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What to Wear to a Country Club

What to Wear to a Country Club

Need a bougie place to hang? A country club is THE place to be for bougie babes and poolside baddies alike. Country clubs are privately owned clubs that typically offer memberships for recreational activities (like golf and swimming), dining facilities, and special events. 

We know you wouldn’t be caught dead out of dress code, so it’s important to know most country clubs have one. Known for being prestigious, these clubs maintain an air of exclusivity. You’ve gotta show up looking classy and respectable if you want to match the vibe.

But matching the vibe doesn’t mean you need to look stuffy! There are lots of ways to keep your baddie energy and fit the dress code. So today, we’re sharing a round-up of chic country club outfit ideas fit for a country-club-going queen like you! 😉

What to Wear to a Country Club

What to Wear to a Country Club


You’re probably going to want to stay away from the edgiest side of your closet with your skirts. Opt for appropriate skirts that allow for movement for things like golf. Don’t worry, we’ll show you how to style them to keep that edgy vibe!


The kind of dress you wear may depend on what you’re doing. Pool day? A classy cover-up dress is the move. Drinks at the bar? Try a cocktail dress for maximum prestige. Golfing? Girl, you know you need a sporty spice golf dress for the occasion!


You may have to check YOUR country club’s dress code on this one because different places allow different things. You’ll probably want to avoid wearing ripped jeans, but you might be able to wear jeans to some country clubs, as long as they are high-quality and chic. 

Tailored pants are definitely A MUST in your country club wardrobe. Dress shorts may also fit the bill for country club casual attire—think lunch dates and golf course outings. The later in the evening, the classier you should dress.


Lucky for us, country club dress codes are less strict on women than they are on men. You likely won’t be wearing any tank tops, but business-casual sleeved tops are totally cool for country club wear. 


Pass on the flip flops, check yes on chic sandals. Tennies are great for golf days, but you’ll probably want something nicer for dinner. Flats and heels are a YES, but boots will depend on the pair and the season. 


The biggest rule to know about swimwear at a country club is that swimwear is for swimming, not for lounging inside or eating in the restaurant. Want more tips on what to wear poolside? Check out what to wear to a pool party for more!

What to Wear to a Country Club #1

5 Country Club Outfits For Women

Goin’ Golfin’ Outfit

This pristine Frank And Eileen Short Polo Dress totally fits the country club vibe. All you need are some golf shoes and some chunky gold jewelry to complete the look!

Lunch Date Dress Shorts Outfit

Meeting a friend for lunch? Try a shirt with eye-catching details and a pair of dress shorts. We like these Jane Shorts or these High Waisted Short Shorts!

Tailored Pants + Button Down Shirt Outfit

The bougiest country clubgoers make collared shirts look effortless and relaxed. This Maritzy Pleated Trouser and Savannah Morrow Blouse emulate that vibe, leaving you looking like you’ve got life figured the f*ck out!

What to Wear to a Country Club #2
Dressy Dining Fit

If your country club allows sleeveless dresses, then this Charlie Dress is TO DIE FOR in country club circles. Animal print is BIG with this crew, so you’ll be sure to get lots of compliments. 

Pair with a black shoulder bag and some strappy heels for the full look. Need shoulders covered? Don’t forget to pop a blazer on!

Sporty Spice Outfit

Collared shirts are a must for men at a country club. And you know anything a man wears, we can wear better. This Kayla Button Down Shirt, L’Etoile Sport Skort, and SAS Mesh Women’s Shoes make the ideal fit for a day out golfing!

Haven’t had enough golfing ‘fits yet? Check out what to wear to TopGolf for more!

When’s your next trip to the country club?

And what will you be wearing? We can’t wait to see you looking your bougie best!

For more stunning outfit ideas, check out our blog!

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