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Ring It On! How To Style Rings Like a Pro

Ring It On! How To Style Rings Like a Pro

It doesn’t take a HUGE diamond to make a fashion statement with your rings. Although if you have one, you better rock that rock, babe!! There are so many chic ways to style rings that it’s impossible not to find a look you’ll love. Whether you want to follow the latest trend or make a statement unique to you, we’ve got all the different ways you can wear rings.

Rings… massively impactful, circular, finger, decorations that work with any look. They keep people and outfits together in ways we can’t even imagine. Their vibe is always loud and proud, but if not flaunted correctly, they end up in the fashion faux pas category.

But, do you how to style rings like a glamour queen diva badass?

It’s hard to imagine that something as small as a ring can be an effective statement piece. But we urge you to trust us on this one. Rings can be so much more than just accessories to an outfit. Don’t underestimate their potential impact just because of their size. 

Lady Gaga stands just 5’1” yet she’s made a HUGE impact in multiple industries. In this case, when it comes to pieces that can make a statement, it’s not about size. Although, if you ask JLo, the queen of HUGE engagement rings, she might beg to differ. But JLo is a goddess among mortals so…

For the rest of us kweens, rings are small accessories with so much potential. Using that potential is all about how you can transform a seemingly small afterthought of style into a memorable fashion statement. And we’ve got that “how” covered. 

There are countless ways to style rings. In addition to making a statement, you can also use rings to show off your personality and creativity. Here are some of our favorite ways to style rings, featuring several of our favorite rings made right here in the good ole US of A. 

How To Style Rings Like A FAB Fashionista

How To Style Rings Like a FAB Fashionista

Mix Metals

The idea that you can’t mix metals is outdated. Besides, since when do we follow the “rules” of fashion!? GO FOR IT, BABY!!!

If you want to wear an 18k Rose Gold Double-Band Chain Ring with a sterling silver stack ring on your index finger, THEN DO IT. You can also wear a ring like the Virgo Sg Ring from Spinelli Kilcollin with mixed metals in the same piece. You do you, booboo! 

Add Texture And Color

The Purple Ombre Spike Spinner Ring from celeb-loved jewelry brand Jacquie Aiche is a *chef’s kiss” PERFECT example of you can add both texture and color with a single piece. Sure, it’s a bit pricey, but we’d expect nothing less from a best-selling piece donned by Gigi Hadid, Rihanna, and more. If you’re looking for a similar, but more affordable version of this popular ring, check out the Three Row Rainbow Ring from the M Jewelers New York.

Also, we’re slightly… O.K. completely… OBSESSED with using gemstone rings to add a pop of color. Consider a blue topaz oval ring, green emerald heart ring, or this one-of-a-kind 10k rose gold sugilite ring for special occasions. Or just buy them all so you have enough colors to match your OOTD!!

Start With A Statement Ring

Another FAB way to style rings is to choose one statement ring, like this bold Zebra Ring, this Mahnal Adas Ring, or this Odette New York Aalto Ring. Then, wear multiple rings or bands on your other fingers to pull it all together. 

For example, the Brook and York Perry Extra Thin Ring and the BYCHARI Zoe Ring would look stunning on a middle finger with the Zebra ring.

How To Style Rings Like a Pro

Choose More

When it comes to rings, more is more. Don’t be afraid to put rings on all of your fingers. Sure, a lot of people only wear wedding rings on their left ring finger, but again… do what you want!! If you want to wear a chic heart ring on that finger, more power to you babe!! 

Grab rings in different sizes so that you can mix and match them and get all your digits involved. This Medium Dome Ring from Studio Grun would make a great thumb ring. And this small heart pinky finger ring will ensure the oft-forgotten, the smallest member of your finger family feels included. 

At this point, we should probably recommend you look into how to display jewelry at home because you’re gonna need a place to put all your stunning accessories. 

Stack Them Up

Stackable rings are def having a moment in fashion and we hope they’re here to stay. They look elegant yet trendy and they make styling multiple rings easy. The best way to wear stackable rings is to choose bands of various sizes and stack them unevenly. Rather than piling them on all one finger, try wearing two or three bands on one or two fingers and a single ring on another finger. 

You can start with a set of stacking rings for one finger, or you can find a few different rings that complement each other. This 18kt yellow gold and silver ring from Spinelli Kilcollin takes the guesswork out of stacking your rings. Or this dot stacker ring and this simple band can be stacked with one or more other rings. 

Layer Signet Rings

You can also mix things up by layering signet rings instead of simple stacking bands. Accessorize any drop-dead gorgeous look with signet rings like the Zoe Lev Pavé Diamond Signet Ring, Studio Grun Desert Signet Ring, or the Kinn 14k Gold Petite Signet Ring. FLAWLESSSS!!!

Compliment Your Skin Tone

Rose gold is generally flattering for all skin tones. Slip on this rose gold Carelle Mini Knot Pavé Diamond Ring and witness its magic for yourself!!

Between silver and gold, a lot of people find that one compliments their skin tone better than the other. Try different metals and finishes to see which ones bring your inner GLOW so that you can radiate beauty like the GODDESS you are.

Add A Personal Touch

Without throwing in some cliche quote about being born to stand out, we want to stress the importance of BEING YOU. It’s called personal style because it’s unique to you. Think about your most unique features as well as some of your favorite things. Don’t be afraid to incorporate them into your accessories. 

You can personalize your rings with names or words with a personalized open band ring or the Aria name fine ring. Or, you can wear a green jade butterfly ring as a tribute to your spirituality. You can even wear a turquoise statement ring simply because it’s your fav color. There are no rules when it comes to personal style!!!

Rings are the latest way to elevate your look and show off your style. 

Rings are the latest way to elevate your look and show off your style. 

Just a few accessories can completely change your look. Following these easy style tips will ensure that you’re changing it for the better. ;))

For more ways to elevate your style and make sure your ‘fit is on point, wherever you go, head over to the blog.


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