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Horseback Riding Outfits Made in USA

5 Horseback Riding Outfits Made in the USA

Look stylish in the saddle without dripping in country western staples. These American-made horseback riding outfits are nothing but CHIC and EFFORTLESS. Go for the baddie look if that’s your style, choose from a classic riding fit, or dress comfortably. See our fav options below.

GIDDYUP you gorgeous thing! Let’s have a little chat about horseback riding. It’s NOT just for your fave Bravo Real Housewives! It’s a mega-popular activity for people of all ages, all over the United States. You can go horseback riding for fun, or take riding lessons to learn a bunch of new skills. 

One of the most important things to consider before you saddle up is what you’re going to wear. The right outfit will not only give you a major confidence boost but will also help to keep you safe while you ride. 

There’s no shame in wanting to look good in the saddle. Whether you’ve nearly earned the title of equestrian or have never been within ten feet of a horse (no judgment here!!). But, before you go trying to look like a Gen Z version of Annie Oakley, consider that there are countless ways to look gorgeous and stylish on horseback. Ways that don’t involve dripping in country western staples. Although there are some AMAZING ‘fits in our post on what to wear to a rodeo if cowgirl chic is your vibe. 

There are so many ways to show off your style, but you can’t wear just anything. We put together several American-made horseback riding outfits that you can wear. We practically guarantee that you’ll look flawless on horseback in any one of the outfits below. 

So, let’s stop horsing around and get to it!!

Horseback Riding Outfits Made in USA

5 Horseback Riding Outfits Made in the USA 

Monochrome Baddie In Black

Gone are the days when all-black outfits were reserved for gothic or emo babes. These days, a monochrome black look is a must-have for every bold baddie. There’s no better time to show off your edgy style than when you’re on horseback. You’re sitting higher, so an elevated look is ESSENTIAL. ;))

These black harness boots from Frye were practically made to be worn as riding boots. The 2-inch stacked heel will keep your feet in the stirrups. A detail you’ll be thankful for if you end up on a horse as animated as you. 

TBH, these cropped slim pants from Theory would be a “mane-stay” in our wardrobe even if we had no intention of ever riding a horse. If you’ve never worn them before, you’ll LOVE how comfy and supportive a good pair of riding breeches are. We’ve styled them with this western-inspired belt for a chic and feminine twist on the traditional cowboy belt buckle. And, depending on the weather, this long sleeve, cuffed crew neck top or this black tank top is perfect to complete the look.

Casual Athletic Riding Outfit

Horseback riders… *ahem*, Excuse us… Equestrians are athletes. Even if you haven’t exactly earned the title of equestrian, you can at least look the part. Outside of formal competition, there’s nothing wrong with dressing comfortably. But before you slip into your coziest pair of sweatpants and an oversized hoodie, consider how it might affect your time in the saddle. 

Super baggy or loose-hanging clothing isn’t exactly horseback riding appropriate. But you can still be comfortable. For an easy, casual athletic look, opt for leggings and a tank top like this black cotton tank top. These sneakers offer plenty of support and grip to keep your feet in place during your ride. 

Easygoing Cowgirl 

We get it… you’re no one-trick pony. You like to mix things up when it comes to your OOTD. There’s no shame in dabbling… 😉 If classic western isn’t exactly your vibe, you can try it blended with a bit of an easygoing gal for a more approachable and far less gimmicky look. Here’s what we mean…

Grab your fav pair of jeans. They can be whatever style you want, as long as you’re able to move around pretty easily while wearing them. They can be high-rise bootcut jeans, flared jeans, or even straight-leg jeans.

Once you’ve got your denim, slip on a leather belt and a pair of black boots, unless you happen to have a pair of cowboy boots laying around. Then add a comfortable, solid-colored top, like this American Giant v-neck tee (American Giant has some of the comfiest tees EVER). You can leave the cowboy hat and riding coat at home. Unless you’re a LEGIT cowgirl, you don’t want to overdo it, love. 

And that’s it!! You’re ready for a gallopin’ good time!!

Comfy Horseback Riding Outfits Made in USA

Classic Riding ‘Fit

All you sophisticated babes might be looking for an outfit that fits the more traditional English equestrian style. We LOVE a posh baddie, and we’ve curated a look just for you!! *kiss, kiss*

For an English-style riding fit, featuring all American-made clothes, of course, we started with these gorg brown leather boots. Because tan riding pants are common among equestrians, we thought these Year of Ours tan leggings or these Kate Riding Pants from Botori would be perf! They look especially chic with a brown leather belt.

We style the tan pants with a white collared henley to stick with the neutral tones, or a red polo shirt if you’re dying for a pop of color.

Flawless Beach Ride Outfit

Horse riding on the beach calls for a different kind of riding apparel. Whether you’re going to be riding bareback or in a saddle, things will be a lot more lax than with traditional horseback riding. Riding gear, like a riding helmet and riding gloves, is pretty unnecessary. And, your outfit can be a lot more beach-appropriate. 

Bear in mind, however, that you’ll still want to wear pants to avoid chafing. A pair of lightweight linen pants are ideal. And while open-toe shoes are usually a bad idea for horseback riding, a pair of sturdy black leather sandals are perfectly fine for a beach adventure. This linen tank top pairs perfectly with linen pants. To complete the look and protect your stunning features from the sun, we added a straw hat. We love how it slightly resembles the hats of traditional Western riders but with a beachy twist. 

Horseback Riding Outfits Made in USA

You’re guaranteed to look flawless in any of these American-made horseback riding outfits. 

There are so many different ways to enjoy horseback riding. Whether you’re trekking through mountainside trails, trotting on a country trail, or galloping through the sand on the beach, there’s no shame in wanting to look good in the saddle. WE GOT YOU!

We have A TON more outfit inspiration too. For our favorite clothing made in the USA, as well as reviews of many FAB brands, head over to the blog.

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