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Shashi Jewelry

Shashi Jewelry: Everything You Need to Know

What’s the best way to take a ‘fit from a 9 to a 10? It’s alllllll about the jewelry, babes. The right pieces can define an outfit, even while they take up so little space. It’s all in the eye-catching details, and a little bit of bling certainly does the trick.

For the LONGEST time, it was so hard to find American-made jewelry at a reasonable price. We’ve got the BEST news today, though—American-made jewelry is on the rise!

Is there any better way to celebrate than by reviewing one of the baddest American-made jewelry companies? We didn’t think so! 

Today’s post goes all in on Shashi Jewelry, an affordable jewelry seller with expert founders.

Without further ado, here’s our Shashi review! 🙂

Shashi Jewelry

Shashi Jewelry: Everything You Need to Know

Those expert jewelers we mentioned, Yuvi Alpert and Danna Kobo, established Shashi Jewelry in 2009 to make American-made jewelry more affordable. They were the brains behind this brilliant idea!

Their previous company, Ruby Kobo, was a stunning success—but at a price point a little too high for our baddies on a budget. Lucky for us, Yuvi and Danna smiled down at us and gave us Shashi Jewelry. (Thank you, Yuvi and Danna!!!)

Proudly designed and made in America, Shashi takes inspiration from the cultures of India, Nepal, Morocco, and more. Each piece Shashi offers is unique, dainty, and oh-so-cute. 

Shashi Jewelry has TONS to offer, from earrings to necklaces, to bracelets, to rings. Each piece is carefully handcrafted in NYC out of materials like gemstones, sterling silver, 14k plating, crystals, cotton, and silk fabrics. 

What we love best about Shashi—and need most from our jewelry—is versatility. You need pieces that are gonna fit every one of your upcoming ‘fits. Shashi offers that with their jewelry, which is easily stackable or totally worthy to be worn alone. Love!

Favorite Shashi Jewelry Pieces

Favorite Shashi Jewelry Pieces

Zoe Necklace 

Shashi’s Zoe necklace gives a modern twist to the traditional pearl strands with its combination of freshwater cultured pearls and 14ct gold-filled hardware. All with a signature silk tassel. 

It’s giving classic, timeless, chic—and girl, we are eating it up! Just like we said, the best part of this necklace is its versatility. Wear this piece as a simple but stunning necklace, or loop it twice on your arm to double as a bracelet.

Alyssa Drop Earring

If you want to go for a bold yet feminine look, we recommend the Alyssa Drop Earring from Shashi Jewelry. Check out this stunning necklace! It showcases the elegant lines on your neck while sparkling like a bouquet of flowers. That’s right, the design was inspired by the romantic appeal of flowers. These stunning earrings sparkle with style, combining 925 sterling silver and dazzling cubic zirconia pave stones.

Time Piece Cuff Bracelet

We love this modern take on the traditional wristwatch bands by Shashi Jewelry. Simple and elegant, the bracelet exudes a cool, yet still feminine vibe. It is solid but not chunky, classy but not soft—perfect for your office wear or semi-formal attire. This sleek accessory is crafted from 14K gold plated brass and comfortably hugs wrists up to 6.75 inches in circumference.

Bloom Earring

Available in shades of black or white, the bloom earring has a simple yet elegantly feminine design that we truly love. This pair boasts versatility like the rest. It’s easy to match with all your outfits. Ideal for those days when you feel like rolling out of bed at the last minute, but don’t want to LOOK like you rolled out of bed at the last minute. Pop these in and upgrade your lazy morning look INSTANTLY.

Inspired by the beauty of nature, this floral silhouette post earring is made of enamel-coated petals surrounding a bright cubic zirconia centerpiece. 

Eliza Bracelet

Another versatile piece that we love is the Eliza bracelet which comes in a ton of colors. This handmade bracelet doubles as a necklace (which you already know we ADORE).

It’s made out of Japanese vintage seed beads or authentic malachite gemstones that are strung precisely, resulting in a sleek and timeless look. It also features 14k vermeil gold hardware, gold-plated brass, and a signature petite silk tassel.

Gina Hoop Earrings

We are digging these Gina hoops for everyday wear! Plated with 14k gold, they can pull together a casual outfit and make it look effortlessly chic.

Ana Ring

Just look at how fun and unique this dainty little ring is! We love styling our rings to complete an outfit, and this is a great addition to our collections. 

Where To Buy Shashi Jewelry

We know you’re dying to go on a shopping spree. Here’s where you can get Shashi:

Shashi Jewelry Review

Shashi Jewelry Review

Sooooooooo… is Shashi Jewelry worth it?? We certainly think so! Things we love: versatility, quality, and elegance.

So many of their pieces can be worn every day, worn for formal events, and worn in multiple ways. That’s a triple threat, babes! We love a piece of jewelry that can do it all.

Shashi is all about quality, and let us tell you, their quality is top-notch. The reviews and ratings speak for themselves!

Shashi reviews describe the brand as earthy and raw, yet chic and sophisticated at the same time. The founders wanted to have unique, rugged, refined, chic, and stylish everyday pieces. You can tell they were on a mission to create something truly special. If you know us, you know that vibe is RIGHT up our alley.

Each piece exudes finesse and care in its making, and it absolutely shows. This jewelry is simply drop. dead. GORGEOUS.

So which piece are you dying to add to your collection?

We’ve got our list made, now it’s time for you to make yours!

Need some help figuring out how to store your jewelry without a tangled mess? We wish we could say we haven’t been there, but….. we’ve definitely been there. At least we can say we’re never going back! Here are some tips on how to display jewelry at home!

Need more American-made jewelry? Check out the jewelry in our shop!

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