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how to wear linen pants

How To Wear Linen Pants All Year Long

From Taylor Swift and Gigi Hadid to Emma Watson and Jennifer Lawrence, some of the most fashion-forward celebs have been spotted donning this year’s must-have pants. If you don’t yet own a pair of linen pants, this is your sign!!!

We loooove linen, not only because it’s stylish, breathable, and crazy comfortable, but also because it’s better for our planet than a lot of other fabrics. FYI: Linen is sustainable – it’s one of the most biodegradable fabrics! 

We’ll be honest… comfort and practicality are at the top of our list. We even wrote a whole post on grey sweatpants outfit ideas! But we’re also kind-of (completely) obsessed with putting together chic outfits using the best American-made clothes. It’s no wonder, then, that linen pants are among our favorite pieces to wear. 

OH! Wanna know a little secret? Linen isn’t just for summer. Just like J. Law’s acting chops, linen pants are versatile AF. 

Have we convinced you to get a pair yet? If you’re still not sold, hang tight hot stuff. We’ve got a round-up of linen pants outfit ideas that’ll blow your beautiful mind!

Curated Linen Pants Outfits for YOU

When you think of linen pants as an alternative to jeans and leggings, you open up a ton of styling opportunities. There’s really no wrong way to wear linen pants. The key to pulling them off is to style them with whatever makes you feel good. If you feel like your best, baddest self in a top that “experts” say you shouldn’t wear with linen pants, well… we were never ones to follow the rules anyway.

How To Wear Linen Pants All Year Long

Here’s EXACTLY How To Wear Linen Pants

How To Wear Linen Pants In Summer

With soaring temperatures and high humidity, trying to look hot without actually feeling hot is freakin’ HARD. But if our passion for highlighting hidden gems in American-made clothing is anything to go off of, you should know that we love a challenge. Unfortunately (for us, not you), finding easy, breezy, scorching-summer-friendly clothing was actually pretty easy. And it’s all thanks to the MVP of summer fashion: linen.

In Classic White With A Black Tank

This outfit is a great starting point for linen newbies. Basic white linen pants were like the IT summer pant for the longest time, and while they’ve evolved quite a bit, they’re like that one pair of yoga pants you wear more often than you’re willing to admit – versatile and reliable. 

Start with a classic pair of white wide-leg linen pants (you know the kind – relaxed fit, breathable, etc.), then add a basic black tank, slip on some chunky sandals, and voila!

As A Two Piece Set

Matthew Bruch is the kind of designer we love to love here at Miss American Made. All of his clothes are designed and made in New York, including his GORGEOUS linen pieces. It takes just two of them to put together a stunning summer outfit.

Perfect example? The Structured Bandeau Crop Top and the Wide-Leg Pleated Pants, both 100% linen. Just look at that color!! 

Add A Statement Top

We stan any baddie who uses their clothes to make a statement. For an eye-catching look worthy of a permanent spot on a fashionista’s Insta, pair linen pants with a bold top like the Sol Top from JBQ or this scarf crop top from Show Me Your Mumu.

All-Black Outfit

Every baddie loves a bold black look. For one of the comfiest, chicest, and easiest all-black outfits you’ll wear to date, put on a pair of black wide-leg linen pants and a black spaghetti strap tank. Feel free to add a black linen button-up shirt, worn open, on cooler, breezy days. For shoes, these Munro American slides match the vibe perfectly.

Striped Linen Pants

Striped linen pants are the perfect laidback, summer day pants. The easiest way to wear them is to pair them with a solid tee or a matching top (like these linen pants and the matching tube top from DONNI). But if you wanna kick it up a notch (yes, please!) then swap the basic tee for a fun top that elevates the whole look. Here are some fun examples:

versatile linen pants

Beach Ready Linen Pants Outfit

Beach babes, this one’s for you! Pair linen pants with your cutest bathing suit for an easy, breezy, beach-ready look. Add a linen shirt as a cover-up to protect your flawless skin. Oh, and don’t forget your flip flops!

With A Denim Jacket

So, what about olive green linen pants? Olive green pants, much like brown pants*, are highly underappreciated given the ridiculous number of ways you can style them. On those days when you have more plans than outfit ideas, remember this look. It’ll never let you down. 

Pair olive green high-waisted wide-leg linen pants with a solid white tee. Throw on a denim jacket, then complete the look with sandals and a bag.  

*Be sure to check out our post on how to wear brown pants!

With A Vest

Wearing a vest on its own as a top is a true fashion it-girl move and we are so here for it. A white linen vest with relaxed fit white linen pants is such a look. 

Add Some Color

Fitting in is boring. Try a look that makes you stand out, for all the right reasons, of course!! Be your own style inspo with some brightly-colored linen pants, paired with a white button-down shirt

Opting for a more tailored fit and tucking your top into your linen trousers will ensure you don’t drown in fabric.  

Here are some of our fave American-made linen pants, in colors that really POP:

How To Wear Linen Pants In Winter

Linen… in winter? YES! Listen, f**k all of those so-called “rules” of fashion.They’re boring and outdated. You CAN and SHOULD wear linen anytime of year, including in winter. That said, you probably don’t want to wear it the same way as you do during the summer or you’ll freeze your ass off. Try one of these killer outfits instead.

As A Suit

You’re a boss b*tch, so dress like it! Suit up!! 

Pair the Miller Linen Dickey Jacket and Aubrie Linen Pants from Veronica Beard together for a head-to-toe linen look that can go straight from a boardroom business meeting to the boardwalk. We recommend wearing a bodysuit underneath for added warmth. The Nica Scoop NK Tank Bodysuit from L’Agence is a good one.

Layered Neutrals

The key to wearing linen in winter is to layer up. Let’s hop on board the olive green pants trend to show you how to style linen pants using warm layers in neutral tones. 

Start with a good pair of olive green linen pants, like these bad boys from Velvet by Graham & Spencer. Then, slip on a crewneck sweater, sweatshirt, or pullover in a neutral color (white, cream, beige, tan, etc.) like this cream sweatshirt and add a long open-front cardigan. Then, before you step outside, put on a camel coat and black boots.

With An Oversized Sweater

Alright you sophisticated sweet things, this lovely look is for you! This linen pants outfit is a great option on wickedly cold winter days. Because not even ice, snow, and freezing temperatures can get in the way of your fashion moment!

These cropped wide-leg linen-blend pants with this The Elder Statesman Relaxed Sweater is a duo that would earn a nod of approval from the ice queen herself, Anna Wintour. To keep your feet warm, opt for some boots like these ivory lace-ups.

stylish linen pants outfits
Which linen pants outfit idea are you most excited to try?

Whether you stick with the classics or experiment with something new, linen pants outfit options are ENDLESS. But we’re dying to know which of these outfits caught your eye.

Give us all the deets in the comments, then head over to our blog for more game-changing content featuring the best of the best American-made items. 

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