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How To Style Leather Shorts

How To Style Leather Shorts

Give your denim shorts a break because we know a trend that is just as versatile – LEATHER SHORTS. Don’t believe us? We’re giving you tips how to style leather shorts and turn heads like a actual fucking movie star. You can look like a BADDIE if that’s what you’re going for or be effortlessly CHIC even in everyday clothes. Both looks are IT, TBH! All the deets below!!!

Leather shorts are having a BIG moment and it’s giving serious main character vibes. 

Because honestly, what’s not to love? They’re practically a must-have staple if you want to make a fashion statement. Plus, these babies come in a ton of different styles, fits, and lengths. Not to mention, they’re almost as versatile as a pair of denim shorts!! 

Wondering what to wear in Nashville for a night out with your besties? Try a pair of leather shorts. Need an outfit for brunch with your mom? Leather shorts, please! Running errands around town? Um, you guessed it… a pair of leather shorts to snatch the souls of all around you!!! 

Leather shorts make you look edgy, chic, and sophisticated. If you’re new to Miss American Made, WELCOME!! And, if you’re new to this trend, welcome TWICE beloved!!!

Today, we’re talkin’ tips on how to style leather shorts that’ll have you stealing hearts and kicking ass like Lara Croft!

How To Style Leather Shorts

How To Style Leather Shorts

Use them to elevate your basics.

One of the easiest ways to style leather shorts is to pair them with a basic top. When you wear leather shorts with a tank top or tee, your basics suddenly look anything but. 

Wear them as a statement piece.

Name another item of clothing that can both elevate a basic top AND make a statement all on its own… That’s the power of leather shorts, honey. It’s no wonder we’re completely obsessed. 

Or wear them with a statement piece. 

Oh, and did we mention that you can also wear them WITH a statement piece? The list of reasons for our love affair with leather shorts continues… 

But really, babe. What statement pieces do you have in your closet? A bold blazer? An edgy mesh top? A chic blouse? You guessed it!! Any of them would look PERF with a pair of leather shorts. 

Wear them with just about any shoe. 

Sandals, boots, sneakers, heels… you name the show and we guarantee it’ll look stellar with a pair of leather shorts. That’s the kind of versatility we all strive for, TBH. 

edgy leather shorts

8 Leather Shorts Outfit Ideas

Chic Leather Shorts Outfit

You only need a black tank top and a sleek cape jacket for an incredibly chic way to style a pair of black leather shorts. The shorts and cape jacket combo is such a vibe… #OBSESSED. 

Oh!! And, to instantly elevate this look even further, add a statement bag like this GORG fringe buckle shoulder bag.

Baddie In A Blazer Leather Shorts Outfit

Go ahead with your baddie self… This look is ITTTT. A pair of black leather shorts with a white bodysuit is the perfect combo to wear with a stunning pink blazer. TBH, just about any blazer would work, but we’re obvi partial to high-quality American-made blazers. ;))

A classic pair of ankle boots complete this look. YASSS BADDIE!!! 

Edgy Look ft. Black Leather Shorts

If you’ve read any of our other style posts, like our one on how to style grey sweatpants, then you know we stan an edgy look. How could we not?? Just about anyone can pull off a sleek, edgy fit. 

For a truly edgy look featuring black leather shorts, we added one of our fav combos: a black cropped leather tank (an edgier version of a standard crop top) and a mesh top. As mentioned earlier, you can wear pretty much any shoe with this look. Versatility at its finest, loves. Throw on a leather jacket or black blazer if you need an extra layer that fits the vibe and you’re GTG!!

Beige Leather Shorts Outfit

We love to mix things up when we get a chance!! What better way than with beige leather shorts instead of the more popular black ones? They look PERF with a white bodysuit, denim jacket, and nude sandals. This is a look you can pull off just about anytime, anywhere!!

Monochromatic Leather Shorts Outfit

We love a monochromatic look almost as much as we love an edgy look. Prob because they’re practically one and the same. Does it get any more gutsy than an all-black outfit!?

For this look, one of our favorite leather shorts outfit ideas, we styled black leather shorts with a black long-sleeve top, black tights, and black combat boots.

Everyday Outfit With Leather Shorts

Black leather shorts can even be styled as part of an everyday outfit!! If you don’t mind the extra bit of effort it takes to inch into them, faux leather bike shorts are a fun way to wear this trend.

Regardless of which style you opt for, leather shorts are effortlessly styled with a black tee and black sandals.

Cool Weather Outfit With Leather Shorts

You absolutely CAN wear leather shorts in cooler temps, too. Simply pair them with a cozier top, like a sweater, and slip into some knee-high boots. Voila!!!

Classic Leather Shorts Outfit

One more way to style leather shorts is to throw on a bodysuit, slip into your shorts, then add a white button-down. This is another look that can be worn with practically any shoe. Heels, sandals, boots… whatever you’re feeling that day. 

sophisticated leather shorts
Leather shorts are just as versatile as they are edgy, so it’s no wonder we’re on board with this trend!

There are essentially DOZENS of different ways to style leather shorts. Hopefully, the looks above provided some inspiration and outfit ideas, so that you can be confident and feel more like the supreme baddie that you are.

Check out the Miss American Made blog for more style inspiration, outfit ideas, and the creme de la creme American-made clothes!


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