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Azuna Review

Azuna Review

Azuna Fresh is a brand that checks allllll our boxes–American-made, employee-focused, and non-toxic. CEO and founder Scott Dancy’s goal was to reinvent cleaning and deodorizing the home using tea tree oil. And babes, he did just that. 

Azuna isn’t like other air fresheners, because it doesn’t add toxins and phthalates into your indoor air. Uhm, YIKES! On the contrary, it actually gets rid of toxins in the air, leaving your home with a light, natural scent. YES, PLEASE!

So, if you’ve seen Azuna on your social media feed & you’re wondering if it’s worth the hype, you’re in luck. Today’s post is dedicated to Azuna Fresh and whether or not it actually works…

Azuna Review

Azuna Review

Believe us when we say air quality is NOT something you want to mess around with (hellooooo breathing problems & migraines). That’s why we’re always on the lookout for alternatives to keep things fresh, and Azuna jumped out as a safe, American-made brand. Let us explain!

Eliminates Toxic Odors Rather Than Masking Them

Toxic is not just a song by Britney. It’s a good way to describe our indoor air. Toxic indoor air fresheners can actually contribute to the heavy chemicals we’re breathing—on a literal daily basis. We spend most of our life (90%!) indoors and our indoor air can be 2-5 times more polluted than outdoor air. Yuck!

Don’t sweat it, though. The Azuna Odor Eliminator doesn’t add harsh chemicals to the air. Where Azuna is really killing the game is through killing toxic odors. You may not notice it at all, except that if you stop smelling any nasty smells you’d be tempted to cover up with an air freshener. Tea tree oil works 24/7 to neutralize odor-carrying microbes in the air, giving you healthy and clean air. It’s basically like an air purifier.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

To keep it simple with the original plastic or class it up with the luxe glass? Decisions, decisions. Either way, you can rest assured that Azuna is reusable and refillable. 

Being eco-friendly is a biggie for us at Miss American Made, and we’re happy to tell you that ordering pod refills is a (very clean) breeze with Azuna!

Kid-Friendly, Pet-Safe

Kids and pets are extra sensitive to the BS that’s polluting our air. Kids breathe more rapidly than adults, which means they’re getting an extra dose of whatever junk is clogging up the indoor air. Not cool!

Thanks to how Azuna works, you can have peace of mind that your kids and pets aren’t breathing any extra harsh chemicals or phthalates in the air. Azuna is phthalate-free and uses only a slow-release low-concentrate tea tree gel that is safe for ANYONE to breathe.

The Azuna Odor Eliminator

Does Azuna Work?

Like we said, Azuna is not going to be giving off a strong scent like your typical air freshener sprays and plug-ins. But ladies, trust us when we say you don’t want that! 

Your air is better off scent-free, and Azuna can do that for you. We love how well Azuna works at killing odors in the kitchen, in the car, in the bathroom—wherever you need it, it’s working hard for you. 

Okay, okay, it works… but if you’re like us, you gotta know how. Azuna is a slow-release tea tree gel. Microscopic particles of tea tree oil evaporate off the gel and absorb odor-causing microbes in the air, leaving your air smelling like air–the way it should.

How To Use The Azuna Odor Eliminator

  • Step One: Choose Your Azuna – Azuna offers different options with subtle scents. You’ll have to choose between the glass jars and the plastic jars, then pick your scent. We recommend the whole home kit (glass or plastic, depending on if you’re a babe on a budget) for anyone just starting out with Azuna. This kit offers four jars and a 24 oz. refill pouch, which gives you 12 refills. You can also join their loyalty program, which is free and earns you points toward future Azuna refills.
  • Step Two: Fill Your Jars This step is pretty simple. Pour 2 oz. of Azuna gel into your jars. If you get the plastic ones, they come pre-filled!
  • Step Three: Let Azuna Work – Azuna will start working right away to eliminate odors in your home. It should work without replacement for 60-90 days. It works best with good airflow, so consider putting it in front of a fan or vent.
  • Step Four: Refill Your Azuna – When it’s time for a refill, clean out your jars and refill them with more of the gel. Easy peasy!
Where to Buy Azuna

Where To Buy Azuna

You can purchase Azuna & refills directly on their website, or buy it off of Amazon!

Get those nasty chemicals out of your air and stay fresh with Azuna!

Azuna is a unique USA brand with a 1-2 punch of being safe for your family AND safe for the environment. Would we recommend it? Well, it’s safe to say we’re huge fans. 😉

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