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How to Organize Vitamin Bottles Like a Pro

How to Organize Vitamin Bottles: Our Foolproof Guide

It’s 8:00 am, do you know where your vitamins are???Taking your daily vitamins is MEGA essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, especially in this post-Panorama world. Of course, vitamin supplements are meant to help boost your energy, mood, and overall well-being. But with so much variety of vitamins available for various health concerns, staying up in the organization game may prove to be super challenging. It’s no secret–if things aren’t tidy, keeping track of what you’ve got and their potency is a major drag.

Organizing vitamin bottles is a tricky, tedious task because they’re almost ALWAYS in large ass bright bottles. It’s like… sorry no, we can’t fit those massive 20,000mg multivitamin bottles in our medicine cabinets! But fear not our sweet summer children, we’re here to help!

By organizing your vitamin bottles, you’ll be keeping track of what you have, avoiding eating elderly pills, and getting the most out of your supplements. If you follow this guide love, you’ll be organizing your vitamin bottles like a boss! Put them in your medicine cabinets, and your shelves, and clear out a drawer for them – the possibilities are honestly endless. (And while you’re at it, you can use our tips to organize & display your jewelry too!)

Now, let us embark on this journey towards a healthier, more organized life. For you… and for your vitamin bottles!

How to Organize Vitamin Bottles Like a Pro

How to Organize Vitamin Bottles: Our Foolproof Guide

Take it from us, messy vitamins are good for absolutely no one! Organizing your vitamin bottles may not be the most glorious & exciting task. It’s an important one, though, because it helps to keep you on track with your regular vitamin intake. 

Think about it like this: if you know where your vitamin bottles are and in what order, you won’t have to spend thirty minutes looking for your Flintstone Chewables! It’s time to save yourself from a frustration-filled vitamin scavenger hunt. And organizing your vitamin bottles will do just that! Here are a few steps for sorting out your supplements with oh-so-sweet success:

How to Organize Vitamin Bottles

Step 1: Round up those bottles, partner!

First off, you’ll need to gather all your vitamin bottles from the top shelf of your linen closet, medicine cabinet, or wherever you stash them. Don’t forget to check your purse or gym bag for any stray bottles, too. This’ll help you get a complete picture of what you’ve got and what you need to organize.

Step 2: Get rid of all those expired vitamins.

Don’t overlook those expiration dates, plain and simple. It doesn’t matter if you barely took any of them, vitamins all have a shelf life. Check the expiration date on each bottle you have and chuck the ones past their date. It’ll not only keep your bottles organized but also make sure that you’re only taking vitamins that are still effective. Plus, who doesn’t want peace of mind knowing that they’re not swallowing harmful pills?

Step 3: Sort, group, and categorize. 

Now it’s time to separate your vitamins like shady high-school cliques! Sort your vitamin bottles by type, such as multivitamins, probiotics, or simple vitamins like vitamins C, B, and D. Then, group them and categorize them by frequency of use, or by time of day. Make it easy for yourself, ladies! You’ve gotta maintain that daily vitamin regimen and this is what will help!

Step 4: Find the best storage container to keep ‘em safe.

What’s the use of organizing your vitamins, if you don’t have a place to keep them from potential chaos? That’s right babe, you’re going to have to choose a storage container that fits your bottles or individual pills AND has easy access. You need to be able to find what you need AND keep everything the way you’ve organized it all. Storage containers are great for saving your precious time and patience while looking for a specific vitamin or supplement.

Step 5: Label it up, shorty!

Contrary to popular belief, we ARE into labels! At least when it comes to organizing your vitamin bottles. Once you’ve got the container, label it with the type of vitamins it’s holding. This will help you quickly find what you need and organize your vitamin bottles. Also, it’ll help anyone else that you share a bathroom with find what they need too!

Step 6: Arrange those bottles like a pro.

Wait… do you hear that? Your apple cider vinegar pills and your biotin are fighting over who gets the bigger room! To make sure that doesn’t happen, arrange your vitamins in the container in a way that makes the MOST sense to you. For example, you could arrange them by type, frequency of use, or time of day. Or, you could sort them all by all of those categories, who cares! As long as it’s in the order YOU want it to be, and you can find what you need, the organization pattern doesn’t matter. 

Step 7: Keep it cool and dry, just like your favorite drink.

Store your vitamin bottles in a cool, dry place to ensure their potency. This is a very, very important step. A medicine cabinet or a top shelf in your linen closet are both great options. Just not under your bathroom sink! You’ll absolutely want to avoid any damage stemming from exposure to moisture or heat. Seriously, we WILL judge you if you have damp ass pills in your bathroom. #sorrynotsorry

Vitamin Bottle Organizers

9 Vitamin Bottle Organizers Made in the USA

Magnetic Supplement Rack

Babe… you seriously need to check out this Magnetic Supplement Rack! This bombshell American-homemade vitamin bottle rack was built for order, strength, and longevity. 

And the best part? MetalRacks is designed to hold your vitamin bottles securely. That’s right! It’s fab, it’s fresh, and it’s friggin’ magnetic! Want your supplements in an ultra-easy-to-access place? Great! Because you can stick it on the inside of your medicine cabinet, your fridge, or any metal surface. 

This rack is the CEO of keeping your vitamins within arm’s reach regardless of where you put them. And, its design accommodates various-sized bottles, making it super versatile and easy to use!

Weekly Pill Organizer

Let us introduce you to the Weekly Pill Organizer, the ultimate tool for keeping your vitamin bottles orderly AF! SaltyWoodcraftsLLC created such a vibey lil cedar wood organizer to help keep you healthy and your bathroom vibey. 

We love the fresh, natural look of live cedar wood! And when you combine the finished wood look with cork-topped glass tubes… it’s such a chef’s kiss piece! Plus, she’s durable, she’s reliable, and we love it. 

With this organizer, you’ll have no issue keeping track of your daily vitamins or your overall health! It’s also compact enough to fit anywhere your healthy hearts desire. Plus you’ll be adding a dash of flare to your home you didn’t know it needed!

STORi Audrey Stackable Clear Bin Plastic Organizer Drawers

Girl, you would NOT believe how fabulous these stackable plastic organizing drawers from STORi are!

Made from crystal-clear plastic, these drawers are both practical and stunning. They were crafted with care right here in the USA. These organizers are perfect for keeping your vitamin bottles, medicine bottles, and other essentials in order, thanks to their drawers. No more searching for that one specific bottle!

Each drawer measures 7.88 inches deep by 6 inches wide, and 4.5 inches high. So it’s safe to say the drawers offer plenty of space for your stash of medicine bottles. So go ahead and sort your supplements and stack these bad boys on your cabinet shelves for a sleek and organized look!

Prescription Bottle Drawer Organizer

It’s super #toxic for your vitamin bottles to take up so much of your free space. But, what if we told you that a 3D printer could solve that little problem? That’s right! The Prescription Bottle Drawer Organizer by OneMoreLayer3D is about to change your life. 

Crafted from top-notch PETG materials, this organizer will keep your medicine bottles in line. Its 1.25-inch diameter fits perfectly above most standard drawers and has individual compartments for each bottle. Providing ample space for various-sized prescription and over-the-counter vitamin bottles. 

So say, “NO MORE!” to digging around your bathroom to find what you need. These organizers got your back!

Bathroom Medicine Drawer Organizer

Alright, lovelies, it’s time for you to check out these Bathroom Medicine Drawer Organizers, homemade by LifeofSpiceDesign

These sustainable organizers are made from over 90% of recycled materials, AND, it’s resistant to moisture, mold, and mildew. This means your healthy pills and tablets are kept just a little more dry. 

Their dimensions are customizable from anywhere between 15 to 36 inches, giving you more than plenty of space in your bathroom without taking up any more space (we love the convenience!). With its compact design and multiple compartments, the Bathroom Medicine Drawer Organizer is such a healthy solution for those unruly medicine cabinets. It’s like it was born to help corral all your vitamins and essentials. 

The Home Edit By IDesign 3-Tier Shelf

This sweet lil 3-tier shelf, made collaboratively by The Home Edit and IDesign, is a game-changer in the vitamin and medicine bottle organizer space!

It’s made from high-quality, super-strong materials right here in the good ol’ USA. With three tiers (duh… it’s in the name), you’ve got plenty of space to store all your goodies. Plus, the open design and easy access make it a breeze to grab what you need without fumbling around. 

This organizer measures 10.125 inches wide by 11.625 inches long, and approximately 5 inches tall, so it can accommodate vitamin bottles of various sizes. Store this beauty on your cabinet door or even your countertop for effortless access. 

Small Essential Oil Bottle Wall Shelf

Calling all natural vitamins and essential oils lovers! This one’s for you, baby!

Etsy seller MAJic1976 created the Small Essential Oil Bottle Wall Shelf from solid pine, giving it a durable and down-right magical look. It’s both functional and fashionable and was designed to fit a cornucopia of different-sized vitamin and essential oil bottles. One could say that its customizable size makes this wall shelf essential for organizing your prized supplements and smell goods. 

Display your favorite oils and medications in style and reach for a touch of zen and accessibility!

STORi Bliss 10″ x 6″ Open Compartment Clear Plastic Organizer

Okay, now listen up, and listen well! The STORi Bliss Clear Plastic Organizer is a must-have for anyone serious about keeping their vitamin bottles and medicine bottles in check. And easy to order, right from Amazon. (See our roundup of the best American-made clothing HERE!)

This organizer, made from top-shelf, clear plastic that’s not only sturdy but also stylish, makes it easy to see and access your supplies. You’ll feel like you’re organizing in a chic boutique named, Vita-Tres Magnifique

Its rectangular shape measures 10 inches by 6 inches, providing ample space for your vita-stash. This also makes it convenient to the highest degree easier to store, be it in your cabinet, or on a lazy susan. AND… the open compartment design allows for easy visibility and access. Because who wants to take the wrong pills at the wrong time?

Tote Felt Handbag Organizer

Hey you! Handbag enthusiasts… look in those bags. Tired of the damn disarray? 

Well, maybe it’s time to consider finding a handbag organizer that also works great for keeping your supplements sorted. We know that sometimes you need to travel with your medications, and this organizer makes losing prescriptions and messy bags a thing of the past. It’ll prevent any mishaps and make it super easy to access what you need.

Although these American-made organizers were originally made by Etsy seller JennyKrafts for Italian-made bags, they’re perfect for any bag with similar dimensions. They even come with a few extra features like a keychain, multiple pockets, and a detachable zipper bag! Get your daily vitamins travel-ready with these handy organizers and keep your bags looking chic and clutter-free!

P.S.: on the hunt for a new handbag or purse? Check out our roundup of the best American-made purses. 😉

Tired of searching for your vitamins? Get organized and conquer the day!

There you have it, boss bitch tips on how to organize your vitamin bottles! No more searching high and low for that elusive vitamin D! With these simple hacks, you’ll be able to quickly and easily find what you’re looking for. Plus, not only will your morning routine be more streamlined, but your countertop will look stunning, steller, and supplementarily sexy! 

So go ahead and get organized the Miss American Made way. Your vitamin, routine, sanity, and overall health will be forever in your debt! 

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