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13 Best Places to Travel for Halloween

13 Best Places to Travel for Halloween

Welcome back, witches. Halloween began as Samhain (pronounced SAH-win), a celebration of the harvest. The Celtics believed spirits were able to wander the earth during the festival, so they would wear costumes in order to ward off the ghosts. Today, baddies like us ain’t afraid of no ghosts, but we do loooove an opportunity to play dress up!

We’ve been LITERALLY DYING to put out our American-made Halloween decor and it’s finally that time. Seriously, we cannot wait for all the bonfires, nostalgic costumes, ghost stories, and all the tricks & treats in between. If you’re like us and want to make the most out of the spooky season, listen up because we’re talking all things Halloween travel plans!

Halloween’s got more to offer than just dress-up, though. And TBH–you may get to appreciate it more by celebrating in a place that gets a lil’ more into the spirit than the rest of us do. Today, we’re sharing a round-up of places to visit where you can experience the best and most memorable Halloween scare in the United States.

13 Best Places to Travel for Halloween

13 Best Places to Travel for Halloween

Salem, Massachusetts

Best known as the town of the infamous Salem Witch Trials, Salem is THE place to be for witch enthusiasts and historians alike. You can even get a handmade witch’s hat and other witchy accessories made in St. Louis from vintage and remnant fabrics. Between the Salem Witch’s Museum and witchy events happening year-round, Salem has spooky fun covered for sure.

If you’re looking to pack your October schedule as full as the kiddies pack their candy bags, check out Salem’s haunted happenings! The only problem you’ll have is deciding WITCH events to attend. 😉 We’ve narrowed it down to some we think you’ll be obsessed with:

Savannah, Georgia

Savannah, Georgia

This one’s for our ghostie gals! Savannah, Georgia is known for being one of America’s most haunted cities. With 40+ ghost tours, you’re nearly guaranteed to see a ghost. Jeepers! 

Savannah has a rich history contributing to its massive spectral sightings. From the Revolutionary War to axe murders, there are thousands of possible spirits floating around the city. 

It’s no wonder they take Halloween so seriously. With Halloween events starting the final week of October, Savannah has a lot to offer to celebrate Halloween:

Independence, Kansas

If you’re a baddie with babies and need something family-friendly (or easily-scared-adult-friendly), Neewollah in Independence, Kansas is the black cat’s meow. It’s the largest annual festival in Kansas. The festival started back in 1919 as a bid to keep the Halloween pranks to a minimum on October 31. Now, it takes place over 9 days at the end of October. 

St. Helens, Oregon

Where are all my Halloweentown hotties at?! Spirit of Halloweentown is where you NEED to be. Located in St. Helens, Oregon, Spirit of Halloweentown is open 24 hours a day from September 16th through October 31st. It’s got all the stops—movie location visits, parades, costume contests, and more.

St. Augustine, Florida

Know where there’s probably a lot of ghosts? The oldest city in the United States! There are all sorts of spooky vibes coming from St. Augustine, from lighthouse ghosts to haunted hotels to funeral home bed and breakfasts. Yep, you read that right—if you want, you can stay in a former mortuary. We’re sure it’ll be fine (probably).

Rapid City, South Dakota

Here’s another haunted hotel for your kick-the-bucket list: Alex Johnson’s Hotel in Rapid City. The hotel offers a ghost adventure package that includes a stay in a haunted room with a ghost detector (a K2 meter, for all my ghost hunters out there!) If you’re lucky, you’ll meet the ghost of Lily White, a young bride who died falling out of a window. 

Rapid City also offers a trick-or-treat event downtown for any ghost or person to enjoy.

Charleston, South Carolina

We are loving all the spooky cities America has to offer. Charleston, SC also makes the list of one of the most haunted cities in the United States. Infamous pirate legends like Stede Bonnet and Blackbeard spent time locked up in Charleston’s old dungeon. Some say you can still hear their screams lingering…

Anoka, Minnesota

You know our list wouldn’t be complete without the Anoka Halloween Capital of the World! Anoka is believed to be the first city in America to put on a Halloween celebration. Why, you ask? To stop the pranking youth after Anokans found their cows walking the streets one post-Halloween morning! Events begin in September and continue through October:

Sleepy Hollow, New York

You might be thinking the headless horseman is all Sleepy Hollow has to offer, but you’d be dead wrong, babe. An hour’s drive from New York City, Sleepy Hollow has plenty of other oddities (and fun events) to keep you coming back for more. Haunted buildings aplenty, UFO sightings, pirates, a goblin king-–Sleepy Hollow has had it all. Don’t believe us? See for yourself!

New Orleans, Louisiana

Ghosts, voodoo, and vampires, oh my! NOLA has a rich history that gives it maximum Halloween potential. The cool thing about New Orleans? You can take a ghost tour by airboat. Venture through the swamps with gators and ghosts alike—we hope you’ll survive the fright!

New Orleans also celebrates Día de los Muertos or the Day of the Dead. You’ll find celebrations and processionals all over town on November 1st and 2nd.

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston, Massachusetts

Less than an hour’s drive from Salem, Boston has a storied past that gives its ghost tours some serious scare factor. One of the many tours you can take is of the USS Salem, a former morgue and hospital boat aiding disaster victims. This tour, performed by an experienced guide, includes EMF detectors, infrared video cameras, digital voice recorders, and more. 

Also unique to Boston is Scream VR, a virtual reality experience available for six weeks before Halloween. Want to hunt ghosts or fight monsters yourself? Go for it, boo! 

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

If your goal is to hit the most haunted houses in one night, Philly is the place to do it. The abandoned Eastern State Penitentiary boasts five haunted houses! It also offers themed bars and historic tours within the 10-acre prison. Looking for something a little sweeter? Pumpkinland Pumpkin Patch has tons of attractions for all ages.

Denver, Colorado

Need a SERIOUS scare as part of your Halloween festivities? Denver’s 13th Floor Haunted House is ranked one of the top five most terrifying haunted houses in the USA. Pro tip—no costumes are allowed by visitors to the haunted house. You also need a clear bag (rather than your candy bucket for this one)! If you want something a little less intense, Denver also has some walking ghost tours and Halloween Yoga. Don’t forget your yoga mat!

What are you doing this Halloween?

Gonna pick ghost mischief or pumpkin fun? Pirate pranks, or witchy wonder? Let us know!

Need the PERF costume? Here’s our article on Halloween costumes made in the USA, or click here to find more American-made items you can use to create your costume! 

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