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Deux Cookie Dough Review

Deux Review: The Healthy Cookie We’re Ordering on Repeat

Healthy cookie dough and donut holes with immunity vitamins, collagen & protein? SAY LESS. In case you missed them on Shark Tank, here’s our honest review of Deux: our fav female-owned, made in USA, healthy snack company!

On a rough day, there is simply nothing like eating cookie dough out of the container, are we right? Instant mood boost!

But, you know not all cookie dough is the same. So much of the ingredients we put into our bodies can be NASTY, toxic sh*t that has no business being in our food. It’s hard to eat your feelings when you want to eat clean!

TGOD Deux came through for us. With clean vegan and gluten-free ingredients made in the United States, Deux cookie dough is a girl’s best friend. Oh, and we can’t forget about their donut holes either. Or their dessert spreads. Or their vibey merch. You get the point. TBH–we’re OBSESSED!

But is it really that good? We know you’re dying to know. Don’t worry—today’s post goes all in on Deux products. Let’s get into it!

Deux Review

Deux Review: The Healthy Cookie We’re Ordering on Repeat

Like we said… we were dying for a cookie dough we could eat without feeling like sh*t afterward—and that’s hard to come by. So when Deux cookie dough came across our feed, you KNOW we had to give it a try. Plus, there are so many yummy-looking flavors to choose from! 

Even better, Deux cookie dough is enhanced with vitamins, so not only will you not feel like trash, but you may actually feel BETTER. Now that’s something we can get behind!

Deux Cookie Dough Review

Deux Cookie Dough Review

Pumpkin Spice Cookie Dough

We know, we know, we’re being a basic b*tch—but there truly is nothing like pumpkin spice to get you into the fall mood. Made with organic ingredients like organic oat flour and organic reishi mushroom powder, this batch of cookies will have you melting as it melts in your mouth! 

Brownie Batter Cookie Dough

We loooooooove a little bit of brownie batter, but we hate the worry that comes with eating raw eggs. YIKES–definitely not good for you!

Lucky for us, Deux cookie dough IS good for you. This one’s made with coconut sugar rather than cane sugar. It’s enhanced with Vitamin D and reishi mushroom powder to give you a mood boost—as if the flavor wasn’t enough!

Birthday Cake Cookie Dough

Hey shawty, it’s your birthday! We gon party like it’s—wait, it’s not your birthday? We never would have guessed while eating this yummy cashew butter-based birthday cake batch! 

Buttercream Sugar Cookie Dough

This one’s a collab with The Skinny Confidential, a brand we <3. Designed to give you beauty benefits as well as tasty benefits, this buttercream sugar cookie dough is TO DIE FOR. It’s sweetened with organic maple syrup as well as cane sugar, lowering the sugar levels. Then, it’s boosted with aloe vera and vitamins to keep you looking GLOWY and GORG!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

One of the most classic cookie dough flavors you can get is chocolate chip, and this chocolate chip does NOT disappoint. It’s made to give you all the cookie dough goodness without the crash and burn from the sugar.

Is Deux Cookie Dough Healthy?

The thing about being “healthy” is that it depends on your definition—but our short answer is YES! 

Obviously, if you’re looking for something that has no nuts in it, for example, you’re not going to want to look here. Made with cashew and almond butter rather than peanut butter, Deux cookie dough is less likely to contain allergens, but it’s not nut-free.

On the other hand, Deux cookie dough makes an intentional effort to make their products with clean, organic ingredients designed to make you feel GOOD. And these sweet treats do make you feel good! 

So between the reduced sugar, the lack of eggs and gluten, and the boost of vitamins, we think it’s pretty damn good.

Deux Donut Holes Review

Deux Donut Holes Review

Cinnamon Sugar Donut Holes

These donut holes pack a punch! Delicious vanilla cake donut covered in cinnamon icing…mmm, our mouths are watering already. Plus, they’re enhanced with B12 and L-Theanine to support your focus and energy!

Glazed Donut Holes

These glazed donut holes are just as yummy and just as supportive as the cinnamon sugar, with vanilla flavoring instead! 

We love an underdog, and vanilla tends to get a bad rap. Trust us, these vanilla glazed donuts are 12/10!

Chocolate Glaze Donut Holes

Die-hard chocolate lover? Deuxnuts were made for you, too! These babies are delicious, chocolatey, and good for you! What more can you ask for?

Is Deux Cookie Dough Worth It?

Have we not made it clear already? YES! We are loving it!

From the cookie dough & donut holes to the dessert spreads (like the Hazelnut Cocoa Spread, which is giving Nutella) and the vibey We Like It Raw Tote–we’re pretty much fangirling at this point. 

Where To Buy Deux Cookie Dough

You can purchase Deux cookie dough from the following retailers:

Which treat is going to satisfy your sweet tooth?

Personally, we’re digging the birthday cake. Why not live like it’s your birthday every day? You know you deserve to!

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