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how to wear a scarf in summer

Summer Fashion Secrets: How To Wear A Scarf In Summer 

We know what you’re thinking…a scarf in the summer? Are you crazy??? Listen babes, a scarf is an ultra-chic way to spice up a regular-shmegular outfit into something a little less basic and a little more fun! Here’s the summer scarf scoop…

You wanna know the best rule in fashion? That there aren’t any! Adding a scarf to your ‘fit doesn’t just elevate your look, but can also help protect you from this INSANE heat we’re all experiencing. (But like really, doesn’t it just seem to be hotter than ever this year?)

You know what else is hotter this year? YOU! You can curate a TON of different looks for any occasion by adding vibey summer scarves into the mix. Gone are the days where you look high and low for American Made accessories, that’s what we’re here for! So, here’s our roundup of ways you can style a scarf in the summer!

how to wear a scarf in summer

Unveiling The Secrets: How To Wear A Scarf In Summer

Did Someone Say Scarf Top? 

We’re starting out with a banger for this first little piece of advice. Instead of styling your scarf WITH your outfit, make your scarf THE outfit. Wearing silk scarf shirts is all the rage right now, and hello??? They’re so easy to pair with any of your fav bottoms

Skirts, jeans, shorts–you name it and you’ll rock it! Silk scarves are meant to be easy and breezy, so regardless of which bottoms you pair with it, you’ll feel as cool as you look!

Spice Up Your Casual Jean Shorts Look

An easy outfit choice to throw on when it’s hot out is your fav pair of jean shorts and a tank top or short sleeve shirt. There’s nothing wrong with that! But, you could sooo elevate this look into something more. How, you ask? 

Try wearing a Pashmina scarf on top! You could style this as either a french knot OR as a shawl. This fabric is both lightweight and breathable, so you won’t have to worry about overheating! Hot AND cool! 

Styling Sundresses With Scarves 

It’s sundress season ladies! And you wanna know what to wear over a dress? (I think you know where I’m going with this…) a light cotton scarf

Tying a scarf loosely on your neck with your dress is so quick and simple, but will boost your look SO MUCH. As well as provide that oh-so necessary sun-protection. Beauty is NOT always pain, cotton is airy. Turns out you don’t have to sweat to death just to look like a boss babe! 

Use A Scarf As A Coverup 

It’s summer time, which means all you Miss American Made girlies prob have plans to strut around on the beach. Whether you’re walking back to your hotel, going down the street to grab dinner, or just wanna show out, you can totally use a chiffon scarf as a cover-up

The best thing about chiffon is that it’s not prone to pilling, and it’s relatively stretchy. So, you don’t have to worry about it riding up OR being too tight. It’s the perf add-on to ANY beach look!

Multitask Your Accessories By Turning That Scarf Into A Belt 

Swapping out your plain belts for a chic and fashionable jersey scarf belt will ABSOLUTELY update your look. Jersey scarves are actually known to be soft and stretchy, so twisting it up and looping it through your belt loops will be a piece of cake! 

It’s such a small accessory to add, but it will def be the focus of your outfit when you want something comfy but eye-catching. Thinkkkk, outdoor concert outfit vibes for example! 

ways to wear a scarf in summer

Add Flair Into Your Hair With A Bandana 

We know you all have fab hair, but all of us from time to time need to spice up our usual hairstyles for something new and fresh. A satin hair scarf is the BEST way to do this in the summer!

Not only is a satin scarf ultra-stylish and trendy when worn as a bandana, but would you believe me if I said it would actually help your hair too??? We know, we know, we think of it all 😉 Satin helps reduce frizz, keeping your hair smooth and healthy looking. Curly hair girls, this one is especially for you! 

Creating A Fashionable Ponytail 

There’s a plethora of ways to style a scarf in your hair, and we are just getting started! We all know that when it’s hot and humid outside, the LITERAL worst feeling is having your hair down stuck to your face and neck from sweat. Sensory nightmare, we get it!

So if you’re gonna put your hair into a cute pony, why not glam it out??? Adding a silk or satin scarf as a hair tie is the Sophia Richie way to keep that hair out of your face, and look super upscale while doing it!

Messy Bun? No Problem

Next on our list of making your hair an accessory, we have using a scarf as a hair bow. In those moments when we’re sprinting out of the house still lacing our shoes and buttoning our pants, we don’t always have time to make sure our hair is done! We’re here to reassure you, that’s OKAY! 

Throw that hair up into a messy bun, grab a (cotton or silk) scarf, roll it up so it’s a bit thinner, and wrap it around! Everybody is gonna be too focused on how AMAZINGGG your hair looks to even realize you were running late! 

The Grace Kelly Scarf

You are Grace Kelly, Grace Kelly is you. Think hair scarf but like… elegant??? Keeping your hair totally out of your face isn’t just stylish, it screams vintage VOGUE babe. 

Grab a scarf, your fav pair of sunnies, and channel your inner glamor girl as you hit the town with your windows down and music blasting with your besties!

Lace Up Your Bag

Last but certainly not least, adding a fashionable scarf to your bag is such a creative way to spice up your look. No matter if it’s tied to your purse as you walk through the grocery store, or if you lace it around your beach bag as you soak in some sun. It’s a subtle but striking way to up your look!

how to wear a scarf in summer

How will YOU wear a scarf this summer?

Summer scarves are IN, and there are sooo many ways to style them. Now that we’ve given you our summer scarf secrets, I wanna see you baddies try them out! You will be THE it girl this summer. 

As always, we NEED to hear all about your opinions! The content doesn’t stop at summer scarves though, our blog and shop has more of where that came from! Head over and see all the latest and greatest American-made style hacks we’ve curated just for YOU!

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