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what to wear to a rodeo

What To Wear To A Rodeo

This isn’t our first rodeo, darlin’. If you’re wondering what to wear to look incredi-bull at the rodeo, we’ve got your back. Here’s a round up of pieces you’ll need to score a 100 (and maybe even lasso a hottie or two).

Whether you’re a lifelong fan of rodeos or somehow got roped into going to one, rodeo events are a guaranteed good time. 

Rodeos are a pretty big deal in America. They’re popular sporting events, but they’re also great for tapping into your western girl side. We all have a little Dolly Parton & Carrie Underwood in us somewhere, right?

To make sure you have one helluva good time, we want to help you look fabulous but also feel comfortable. Rodeos are often held outdoors and can go on for hours, so choosing the right outfit is pretty darn important. Here’s our tips for bringing out your inner rhinestone cowgirl. 

what to wear to a rodeo

What To Wear To A Rodeo

Cowboy Boots

Come on, babe! You can’t show up to the rodeo without a solid pair of cowboy boots! Unless, of course, you’re wearing cowgirl boots instead. 😉

If cowboy boots aren’t exactly your thing, we urge you to give them a chance. There are SO MANY different styles to choose from that you’re bound to find something you’ll love. From ankle boots with fringe to classic leather riding boots, there’s a pair of cowgirl boots (or three) that’s itchin’ to kick up dust with you.

Cowboy Hat

Unless you have an upcoming bachelorette party in Nashville, a rodeo is your one chance to wear a cowboy hat and not stand out like a sore thumb. Find yourself a chic felt or straw cowboy hat and be amazed at its ability to instantly transform any outfit into one that’s perfect for a rodeo event.

Denim Shorts Or Jeans

Do you think if we focus hard enough on channeling Carrie Underwood, our legs will look as AMAZING as hers? It’s worth a shot… especially since a rodeo is the perfect place to wear your best-fitting pair of Daisy Dukes. Cut offs just scream rodeo fashion. 

If cut-off denim shorts aren’t exactly the vibe you’re going for, flare blue jeans and destroyed straight leg denim are just as rodeo chic. Wear jeans with an eye-catching belt buckle to complete the look.


You might be surprised by how comfy the right rodeo dress can be. Emphasis on “right” since there are specific dresses that would work better at a rodeo event than others. Sure, you know not to show up in an evening gown. But what exactly works as a rodeo-ready dress? 

For the most part, if it looks good with a pair of cowboy boots, you can wear it to the rodeo. Still, our favorite rodeo dresses are usually made of cotton, denim, leather, faux leather, corduroy, or suede. Think something simple like this a-line mini or this shirt dress.


Yes, overalls are in style. We even wrote a whole post about overalls! You’re going to want to read that before you put on a pair because it goes over all the do’s and don’ts for wearing overalls. But in general, overalls make for a great rodeo outfit.

Flannel Shirts And Button Ups

American-made flannel shirts are also great for a rodeo event. You can rock a button down or snap shirt as a shacket over a fitted tank, tie one around your waist, or button it up and wear it just as it was meant to be worn. Regardless, you can bet that plaid shirt will elevate your look and have you lookin’ GORG and feelin’ FAB.

Rocker Tees

Don’t show up in any reg short- or long-sleeve shirt! Rocker tees are the epitome of cool, even the long-sleeved ones. Think Lynyrd Skynyrd & The Rolling Stones. And when paired with bell-bottoms, overalls, or a sexy fringe skirt? Swoon. Perf for a casual rodeo experience without giving full-on cowgirl vibes. 


OOOOOOH we love LOVE fringe. It’s so fun! Just glance at our home page… see? FRINGE F’N ROCKS! Some of our favorite rodeo pieces are fringed and fabulous. We’re talking jackets, pants, boots, and more!


Need we explain why you absolutely NEED a bandana at a rodeo??? Other than waving it around to support all the hotttt cowboys, bandanas are THE BEST rodeo accessories to add to any rodeo outfit. Tie it in your hair, around your neck or wrist, or on your belt loops to really dress the part as a stylish country girl. 

rodeo outfit ideas

Chic American-Made Rodeo Outfit Ideas

Flawless In Daisy Dukes 

Denim Cutoffs / Tank / Shacket / Cowboy Boots

Daisy Dukes and cowboy boots are the quintessential rodeo look. The tank and shacket add to this whole western vibe. Braid your hair, swipe on some mascara, and girl you are rip-roaring and ready to go!

Casual Chic Rodeo Outfit

T-Shirt Dress / Fringe Vest / Short Fringe Cowgirl Boots

Here’s a look that proves casual can still be incredibly chic. We adore how this solid black t-shirt dress pairs with the fringe vest. The vest with the black cowgirl boots is SUCH A LOOK. Honestly, we’d totally rock this ‘fit for drinks with the girls. Who said fringe was just for the rodeo?

Classic Flannel Cowgirl Outfit

Flare Jeans / Flannel / Women’s Western Boot / Fur Felt Western Hat

If you’re the type who prefers to fit in rather than stand out, we get it. At an event like the rodeo, you might feel like there’s enough action going on around you and you don’t want to add to the chaos. Because babe, you’d DEF have people turnin’ heads and droppin’ jaws if you really wanted to. If this sounds like you, this classic flannel outfit is perfect.

Gorgeous Vegan Leather Cowgirl 

Vegan Leather Dress / Knee-High Boots / Freya Ponderosa Hat

Do you feel your best in a killer dress? Here’s a fabulous dress outfit that would be great for a rodeo. We can’t get enough of this white mini dress. The white dress with the white hat… we’re practically drooling over here. Or maybe it’s the boots that really did it for us. This whole look is just so perfect

Denim Jumpsuit Rodeo Outfit 

Denim Jumpsuit / Cowboy Hat / Cowboy Boots / Leather Belt

We stan a chic jumpsuit and this denim number is as rodeo-chic as one can get. We styled it with all the cowgirl essentials: a cowboy hat, cowboy boots, and a leather belt. With this outfit on, you’ll convince everyone that you’re a rancher’s gal and they won’t question you a bit. 

Western-Inspired Baddie Outfit

White Rhinestone Fringe Tank / Black Mini Skirt / Black Cowboy Boots

YASSS! What did we tell you about our love affair with fringe? It’s real and this tank is one of the stunning reasons why. This is such a show-stopping outfit, yet it’s so simple. You probably already have a plain black mini skirt in your closet. If not, you only need three pieces for this whole look. 

That’s the power of fringe, baddies. We can’t get enough!

Laid Back Trendy Rodeo Outfit

Mineral Wash Fringe Yoga Pants / Graphic Tee / Denim Jacket / Cowboy Boots

Fringe yoga pants? Sounds too good to be true, right? But they’re real and they’re perfection. We styled them with a graphic tee, denim jacket, and cowboy boots to create the ultimate laid back but trendy rodeo outfit. If comfort is the most important thing to you, this outfit is the way to go. 

Classic Cowgirl With A Modern Flare

Flare Jeans / White Bodysuit / Cowboy Boots / Rhinestone Fringe Bandana

This is another outfit that’s more reminiscent of a classic cowgirl look. The flare jeans are a fun, essential piece for a great western outfit. But we gave it a modern flare with an incredible rhinestone fringe bandana. We kept the top simple with a chic white bodysuit, because the bandana is definitely the star of this show.  

Now we just need to find more excuses to wear this bandana. 

Rodeo Chic Mini Skirt Outfit

Black Mini Skirt With Fringe / White Tank / Cowboy Boots / Cowboy Hat

This is a fabulous, sexy and chic look for you. The fringe on the black mini skirt… It needs NO introduction. We styled it with an elevated white tank, as well as, of course, cowboy boots and a cowboy hat. You’re going to look INCREDIBLE in this one, babe. 

Edgy All-Black Rodeo Outfit

Black Jeans / Black Tank / Black Fringe Blazer / Black Boots

We didn’t forget about all of our edgy goddesses. You can totally rock your signature edgy style at the rodeo. This all-black outfit is the look for you. The black fringe blazer is the star of this show and it’s the piece that really pulls it all together. 

what to wear to a rodeo
Even if it’s your first rodeo, these looks will guarantee that you’ll show up and show out.

Regardless of where you’re headed, we’re all about helping you look good and feel great. Rodeos are SOO FUN but they’re that much better when you wear the right ‘fit. You can’t go wrong with any of the outfits we curated. You can even mix and match some pieces to create your own look. Whatever makes you feel like the RODEO QUEEN that you are!

You can find even more outfit inspiration and phenomenal American-made clothing, head over to the blog.

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