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patriotic shirts for women

Red, White, and Chic: Stylish Patriot Shirts For Women 

Hey all you American Made baddies! It’s almost the 4th of July, which means it’s time to go all out in patriotic attire to show off that American pride! But, who said you can only show off your patriotism during the month of July? You can be free AND fierce all year long with all of these patriotic shirts we found just for you!

Land of the free, home of a bunch of bad ass women showing off their love for the USA! There are SOOO many different ways you can show up and show out patriotically, but one of the best and easiest ways? Patriot shirts! While one of the most celebrated times to wear patriotic shirts is July 4th, why should you need a special occasion to show off the honor you have for this country???

Why buy American-made products? Well, something we’re suuuuper big on over here at Miss American Made is ethics, sustainability, and contribution back to our community. That’s why it’s important not to just look the part, but to also play the part. We’ve curated a TON of looks from American-made retailers that don’t just scream patriotism, but are made patriotically too!

Stylish Patriotic Shirts For Women 

Stars, Stripes, and Stylish Types: PatrioTIC Shirts For Women 

Racerback Tanks

If you wanna show off that American made pride this summer while also beating the heat, a sleeveless racerback tank is SUCH a chic way to do so. This look is the furthest thing from basic. Not only is it comfy, it’s also informative. You boss babes can be serving looks AND knowledge this summer! 

It isn’t over the top with info, it just gives a quick rundown of everything the flag stands for. Which like DUH of course we love the flag for aesthetic reasons, but we also love what it stands for. If this tank doesn’t say, “not only am I hot but I also know my sh*t”, we don’t know what does! 

Baby Tees

Baby tees are SO in. But let’s be honest… were they ever out?? If you wanna stay sleek and stylish but cool and comfy, nothing screams that more than a simple cropped baby tee

The Baby tee is what some would refer to as the older sister to a crop top. With its vintage distressed look, you’re bringing that true 90’s patriotism back but like, in a good way. The 90s were ICONIC, and we all know that. It’s givinggggg “I’m in an Old Navy commercial but make it SEXY”. 

Crop Tops

If you want something a lil’ more loose, opt out of a baby tee and opt IN for a casual crop top. It still shows a bit of skin, but it can be comfier than the tighter baby tee. This specific crop top is also offered in red, white, or blue! Tis the season, right?! 

Whether you’re jumping up and down to fireworks, making festive charcuterie boards with your besties, or just strutting around the town showing your patriotism like the baddie you are, pairing this patriotic top with a pair of high-waisted shorts would be the perffff outfit to rock this summer!

Long Sleeve Crop Tops

Long sleeve top crops are allll the rage this year. Now, we know that it’s nearing 100 degrees so the lastttt thing you wanna do is sweat it out with a long sleeve. We get it! But who said you can’t be patriotic in the comfort of your own home too??? Or, say, a cool summer night???

Think of movie nights in or bon-fire sleepovers with your girls. You can be ultra-stylish, ultra-patriotic, and ultra-comfy in this cropped crew neck no matter the season! 

patriot shirts for women

Long Sleeves T-Shirts

If the cropped look isn’t for you, don’t worry babe! We have patriotic shirt options in every style! Since we’re on the long-sleeve wave right now, let’s go ahead and throw in a regular (non-cropped) long sleeve option! 

We are OB.SESSED. with this shirt. No… like really. It’s giving sparkles, it’s giving sequins, it’s giving trendsetter. It’s giving “Alexa, play God Bless The U.S.A by Lee Greenwood”. Alllll jokes aside, how could you NOT love this?! BRB, adding this to my cart real quick.

Short Sleeve T-Shirts

Okay okay, enough with the long sleeves. Let’s move onto more warm-weather-friendly options! Back onto the vintage theme, this retro-looking short sleeve t-shirt is SUPER trendy. 

You could dress it up with some fun accessories and a stylish pair of jeans, or you can keep it cool with a pair of shorts and fun sandals! No matter how you choose to style it, we know that you’ll absolutely ROCK it. 


If you wanna go all-out in a business casual way, this patriotic style blouse is calling. your. NAME babe! It’s modern, it’s dressed-up, it’s chic, it’s everything you need and more. Is it safe to say that we’ve never seen a blouse we love more? 

Scratch what your grandmother told you about not wearing white after labor day. Surely she’d change her mind if she saw THIS top, right?? 


Did someone say backyard BBQ?? Nothing screams America’s sweetheart quite like a denim dress! This look is mini length, light wash denim material, with a back zipper closure. Super appealing and super chic. 

While wearing a dress is automatically the look itself, you can totally switch up its appearance with the shoes you choose! Throw on some sandals, some heels, or even some wedges! Regardless of which way you style it, everyone at the event will be begging you for the deets. 

Matching Set

Okay.. this one is just too creative not to include. Did you ever have those bomb pop popsicles when you were a kid? It’s like… super nostalgic right?! This matching set gives nostalgia, sequins, dressing down while looking dressed up. It has it ALL. 

Maybe you wanna give off the same vibe that wearing a dress gives, but with a little more casualness. If this sounds right up your alley, you’re JUST the person we thought of when we found this. Throw on some sneakers and you’re good to go girlfriend! 


Oh bodysuits are SO back. This super simple but super stylish embroidered USA bodysuit may be the most versatile piece we’ve included yet! 

You can throw on some high-waisted shorts, a flowy skirt, your favorite jeans, a maxi skirt, biker shorts… literally just tell us when to stop. The list never ends! The BEST part about this look and its versatility? You could totally be an outfit repeater and nobody would ever know. (Also like #stopshamingoutfitrepeaters)? 

versatile patriotic shirts for the modern woman

What shirt will YOU wear to show off your Patriotism? 

We’ve provided looks for the selection of women who LOVE to show off their patriotism, and want a ton of different ways to do it! Whether you want long sleeve t shirts, short sleeve t shirts, dresses, matching sets, blouses, we’ve thought of it ALLLLL with you girls in mind! 😉

All products listed are American made and ethically created. You don’t just get the comfort of wearing your patriotism, you get the comfort of knowing you’re supporting American-owned, American-made, and American-proud patriotic businesses. If you love these looks as much as we do, there’s plenty more where that came from! Head on over to our blog to read about and shop for all the best American-made products we’ve found just for you! 

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