possible side effects include:

  • Stomach upset
  • Gas
  • Bloating
  • Diarrhea

Because ARMRA removes casein and fat, these effects may be minimized.

Does ARMRA Colostrum Work?

Does ARMRA Colostrum Work?

Yes! We (as in, the team here at Miss American Made) experienced soooooo many benefits of colostrum. Better focus, thicker and shinier hair, better immune resilience—with ARMRA products, you can have it all!

ARMRA vs. Other Colostrum

ARMRA vs. Ancestral Colostrum

Ancestral Colostrum looks great, but it’s not made and sourced in the USA. We’re looking for American-made only!

ARMRA vs. Wonder Cow Colostrum

Wonder Cow and ARMRA actually seem to have pretty similar standards and missions, but ARMRA still stands out because they remove casein and fat, allergens known to interfere with lactose intolerance.

ARMRA also makes a point to source colostrum only after calves are fed, whereas Wonder Cow doesn’t have the same transparency.

ARMRA vs. NOW Colostrum

NOW Collagen contains sunflower lecithin, which can cause gastrointestinal issues such as stomach pain and nausea.

ARMRA on the other hand, does not use lecithins in their supplement. The basic supplement only contains colostrum, and flavored versions use natural flavors and sweeteners.

ARMRA Colostrum vs. Collagen

Why does it have to be a fight? We think colostrum and collagen make for badass besties. Used together, you’re supporting bone, tissue, immune, muscle, and gut health. So why not? We stan a power couple!

How To Take ARMRA Colostrum

Okay ladies, here are our tips:

  • DON’T take on an empty stomach. Stomachs aren’t great at digesting pure powder!
  • DO mix into something you like—protein shakes, smoothies, or overnight oats work great!
  • DO take every day to receive the full benefits.

Where To Buy ARMRA Colostrum

You can buy from ARMRA directly, or it’s also available on Amazon and EveryMarket.

Time to switch up your supplement game and boost your immunity!

You know you don’t to spend this cold & flu season feeling like sh*t. Instead, don’t have a cold & flu season at all, babe. Support your immune health by trying ARMRA.

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