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Best American Made Yoga Mats

Best American Made Yoga Mats

Calling all yogis and exercise enthusiasts alike: we are DONE with those cheap, thin, curl-up-at-the-edges yoga mats. If you’re looking for a vibey yoga mat that will stand the test of time, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s our roundup of the BEST yoga mats, all made right here in the USA.

Everyone needs a good yoga mat, but a lot of them, maybe even most of them, are made overseas. BLEHH! 

Think about this for a sec. When you hit the studio for a hot yoga sesh, you’re getting up close and personal with your yoga mat. Wouldn’t it be so much better to know where your mat came from before nearly every inch of your smokin’ hot yoga body rubs all over it? We certainly think so! 

That’s EXACTLY why we’re telling you all about some ah-mazinggg yoga mats!! Even better… all of these mats are produced right here in America! So you can feel totally relaxed and confident the next time you plant your hands and feet on your mat.

Best Yoga Mats Made in USA

yoga mats made in USA

Best American Made Yoga Mats

Jose Chico For Deny Chill Yoga Mat

CHILL babes! This cute pink yoga mat will remind you to do just that. It’s from Deny Designs, which we ADORE because they give uber-talented artists opportunities to create statement pieces. These standard mats feature graphic lettering from Jose Chico, and it’s such a viiiibe. 

This mat features all the slip resistance you need for even the sweatiest hot yoga session. Plus, it’s super easy to keep this mat clean. YASS.

Blue Sky Whimsy For Deny Good Day To Be Happy Yoga Mat

Here’s another yoga mat from Deny Designs that we love love LOVE. The top layer is surprisingly cushiony yet it still offers plenty of grip. 

This yoga mat acts as the perfect exercise mat for baddies who just need a little reminder that “Today is a good day to be happy!” ;)) 

JadeYoga Harmony Pro Yoga Mat

If a simple, plain-colored rubber-friendly yoga mat is more your style, look no further. The Jade Harmony Mat from JadeYoga is the environmentally friendly exercise mat you’ve been searching for. The Harmony mat is the most popular yoga mat from JadeYoga and we totally see why. 

JadeYoga plants a tree for every mat sold. How awesome is that? And they’re all sustainably made natural rubber yoga mats. Even better, you don’t need a special yoga mat wash to keep your mat clean. Instead, just clean it with water and you’re good to go. 

JadeYoga Voyager Foldable Yoga Mat

We love an eco-friendly product so we’re ALL ABOUT this natural rubber mat from Jade Yoga. 

If versatility and portability are what you’re looking for, the Voyager Foldable mat is PERF for you. This yoga mat is literally HALF the weight of a standard mat and it can fold up to about the size of a regular yoga block, so you can easily stuff it into your bag. Girl, stop worrying about the hassle of toting around your mat after class. This mat takes care of that problem with ease.

Yune Yoga Mat – The Cypress

How about this mat, babes? It’s made from eco-friendly PVC and it’s designed, printed, and packaged in the Pacific Northwest. They even use environmentally friendly UV-cured inks, so you can feel good about stretching, posing, and meditating on this super chic mat. 

woman preforming yoga poses on a yoga mat

Yune Yoga Mat – The Ursa Major

Is it weird to describe a yoga mat as gorgeous? Whatev. The Ursa Major mat is totally gorgeous. This mat would catch the eye of even the most professional yoga instructors, in the most exclusive yoga studios, in that part of town. You know what we mean. 

Hugger Mugger Tapas Original 68 in. Yoga Mat

Hugger Mugger is another FAB brand that we can totally get behind. Their original sticky mat has been an American-made yoga staple for nearly three decades, so you know it’s legit

The super affordable Tapa Original Mat comes in three different lengths. Allegedly, this was “the first mat ever created specifically for yoga practice,” which supposedly set the standard for all yoga mats to come. We can totally see it… It’s super lightweight and just sticky enough to keep you perfectly balanced in any asana. 

SugaMat – Recycled Wetsuit Yoga Mat

Here’s an opportunity to really do some good for the environment. Rather than buying some humdrum yoga mat put together in a random sweatshop across the world, buy the SugaMat. It’s made from recycled wetsuits but you’d never know just from looking at it. 

There are two sizes available – regular and extra-long. Each one is 5mm thick so it provides plenty of cushion for your asana practice.

R-YOLO Yoga Mat

It doesn’t get much more convenient than a machine-washable yoga mat. After a super challenging yoga class, you can throw the R-YOLO mat into your washing machine. You can even toss it into the dryer!

The mat is a 100% Turkish cotton yoga towel and the padding is polyester foam. It even has recycled non-slip backing.

Yoloha Yoga Unity Cork Yoga Mat

The cork mats from Yoloha were designed to hold up to even the most intense practices. The yoga mat material absorbs moisture which means it provides an impressive grip even when you’re sweating buckets in hot yoga. 

This mat is super durable without a big environmental impact, which is EXACTLY what we LOVE about Yoloha. That, and the fact that it’s made with 100% American-made materials, entirely in the United States. LOVE IT!

Which American Made yoga mat matches your personal style?

Which American-made yoga mat matches your personal style?

We want to hear from you!! Which mat do you want to bring to your next yoga session? Oh, and if you’re in need of some fashionable workout clothes for your next yoga sesh, we’ve got you covered. Here’s our roundup of the vibiest workout clothes made in the USA

You can read more about our favorite American-made products HERE!

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