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Kitchen Knives Made in USA

7 Kitchen Knives Made in USA

Let’s slice and dice our way into the world of American-made kitchen knives. From chopping veggies to carving a succulent roast, these bad boys are the real deal. Discover the craftsmanship, precision, and style that goes into each blade, all proudly made right here in the USA. Because when it comes to culinary adventures, nothing beats the sharpness and quality of a knife that’s Miss American Made approved. So grab your apron, unleash your inner chef, and let these knives elevate your cooking game to a whole new level. Let’s chop it like it’s hot!

So, now that you’ve got some insanely chic non-toxic dinnerware, it’s time to upgrade your food prep. We’re talking kitchen knives, baby.  A good knife can make all the difference between “Ugh, it’s my turn to make dinner tonight,” and “Ooh, I get to make dinner tonight!” Slicing through food like a professional chef makes cooking a whole lot quicker and more fun.

The good news is that America has some killer cutlery brands to make your cooking experience oh-so-easy. So today, we’ve rounded up some of the best kitchen knives made in the USA.

Kitchen Knives Made in USA

Best American-Made Kitchen Knives 

7 Best Kitchen Knives Made in USA

Rada Cutlery

It doesn’t get more American than Rada Cutlery. Founded post-war in 1948, Rada Cutlery made use of aluminum manufacturing previously going to war efforts. They began as a family-owned business making aluminum-handled knives in Waverly, Iowa. Still family-owned, they’ve been handcrafting high-quality knives for 75 years. WOW!

The coolest thing about Rada Cutlery? They are super involved in the community. Rada started out only selling knives through fundraisers. Now, you can get their products online, but you can still get them through fundraisers, too. Rada supports over 12,000 groups to raise funds for schools, churches, youth sports, women’s leagues, veteran’s groups, and more! We LOVE to see it!

Rada Cutlery has literally every knife you ever need. We’re talking cook’s knives, bread knives, carving knives, paring knives, and ev-er-y-thing in between. Beyond knives, you can also score utensils, gift sets, and even badass aluminum pans


Dexter-Russell was founded in 1818, which means they’ve got over 200 years of experience making knives. Their SANI-SAFE series is now considered the gold standard in the food service industry. So yeah, you could say they know what they’re doing!

Dexter-Russell takes pride in the quality of their knife selection. As the largest manufacturing company of professional chef’s knives in the world, they employ 250 craftspeople in Massachusetts. With over 1,000 unique styles, even the pickiest chefs (and eaters!) can find a kitchen tool they like.

For all your basic culinary needs, snatch up the cook’s knife. Then, don’t forget to check out their roast slicer, carbon steel cleaver, and their jumbo steak knife set. Dexter-Russell has A TON of options, so be sure to browse the full catalog! 

Warther Cutlery

Talk about a prodigy! Warther Cutlery’s story begins with its founder whittling at the tender age of five. As he got older, he wasn’t happy with how store-bought knives wouldn’t stay sharp, so he began researching how to make his own–and HE DID. His knives retained their sharp edge even after carving ebony and ivory, so his mother asked him to make some kitchen knives for her. So, at the ripe age of 17 he created his first kitchen knife. 

That first American-made knife turned into a booming business that has made blades for many people, including past presidents! How American is that?! Warther Cutlery boasts over 120 years in the knife industry. All of their kitchen knives are made by hand in their Dover, Ohio facility!

You know your mom deserves the best American-made kitchen knives, too. Warther has some excellent specific-use knives for tomato slicing, sandwich making, and brisket carving. MMMMM, just thinking about it has us craving mom’s home cooking…

New West Knifeworks

If you’re someone who sees cooking as an art, then girl, have we got the knife brand for you! New West Knifeworks was created by founder Corey Milligan because he was sick of boring, plain-handled black knives. He wanted to make something he was proud to use every day!

Looking at the company’s beautiful knife art, we’re definitely impressed. These guys take pride not only in the quality of their knife sets but also in their beauty. Sign us up!

For over 15 years, New West Knifeworks won awards at art shows in the US. These beginnings led them to set up absolutely GORG displays in their knife galleries—aka stores. Just look at how beautiful the handles are on this House Warmer Gift Set. If you’re looking for boring knives, you definitely won’t find them here!


Lamson Kitchen Knives

Created almost 200 years ago in 1837, Lamson products is one of the oldest cutlery brands in the United States. Their products are jaw-dropping beauties fit for presidents. They even have a set on display in the Smithsonian that was once gifted to President Ulysses S. Grant!

These knife sets are the PERF gift for a cook you love. Backed by a lifetime guarantee, it’s a gift that keeps on giving—and giving, and giving, and giving. Wanna be remembered forever by your gift recipient? These knife sets are a great way for your name to go down in gift-giving history!

We love the in-drawer knife block set for minimalist babes who want their countertops clear. This set would fit in like a dream for any vintage lovers out there. And this forged chef’s set has GORGEOUS marbled handles!

Psst… need more American-made gifts? Check out our gift guide!

American Made Cutlery

If you’re a buyer for company holiday gifts, we just did your job for you! American Made Cutlery has some totally FAB stainless steel knives that can be personalized with your company logo. A high-quality knife for you and all your best friends at work? Yes, please!

Whether you’re buying cheese knives for charcuterie queens or a cook’s knife for the chef in your life, you’re getting a quality knife with a lifetime guarantee. The company invests time into each and every knife it makes. Knives imprinted with company logos take 15 days to make–you’ve gotta love that attention to detail!


Our list of American-made knives would not be complete without our door-to-door fave, Cutco. You may have heard of them from a rep coming to your door, but did you know they’re American-made?! Cutco knives are made in their factory in Olean, New York, and have been for 70 years. Color us impressed! 

Cutco is committed to creating American jobs to make American products. Now that’s something we can get behind!

Cutco offers a wide variety of knives, so you can tailor your set to your preferences. Check out this fancy bird’s beak paring knife, this uber-useful spatula spreader, and this must-have mini cheese knife. Looks like it’s party prep time to us!


So which knife is the knife for you?

You know Wednesday Addams’s old saying: “Never bring a knife to a sword fight. Unless it’s concealed.” Now, we’re not trying to attend any sword fights, but we can’t say we’re not prepared!

Kidding, kidding. But we are prepared to make a whole lot of delicious food using only the best American-made products. Hell freakin’ yeah!

Thinking of using those mad kitchen skills to host a party? Make sure you’ve got everything you need with our hosting tips. Then, head over to our shop to pick out a ‘fit that’s sure to WOW your guests!

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