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What to Wear to A Bar

What to Wear to a Bar

Hey, baddie! Wanna meet up for a drink at the bar?

You know when we hear these words, we’re saying YES! Bar hopping is such a fun way to spend time catching up with old friends, meeting new people, and winding down after work.

And you know when you’re badass babe bar hopping, you may as well look the part. Showing off the perfect bar ‘fit makes the experience POP even more. 

Can it be tricky to find cute bar outfits? Sure, we’re not denying it. But you’ve got us on your side, boo! We’ve got the BEST outfit ideas, and best of all, they’re all made in the USA!

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to look your best no matter what the dress code. Here’s our round-up of bar outfits!

What to Wear to A Bar

What to Wear to a Bar

So, why is it so tricky? Well…there’s a lot to consider. You’ve gotta think about the season, the overall vibe of the bar, and the dress code. Some bars have stricter dress codes, while more casual bars have a more laid-back setting. You’ll want to make sure you balance blending in and standing out!

We’ll keep our explanation short and sweet. No need for a table of contents when it comes to understanding the bar dress code—it’s easy-peasy!

Bar Dress Code

No Dress Code

No dress code is kind of an “anything-goes,” streetwear style. Well, not anything goes. But if you can wear it outside to the grocery store, you could wear it at a no-dress code bar.

Of course, you don’t have to wear your normal outfits—you can still put on a cute bar ‘fit for a fun night out! 


This is still a relaxed kind of vibe, but you’ll want to cut shorts and flip-flops out of the picture. 

Club Style

You’re gonna want to be wearing trendy, sexy clothing and shoes for this one. The goal is to be looking killer in a dressier outfit. Usually, you won’t wear jeans in this dress code.

Smart Casual

This is another dressier style, with less focus on the sexy. You’ll want to be looking nice and put together. Most jeans are out for this dress code.


This is most likely the most formal bar you’ll hit in your bar-hopping adventures. Semi-formal involves classy clothing—satin dresses, nice skirts, and jumpsuits with heels all can fit the bill when worn right.

Bold & Edgy bar outfits

Bar Outfits For Ladies

Casual Bar Tee Outfit

You’re going out to a casual bar and you know everyone’s going to be in some sort of tee, but you want to shine while still fitting the vibe. So, what do you do?

We can tell you what we’d do, anyway—we’re wearing this Le Superbe Birdie Tee. Then, depending on how casual you want to go, you can match it with your fave pair of ripped jeans, leather pants, or a faux leather skirt. (P.S—if you go for the faux leather skirt, we think it’d look vibey AF with knee-high boots and hoop earrings!)

Sexy Club Style Fit

We love a club-style fit. We thrive in a club-style fit. We know you will, too. Try this waist tie cropped top with this Jasmine mini skirt with a double slit or this white mini skirt. Then, pair them with your favorite (dressier) shoes—high-heeled boots or flats.   

Jumpsuit Outfits

We are LOVING jumpsuits lately. All the ease, all the glam—we’re in. 

Plus, they can totally fit different levels of dress!

This Sophia Jumpsuit is a killer semi-formal look when paired with the right-heeled sandals.

The Amiah Jumpsuit looks great, especially when styled right—wondering how? Here’s how to style a black jumpsuit! You can dress this one up or down depending on your needs.

This Drawstring Back Jumpsuit is a comfy-cute option for a casual bar. Style it with chunky white sneakers or some sandals to emphasize your vibe!

Mini Dress Outfit

Okay, we’ll admit it. Sometimes we forget to add anything but black to our wardrobe. We just love it so much.

But the way this navy Jaida Mini Dress caught our eye, we might be rethinking things. Is navy the new black? No, it can’t be…Anyway, wear this one to your next GNO at the club. 

Casual Dress Outfit

We saw this Devan denim mini dress, and we knew we had to make an outfit. We just can’t get over the early 2000s all-denim look. 

Pair it with your fave pair of boots and a jean jacket to go all in on the denim look. You’re sure to turn heads in a casual bar!

Sleek Vibe bar outfit ideas
We’re down to grab a drink, but we’ve GOTTA know what you’re wearing…

So what’ll it be? Your outfit is as important, if not way more important, as the drink you choose. Let us know what you’re wearing!

Need more inspo? Check out what to wear at a country club for more ‘fits! Then, head to our shop to buy what you’re looking for! 

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