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Best American-Made Perfumes

10 Best American Made Perfumes

One of the best ways to represent our original vibe and style is with clothing, obviously. However, there are more ways to express yourself on a day-to-day basis and get noticed. How, you ask? You can do this through eclectic jewelry, a powerful strut, or signature perfumes. Oooooh la la, babes. 

With perfume, you set the tone for the conversation. A deep aromatic, woodsy perfume can give you an aura of mystery and sensuality. A light fruity or floral scent can deliver a vibe of playfulness and spontaneity. Whatever you choose, you’ll be irresistible, baby. 

Just like with our clothes, all of us at Miss American Made want the best, high-quality made-in-the-USA brands for all of our products. So, today we’re giving you the DL on American-made perfumes.

Best American-Made Perfumes

10 Best American-Made Perfumes

Special Reserve Black Orchid by Spongelle

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, sometimes you just want a cozy flannel and a pumpkin spice latte. Honestly, it’s criminal you can’t get pumpkin scents and flavors all year long—Anyway if you want to emulate fall vibes of cool weather and scary movie date nights, run for the warm, spicy scent of Special Reserve Black Orchid perfume. 

We love the earthy scent that has undertones of sweetness. In fact, we also use it on our fave body wash-infused buffers from The Finery. Wearing it will manifest the spirit of off-beat rural flea markets and aesthetic sugar skeleton decor. We’re about it.

Beautiful by Estée Lauder

Beautiful by Estée Lauder is one of our fave fragrances if you’re looking for a rich, floral scent. Blended with notes of rose, lily, tuberose, and orange flower, this fragrance is both bright and deep. 

It’s described as “the fragrance of a thousand flowers,” and that feels luxury AF. We all deserve to feel worthy of a thousand flowers. So, use this perfume to remind everyone around you that you are a QUEEN. 

Wake Up, Angel by Sarah Horowitz Parfums

We know a lot of baddies out there are looking for something fresh but bold. Well, wake up, angel, because we’ve got the scent for you. Wake Up, Angel (see what we did there?) is a great all-day wear, with lighter citrus and floral notes blended with a warmer base of cashmere woods, patchouli, and sandalwood. 

Sarah Horowitz Parfums is a California-based fragrance brand that also offers custom scents if you need that signature fragrance that perfectly represents your vibe. (Every badass needs their own fragrance.)

Vanilla Sky by Skylar

Some of us are just not okay with the methods and ingredients used to make cosmetics and perfumes. (A lot of it is super messed up and shit for the environment and your health.) So, when looking for a clean fragrance, try out Vanilla Sky by Skylar. It’s hypoallergenic, vegan, cruelty-free, third-party tested, and smells super fucking good. 

It’s a delicious blend of vanilla, cappuccino, and caramelized cedar. Doesn’t that sound like straight-up perfection??? We seriously can’t get enough of Vanilla Sky.

Citrus & Honey by Annie Oakley Natural Perfumery

Citrus & Honey is a barely-there, subtle scent that’s soothing and sexy. It has notes of citrus, vanilla, honey, and sandalwood that complement pretty much any occasion. Seriously, babes, the Citrus & Honey perfume is like Golden Hour in a bottle. It’s light, sweet, and magical.

Sexy and Soothing American-Made Perfumes

Impression of T. Ford Tuscan Leather by CA Perfume

We looooooooove Tom Ford’s Tuscan Leather—but we don’t love that it’s not made in America. Lucky for us, American perfume house CA Perfume has a dope dupe! If you’re looking for that rich, leathery smell that goes perfectly with a cozy night reading by the light of an Anais candle, CA Perfume’s Impression of T. Ford Tuscan Leather is essential.

Rosé Perfume Oil by Safa Body

We know we’ve got some bougie baddies out there who want to be EXTRA in every possible way. Rosé Perfume Oil is that luxury, next-level scent for your next Sunday soiree or yacht day. This one’s a blend of oils all derived from the rare Bulgarian rose. Bulgarian rose is known for its deep floral scent, which will have you radiating the affluent energy you need to slay.  

White Tea Eau de Parfum by Elizabeth Arden

Herbal and floral scents can sometimes be crazy overpowering and have nursing home vibes. So, for a floral and herbal scent to work, it needs to be perfectly harmonized and subtle. That’s what White Tea is all about. It’s a clean, light rose scent from Elizabeth Arden that’s a little sweet and a little musky to embody your one-of-a-kind spirit. 

Tandem by Pink MahogHany

Tandem is a clean, velvety, DELICIOUS scent made for both men and women. This androgynous masterpiece has total vacation vibes with notes of mojito, orange blossom, and wood. And the perfumer, Chavalia, takes special care to be transparent with the ingredients. Gone are the days of nasty perfume migraines and BS carcinogens. We’re all for these ethical brands.

Tropic of Capricorn by Olympic Orchids

Do you want the opposite of a carefree vaycay perfume? Tropic of Capricorn by Olympic Orchids is deep, intense, and serious. Inspired by its wintry name, Tropic of Capricorn blends dark notes of overripe fruits, warm bourbon vanilla, and earthy sandalwood into a full-toned fragrance. It’s the ideal scent for anyone wanting to add to their dark and twisty aura.

Luxury Perfumes made in USA

The best perfumes aren’t imported—they’re made right here in America!

Whether you’re looking for something light and fruity, deep and floral, or intense and earthy, American-made perfume houses have plenty of options for every type of woman. Get out there, see what you like, and let us know which ones you love!

For more made-in-the-USA brands and recommendations, check out the Miss American Made blog and shop. We’ve got everything from home decor and candles to perfumes and clothing. So, head over there ASAP for all your American-made finds.

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