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Judith March Review

Judith March Review

All of us here at Miss American Made LOVE supporting USA brands. It’s legit our thing. There are plenty of US brands that deserve to be in the spotlight. From offering high-quality, on-trend products to showcasing what the American spirit is all about, USA brands are truly unlike any other brands anywhere else in the world. PERIOD.

One of the remarkable USA brands that recently caught our attention is Judith March. So we’re dedicating this post to share our review of Judith March, as well as our fave pieces & recommendations. If you’re also a fan of quality American-made brands, stay tuned babes. You’re in for a treat. 

Judith March Review

Judith March Review

Judith March was launched in 2009 by brand founder Stephanie Carter. Carter is no stranger to fashion retail: she started her own traveling retail small business called Deja Vu when she was just 21 years old. When Carter began designing her unique styles and prints, the Judith March brand was created. 

It has since become a mega-popular brand described as “Southern vintage charm meets the bohemian vibe of the West Coast… Judith March is all-American style, steeped in Southern charm and a dash of sparkle.” Uhm, YAS!!!

Judith March is exactly the kind of USA brand we love to support because this woman-owned business hand-makes one-of-a-kind pieces right at home in Alabama. Now, the moment you’ve been waiting for. Let’s talk about our fave items: 

Best Selling Judith March Items 

Judith March Clothing

Party In The USA White Pullover

PARTAYYY!!! What’s not to love about this pullover? It’s cozy, but also lightweight. The sparkling star patches on the sleeve are so fun!! Plus, you can get it in red if you’re not feeling the white. 

Who’d have thought being a proud American would look this good?!

Serpent Tank

Remember when people flooded Taylor Swift’s Instagram comments with snake emojis and then she flipped the script by including snakes in the set design for her Reputation tour? It was at that moment that baddies everywhere decided snakes were something to rep with pride, not shame. What better way to do just that than with this Serpent Tank? 

This bold black sequin tank features an edgy snake design that is guaranteed to make you turn heads on your next night out.

Snake Charmer Fringe Jacket

Sensing a trend yet? TBH, it’s the fringe on this Snake Charmer Fringe Jacket that first grabbed our attention, but we’re feelin’ the snake vibe too. This cropped fringe jacket is perf for a night out, especially paired with a fitted tank, cut-off shorts, and lace-up boots. We’re totally feelin’ this one.

USA Feather Dress

USA lettering? Feathers? Count us in… as long as it’s done right, right!?! Oh but babes, in this case, it’s done SOOO right. This slightly oversized, t-shirt-style dress is exactly the piece that you didn’t even know you needed. Whether it’s the Fourth of July or the middle of May, YOU can absolutely rock this number. Just don’t be surprised when everyone starts begging to know where it’s from. ;)) 

Disco Cowgirl Denim Shorts

Wanna know what happens when bling meets cut-off denim? A fab pair of Disco Cowgirl Denim Shorts is born. TBH, even if neither “disco” nor “cowgirl” fit the vibe you’re going for, there’s a spot in your wardrobe for these shorts. 

Fancy Lady Fringe Skirt

Iggy Azalea might have been “so fancy” in 2014, but this is 2023. Fancy looks different now. Fancy feels different. These days, fancy is you and all of your gorgeousness rocking this fringe skirt on a night out with your besties. In this skirt, you’ll show everyone how a real baddie does fancy. 

One of A Kind USA clothing brand

Judith March Bags

Road Trip Vegan Leather Duffle Bag

Did someone say ROAD TRIP!? Count us in!!! A quality duffle bag is a must-have, no matter how much you prefer to stay home. When your besties force you out of the house for a much-needed road trip, you’re going to be so glad you have this bag.

And yes, a duffle bag IS necessary, even for a short trip. You need something to hold all those extra pairs of underwear you packed, you know, just in case. ;)) 

Out On The Town Crossbody Bag

Have you ever experienced the nightmare of trying to find a bag that won’t clash with your outfit? UGH.. right!? Here’s your solution. A cream-colored crossbody bag that goes with practically anything. And if you’re asking yourself if you really need another bag, the answer is YES. There is NO SUCH THING as too many bags, babe!!

Custom Vegan Leather Backpack

A good backpack is another MUST-HAVE. Because sometimes you just have too much sh*t to carry comfortably on your shoulder. Wouldn’t you love to put that oversized tote bag back with the rest of your bags and reach for this Custom Vegan Leather Backpack instead? We know we would!!

Custom Boho Straw Clutch

Straw bags are so hot right now. And a clutch is a must-have for a night out when you only need to carry the necessities. Kill two birds with one stone (figuratively, of course) with this Custom Boho Straw Clutch. Plus, you can customize it and reduce the chance of having to worry about your bestie “borrowing” it.

Let’s say it again… there’s no such thing as too many bags!! TREAT YOURSELF! You deserve it!!

Judith March Hats

Judith March has nearly 400 different hats to choose from. There are essentially four different hat styles: patch hats, trucker hats, sun hats, and rancher hats. 

The trucker hats and patch hats are snapback style with mesh in the back and a ponytail opening. Each hat has a unique design on the front. What makes the patch hats different from the trucker hats is that, as the name suggests, they have a patch sewn onto the front of them. 

The sun hats are made of straw and come in various colors and designs. As for the rancher hats… think of them like cowboy hats that got a makeover. Sure, you could wear one to go horseback riding, but these bad boys deserve to be SEEN. Each rancher hat is custom-made and one-of-a-kind so you can be sure you’re the only one who owns one.

We recommend browsing the various options to see which hats stand out to you.

Judith March Sizing

To make sure you get the PERFECT fit, see the Judith March Sizing Chart!             

On Trend Judith March Review
Judith March is a unique, woman-owned brand offering FAB American-made pieces that belong in your closet.

Judith March is a fantastic representation of what a USA brand can offer you. They have an impressively diverse collection of clothes, bags, and hats. Plus, the ability to customize pieces gives you the unique opportunity to add one-of-a-kind items to your wardrobe. 

Would we recommend shopping at Judith March? Absolutely. If you’re looking for more chic, American-made clothing, check out our review of Lucy in the Sky.

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